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Erotic Film Reviews

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Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hung Jury

Hung Jury is about 12 horny men - and that's an understatement. A better description would be 12 horny, hunky, handsome men. At any rate, those twelve guys get right down to the basics. As the movie opens, the jury chairman is stating a few facts that they all need to follow; he then proceeds to start counting the first vote. They're voting on the guilt of the owner of a movie rental place in this nice little town that apparently contains a faction totally against gay films, or what they consider to be pornographic films. Well, the first vote is eleven for guilty and one vote for not guilty. This sends a round of discontent and disappointment around the room. Everyone except this one unknown guy is anxious to get on with his dull and boring life. Thank goodness we are allowed to get into some action after the second vote. It's the same, except our lone holdout invites the jury chairman to meet him in the bathroom in secret. This is a hot segment, and I had to pause long enough to grab some Astroglide. It then became a three-way with a triple blast-off being the end result. Fantastic!

The butt-lickin' in this segment was absolutely fantastic, and our loner had the cutest little mole on his right cheek. I learned so much on this viewing. It was a powerful hump. I mean hard! Pow! Pow! Pow! And then it was switcheroo time, and it started again. Ty Davenport gets a 10 rating any day of the week, with one of the most gorgeous bodies I've seen in quite some time, and Tanner Reeves was good as the jury chairman.

Now, another vote is at hand, and the not guilty votes go to two, so they decide to look at that video which brought about the trial in the first place. It's called "Camp Pocahiney" (I'll review this one for you in the first Ambush of '97), and those heads are noddin' but the hands go roamin' to the groins. The decision is then made to call it quits for the evening, and to try to complete the voting the following day.

The hotel is absolutely great and includes a sauna room where three of our guys just happen to end up. Here we go again with another three-way, but this time all three were on film (smile). This was an unusually erotic encounter with double butt lickings and double penile insertions. You heard it right. This handsome lad just couldn't get enough, so he got a double hose dose at one time. Astounding! Absolutely astounding!

The outcome was that these three decided that no homophobic butt-breath was going to tell them when they could come, and they were going to help set new standards for their community in this state versus porn case. The next vote came out with three more sh ifted into the not guilty column. Surprise! Surprise! Next we learn that two of our roomies have done the deed while they were big football heroes in high school. One wants to do it again, but the other is reluctant because he's married. It certainly didn't stall the advances of our roomie, and he soon has that married guy sitting on his jolly joy stick and enjoying every poke of it - and the vote goes to 7/5.

Now that we're into another night at the hotel, we are treated to more delightful encounters; after all, the verdict hasn't been decided yet, and what more could happen to change their minds? A stalled elevator with three sticks inside is great for starters, and this encounter includes a doctor who can't stop chattering. Well, a good pluggin' fixed that situation, and a third virgin-type just had to learn the ropes. It was so great! Now we go down to the last two, and where else would you have greater sex than in the jury room on the table where the voting was being done. There's a little surprise here and another connection to a camp which I will tell you about later on. However, you just need to see the movie to get the full picture.

This is another of the excellent releases from West Hollywood Video, P.O. Box 93969, Hollywood, CA 90093-0969. Their phone number is 1.800.562.5428, and you need to ask for sweet Richard. I really like the films coming from this company, and I think you will too.

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