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Daniel J. Romero


Jan. 5, 1950-Nov. 23, 1996

Gay Appreciation Awards, 1995, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sadly missed by his many friends and fans.

A note for anyone who cared.
You are reading this...
so I am finally gone.
Cry not for me but, for yourself,
My pain and frustration is done
Yours is just beginning.
To the people who did not abandon me:
they need your help now
We tend to forget the silent care givers
A hug, a phone call - all can mean so much - more than you could know
If you ever cared for me
Show you love to the living - now not tomorrow - now

...Daniel J. Romero "Willo"

In Memory Of

Lou Villars


Christmas won't be the same without you, but you are with us in spirit everyday. Miss you very much... Love always,

Mom, Dad, Julie, Randy, Michelle, G.G. & Babs & other loving family & friends

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