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Can We Talk Dirt?

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Muzik Notes

by JOAN JETTE, West Bank & South Louisiana

Hey, Everyone!! Hope ya'll had a great Christmas!!!Not too much going on the Westbank, but Secrets has been hoppin'. Every Saturday night there is a show. On Saturday, Dec. 14, "Hell on Heels" was there. Dyana Wright kicked off the show with a Gloria Estefan number. She was joined by newcomer Mahogany who you will find truly spectacular. Others in the show were the infamous Maggie Marrero, Crystal Lee and B.B. There's a different show every Saturday night and there is never a cover.

My girlfriend Taz and I stopped by Ambush's party to celebrate the holidays and to honor 1997's King Cake Queen Reba Douglas. Taz enjoyed those White Russians a little too much - I guess the bartenders Paul and Chuck did a great job. The food was good and the Christmas tree was gorgeous. If you're ever invited to one of their parties, don't turn down the invitation because then you'll miss a great time!

Ooh yes. We can not forget Nov. 30th. The Wild Woman herself was back - Sherreece - and once again she turned Angles upside down. She had everyone, including the manager J.R., on the dance floor. She had J.R. onstage doing a MindEraser with her and she didn't stop with just one. Everyone had a great time, so we look forward to seeing her back.

Taz and I went to Celebration In The Oaks. All the lights and trees were so pretty. We really had a nice time. If you get a chance to go, you must see it. Taz says, "Don't forget to het hot chocolate!" New Year's is coming so be careful when traveling, and enjoy yourself ringing in the New Year. I know you will. Until next time - keep rockin'!

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