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Latest update.. 10 January 1996

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  • About this Site To Top of Page></A><P>
<FONT SIZE=+2>O</FONT>ur Site uses many of the multimedia resources and capabilities of the 
Internet and you'll want to acquire some of the necessary tools and programs so 
you can enjoy all of the multimedia features of our Site and the WWW in general.<P>

If you're accessing the WWW through America Online,  Prodigy, or Compuserve,  you may NOT
experience this site as it was intended.  This site was created to be viewed with 
<A HREF=NETSCAPE 1.1 - or better. What is "Netscape?" Well, when you access the WWW, you need what's called a "browser" and Netscape just happens to be the very best. You can run Netscape or virtually any other browser through your online service as an external application. Check the help sections of your online service for full instructions.

    A word of advice. If you find that your online charges are going through the ceiling as a result of being "hooked" on the Net, you might consider connecting through a local internet provider. Usually the rates are much lower and, as an added advantage, the speed is almost always much faster. Navigating through the SiteTo Top of Page></A><p>
<FONT SIZE=+2>N</FONT>avigating through this site should be like reading a magazine- only better.  
We hope that the navigational tools allow you to browse through our pages with ease and 
without the frustration of depending on the infamous Here are what our icons mean...

    To Top of Page = Go to the top of the current page.

    Go back one page = Go back one page.

    To next page = Go to the next page.

    Midi Jukebox = This icon launches "midi" files. Midi files are music and sound files that take seconds to download but have unbelievable quality. We have used midi files throughout our site because they are, simply, incredible...You'll need a helper application to run midi files. (See the next section for more information.)

    Below is how you configure your browser to play midi files:

    The following steps are for Netscape 1.22 for Windows and may vary on other platforms.

    1. Select Preferences... from the Options menu. A dialog box appears.
    2. Select the Helper Apps card from the menu at the top. The appearence of the dialog box changes accordingly.
    3. Click on the button Create New Type.... A new small dialog box appears.
    4. Type in 'audio' as Mime Type and 'midi' as Mime SubType (without the quotes!). Click on the OK button.
    5. Type in 'mid' in the File Extensions field.
    6. Select Launch the Application and type in the name of your helper application.(i.e. MIDISCAPE.EXE or MPLAYER.EXE /play.)
    7. Click on the OK button and try it out with one of the MIDI files!

    The Menus = Hopefully, these make sense. The QUICK MENU always takes you to the bottom of the current page to a menu with a nice summary of what's available. The INDEX gives you a complete listing of everything on the site.

    Listed below are some more things you will want to know about and download... READ ON !

    Using the Multimedia Features of the WWWUsing Multimedia

    The multimedia capabilities of the WWW are really the most exciting part and the reason the Web has become so popular.

    To use multimedia applications with your browser (which, again we hope is Netscape), you'll need some helper applications. Listed below are the applications that we prefer. To find out how to use and install the following programs, just "point and click." You'll be taken to the home of these wonderful programs...

    Useful Tools & Fabulous DownloadsTo Top of Page><P>
<BLOCKQUOTE><A NAME=This site takes advantage of many of the multimedia features of the WWW and you'll need some "helper applications" if you really want to have fun.

    Helper applications are programs that your browser can use to do things like play music, animation, video, Real Audio and a whole lot more. Listed below are some of the best tools available on the WWW. Just click on the icons and you'll be taken to the actual home of the respective program. Complete instructions and tutorials are available at these sites. If you are accessing the Web through an online service, consult the help areas to find out how you can configure stuff you may want. Usually, you can. Again, we encourage everyone to get a copy of Netscape. Why not? After all, it's FREE!

    This site was designed for use with the following viewers. For the best possible multimedia experience, please take the time now to download these and configure them on your machine (follow the directions included with each).


    now8.GIFinvisible.GIFNetscape Navigator is the world's most popular Internet navigator, bringing Web exploring, email, newsgroups, chat, and FTP capabilities together in a seamlessly integrated package. It provides a superior platform for live online applications, supporting Live Objects and other interactive multimedia content. This site is best viewed with Netscape 1.1 or better. To see for yourself, download Netscape Now!


    ra.GIF invisible.GIFThis site includes narrated tours and live programs that use the exciting Real Audio Technology. Now your browser can play audio on demand -- no more long file transfers! Get it FREE now!

    midi.GIFinvisible.GIF MidiGate is a Web browser helper application which: Automatically starts Midi sequences linked to a Web page and much more. This site makes extensive use of Midi music and effects. Although you can configure just about any midi player (i.e. MPLAYER.EXE in WINDOWS) - we highly recommend this program and encourage you to download it and register. If you aren't sure what "midi" means- you're in for a musical treat! But, we included (below) some great links because we know you'll be hooked...

  • Everything Midi
  • An Introduction to Midi
  • To Top of Page></A><A NAME=Search Engines.

    Listed below are the best search engines on the Internet. Whatever you're looking for- we're certain you'll find it!!

  • Web Crawler

  • Lycos Search

  • Yahoo Search

  • SavvySearch

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