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pensacola breeze
Visit Gay Pensacola

Volume 16/Issue 10

by Denise Esker, DeltaDyke Productions
Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola's Memorial Weekend 98'

The largest growing Gay men and Lesbian beach party in the South is at Pensacola Beach, (50.000 + queers can't be wrong), and is back in full swing to bring you more for your vacation pleasure!!!

Besides the scantily clad boyz and girlz glistening in the hot weekend sun smelling like cocoa oil, one can feel Gay/Lesbian pride flying high, while showing off their creative skills transforming Pensacola Beach into a wonderful and colorful tent city, that would bring tears of delight to any stylish queen's eyes!! We who live in Pensacola, wish to make your stay here more enjoyable, and have been working very hard, by taking steps to relieve the major parking problems.

DeltaDyke Productions, along with wonderful sponsors, has rented two buses for transporting over to the beach from pick-up/drop-off points in the downtown Pensacola area. There, you will transfer to one of the three trolleys at Casino Beach, taking you anywhere on the beach you would like to go and the price is right....FREE !!!

You will be able to go from the beach, hotels and bars with no worry of getting stuck in traffic or sand or having to pay a fortune for a tow or giving the State of Florida money for a DUI ticket. The Rainbow Express will run from 7am to 6pm and from 8pm to 4am. The 3 trolleys will stay on the beach while the buses run back and forth from Pensacola hotels, bars and businesses. During the day and at night you will be able to party worry free because we will run the Rainbow Express to the bars and parties at night as well.

You will be able to bring your beach gear on the buses/trolleys and for those of you who want to set up tents early in the a.m., you can drive your cars to the beach, unload, then park your car at the Casino Beach parking lot and hop the trolley back down. You will feel secure knowing your car is in a safe place and close enough should you need it...and...without the hassle you have had in the past.

The Rainbow Express will be flying our pride flags and have AC so you won't sweat unless you feel your temp rising by the hot looking men or women next to you!! There will be portapots and dumpsters in parking lots along the Gulf Island National Seashore parking lots.

Jerry Eubanks of the National Seashore and his staff have done a great job of rebuilding the beach so they deserve a big round of applause !! While in Pensacola, please visit the sponsors of the trolley and let them know how you feel about the Rainbow Express. Enjoy your Memorial weekend & remember please play safe and have fun!!!!

Sponsors include: G&L Bank, Bleachers, The Dock, Emerald City, The Islander, The Riviera, The Roundup, Beachside 33, Buck's Surf & Sports, Herbie T's, In The Breeze, Pensacola Pride, Beachside Resort, Days Inn, Dunes Hotel, Holiday Inn on the Beach, Holiday Inn Gulf Breeze, Noble Manor, Seville Inn, Danah's, Gay Info Line, Intimate Encounters, Gulf Coast Accommodations, Jme on the Beach, Professional Realty, Realnet, Bon Appetit, Chans, Groupers, Cup & Saucer, Old Orleans, A Healing Place, The Pleasure Zone, Gulfview Travel.

Please before you come to Pensacola stop at your local bank and stock up on $2 bills. We want to flood P'cola with them so we can show how much $$$$ we bring into this community. It's a new slant on the stamping our $$$ Gay/Lesbian $$$.

Weekend Events
Emerald City: Calendar Boy Contest, Drag Show, The Men of Manwatch, Sunday Tea Dance

The Red Carpet: Lady Adonis "Sexplosion" Exotic Dancers, Robin "E" Band from New Orleans, Lisa Zanghi and a Wet & Titillating T-shirt contest with prizes

The Red Garter: Male Strippers, The Red Garter Girls will be performing and DJ Bunnie Hopson

The Riviera: Tent/Parking Lot: Sherreece Band; Court Yard: Lisa Zanghi, Robin "E" Band; Inside: Guest DJ Matt Myers with 20 Go-Go Dancers

The Roundup: Bears on the Beach '98 Party, Bear Games and Bear Party, Punch-Paws Party (early afternoon) and Bears On The Beach Wrap-up Party (evening) (Sponsored by Gulf Coast Bears)

Abracadabra 4: Poolside Party at Hampton Inn, Pensacola Beach; Abracadabra 4: A Magical Dance Party, Pensacola Civic Centre @ 9:00 p.m. DJ David Knapp from Miami with Special Performance by Sunscreen.

Beach Maneuvers V: The Red, White and Blue Ball, Bayfront Auditorium, DJ Mark MacEwan from Atlanta with Miami Beach Go-Go Dancers


Bedlam, 15 E. Intendencia St., 850.434.8779, Pensacola

Emerald City, 408 E. Wright St., 850.433.9491, Pensacola

Frankly Scarlett, 223 Highway 98 850.664.2966, Fort Walton Beach

Red Carpet Lounge, 937 N. New Warrington Road, 850.453.9918, Pensacola

The Red Garter, 1 West Main Street 850.433.9292, Pensacola

The Riviera, 120 E. Main Street 850.432.1234, Pensacola

The Roundup, 706 E. Gregory St., 850.433.8482

For more info contact Denise Eaker, DeltaDyke Productions, P.O. Box 1023 Pensacola, FL 32595-1023, e-mail DeltaDyke1@aol.com, 850.438.0333

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