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Volume 21/Issue 13/2003

Rip & Marsha



by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain 
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SDGM "Irish" Mike Will Name New Grand Marshal July 19

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals [SDGM] Luncheon 2002: [seated] SDGM 24 Wayne White, SDGM 1 Frederick Wright, SDGM 4 Robert Laurent, SDGM 12 Mumbo, SDGM 29 "Big" Rick Thomas, SDGM 30 "Irish" Mike Sheehan, SDGM 19 Jamie Temple, SDGM 27 Errol Rizzuto, SDGM 26 Robin Malta, MSD [Mother of Southern Decadence] Maureen Block, SDGM 25 Miss Love, SDF [Southern Decadence Founder] Charlie Block, [standing] SDGM 28 Tony Langlinais, SDGM 29 Bianca Del Rio, SDGM 29 Pat "Estelle" Ritter, and [forward center] SDGM 15 Olive.

The excitement is in the air as it comes to that time of year when one of the most important events occurs for the GLBT community in New Orleans. It's the Official Southern Decadence Coronation! Reigning Southern Decadence Grand Marshal (XXX) "Irish" Mike Sheehan will present his successor, SDGM XXXI, on Sat., July 19, 8-10pm at the Bourbon Pub/Parade, 801 Bourbon St.

The new grand marshal will lead the 32nd Official Southern Decadence celebration which includes the giant 31st Annual Official Southern Decadence Parade on Sun., Aug. 31, beginning at Lucille's Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal St. at 2pm sharp.

The rumor mill is already churning throughout the Big Easy as everyone tries to guess who the lucky individual will be. It is an important choice as this 31st grand marshal will set the tone for the Decadence 2003 blowout. SouthernDecadence.COM has been bombarded with e-mails requesting the theme and colors for the celebration. We'll all know on Sat., July 19, so don't miss this fun evening of entertainment featuring some of the best Southern Decadence Grand Marshals culminating in the announcement of SDGM XXXI.

The prestigious succession of grand marshals include:

SDGM I Frederick Wright 1974

SDGM II Jerome Williams 1975 [deceased]

SDGM III Preston Hemmings 1976

SDGM IV Robert Laurent 1977

SDGM V Robert King  and SDGM VI Kathleen Kavanaugh 1978

SDGM VII Bruce Harris 1979

SDGM VIII Tom Tippin 1980

SDGM IX Tommy Stephan 1981

SDGM X Don Ezell 1982 [deceased]

SDGM XI Danny Wilson 1983 [deceased]

SDGM XII Mumbo 1984

SDGM XIII Michael "Fish" Hickerson 1985

SDGM XIV Kathleen Conlon 1986

SDGM XV Olive 1987

SDGM XVI Jerome Lebo 1988 [deceased]

SDGM XVII George Goode 1989 [deceased]

SDGM XVIII Ruby 1990 [deceased]

SDGM XIX Jamie Temple 1991

SDGM XX Rhee 1992 [deceased]

SDGM XXI Ms. Fly 1993 [deceased]

SDGM XXII Alain 1994

SDGM XXIII Blanche 1995

SDGM XXIV Wayne White 1996

SDGM XXV Miss Love 1997

SDGM XXVI Robin Malta 1998

SDGM XXVII Errol Rizzuto 1999

SDGMs XXVIII Tony Langlinais & Thom "Smurf" Murphy [deceased] 2000

SDGMs XXIX Bianca Del Rio, Pat "Estelle" Ritter & Rick Thomas, 2001

SDGMs XXX "Irish" Mike Sheehan, 2002

Louisiana Celebrates U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Lawrence v. Texas

In response to today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Lawrence v Texas, Christopher Daigle, Chair of the Louisiana Lesbian and Gay Political Action Caucus issued the following statement:

"All of Louisiana’s citizens are encouraged to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court’s recognition of our fundamental right to privacy. From individual freedom and liberty flow all the other rights we share in as members of this great democracy. The ruling is universal in application: it extends the right of privacy to all: straight, gay, married and single.

We praise the Court for its wisdom and wish only that our own La. State Supreme Court – on the many occasions it had the opportunity – would have also shown such wisdom and fortitude. Privacy is the exclusive property of each individual citizen of this state.

While its application is universal, it is especially liberating for the state’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) citizens. It is not the quantification of enforcement, but the fear of enforcement that has left far too many of our citizens hiding from and being forced to lie about their true identities. The greatest benefit from this ruling is the freedom to be true to one’s self, to those we love and those who love us. It serves as the foundation for a civil and open society.

Louisiana’s centuries-old Crimes Against Nature statute has harmed infinite numbers of the state’s citizenry. The statute has served as the legal foundation from which all discrimination against GLBT citizens has been based. People have lost jobs, job opportunities and promotions. Parents have lost custody of their children. Children have been subjected to harassment and bullying. Life-long partners have been denied survivorship and the ability to make life-and–death decisions for each other. Many have been psychologically and physically abused.

We encourage the candidates for Governor and the Louisiana Legislature to embrace today’s decision and to act expeditiously at the next regular session of the Legislature to repeal all appropriate sections of the statute deemed unconstitutional by today’s court ruling. We also call on them to move forward with the legislation necessary to free us from our second-class status as citizens of this state. This ruling provides the opportunity and removes legal arguments from passing meaningful civil rights legislation.

We are finally free. We are no longer unconvicted felons."

July 4th LazFest Moves to 2800 Royal St.

LazFest has moved this year to the 2800 block of Royal St., between Press and St. Ferdinand Streets in New Orleans. It opens at 11am on Fri., July 4th and closes at 6pm.

The $10 entry donation entitles you to unlimited food, beer and soft drinks. The festival features live music by Coolbone, Neologos and Voices of Thunder, games a dunk tank and a great silent auction.

LazFest benefits Project Lazarus. Visit www.LazarusHouse.NET for mor info.

Graham Exhibition
Opens July 5 at Chet's

PHOTOGRAPHER'S STATEMENT: "It would not be long into my career as a photographer before I realized the wonderful and endless avenues it would provide for me into the human condition....and indeed it has." L.L Graham

For the month of July, New Orleans will be able to review and enjoy a wonderful and comprehensive exhibit by New Orleans’ photographer, Larry Graham. The exhibit opens July 5, 7pm, at Chet’s, 706 Franklin Ave. On exhibit are various portraits and art projects from the creative mind of Mr. Graham.

Larry Graham was born into a family of photographers and literally grew up learning all the procedures necessary to produce his fabulous images from his father and older sister. The family tradition continues with his daughter. Graham is a professional photographer specializing in dramatic and creative portraits. During his 39 year career, he has gained the attention and praise of critics from across the country. He has won numerous awards and has been the featured artist in many publications and articles. His client list reads like a who’s who list. From former Texas governor Ann Richards to MCC founder Reverend Troy Perry, many have stepped in front of his lens and have been immortalized.

Graham participated for many years in the invitational, INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPOSITION in Austria where his work continues to be sold and collected. Graham’s first published work, a hardbound large-format book of photography and prose, published in 1982 was snapped up by collectors with-in months of it’s release. He is currently working on a new book entitled, "Icons, Leprechauns, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus," which will showcase his photographic expeditions created during his past 10 years here in New Orleans. Graham’s work is much in demand and is often donated to worthy causes and charitable organizations to auction and sell to benefit our community.

The greatest gift however, for any artist, is the ability to see within the subjects themselves. Not all photographers possess the sensitivity and vision to get into the depths of an individual’s personality. Graham’s approach to capturing someone’s image on film is not predetermined: he rarely relies on his subject’s environment or trapping to fill in the details. Instead, his portraits, shot almost exclusively in classic black and white, have sparse and unrevealing backgrounds. He discourages unusual props, complicated sets and contrived situations. His subjects appear secure and candid, reflecting the confidence and comfort required by his camera to reveal honest and intimate portraits. For more visit GrahamStudioOne.COM.

Marty Curtin & Koo Gaffney to Receive GAA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Board of Directors of the Gay Appreciation Awards (GAA) have selected Martha "Marty" Curtin and Barbara "Koo" Gaffney to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The presentation will take place during the 16th Annual GAA Gala Sun., July 13, hosted at Body & Soul, 2300 Chartres at Marigny Streets in New Orleans.

The couple, who have been partners for over 17 years, have dedicated over 10 years of that time to the charitable works of the William Fanning Foundation (Buzzy's Boys & Girls), beneficiary of this year's GAA Gala. Curtin is Treasurer and Gaffney is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Barbara "Marty" Curtin & Barbara "Koo" Gaffney, GAA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The Foundation benefits "the emergency quality of life needs" for those affected by HIV/AIDS. To qualify for benefits, a Case Social Worker with NO/AIDS Task Force and other agencies, must refer an individual to the Foundation. No Foundations monies are used for overhead or paid staff. The board volunteers their time and money for this great charity.

Both Curtin and Gaffney urge the public to support the important works of the Foundation by attending various yearly fund-raisers. Those include Michael Hickerson's Annual Turn-a-bout on Aug. 16 at Body & Soul, New Orleans Gay Mens Chorus' Hawaiian Luau on Sept. 13 at the Country Club, as well as the 1st Friday performances of plays by Whatta Lew-Lew Productions, the Hooker's Ball, Henrietta's (a deceased potbellied pig) Birthday, and others.

Curtin, originally from Florida, is retired from Entergy and now does a couple of stints as bartender at The Friendly Bar. Gaffney, originally from Boston, has been an instructor at UNO for the past 18 years.

Past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients include Jimmie Callaway, the late Dan Fountain [Betty Buttons], the late Andy Boudreaux, the late Buzzy Fanning, the late Dirty Dottie, Miss Fury, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, the late Dan Romero, the late Miss Do, Louise McFarland, Dixie Fasnacht, Alice Brady and John Dodt, Gene Adams, Charlene Schneider and Steve Mettner.

The awards thanks those in the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender community who are many times not recognized for the outstanding services and efforts they perform. These individuals and businesses have made the GLBT community into the viable, successful and powerful community it is today across the Gulf South.

French Quarter personality Marcy Marcell founded the Gay Appreciation Awards [GAA] in 1987. Marcell turned over the reigns of the GAA in 1997 to Ambush.

The award category winners, those receiving the most public votes, will be announced at the GAA Gala on July 13, $10 cover. Beginning at 8pm sharp, doors will open at 7pm. All proceeds from the event will benefit the William Fanning Foundation, better known as Buzzy's Boys & Girls. VIP Tables of 4 at $100 each are available. Please contact Rip Naquin-Delain to reserve your table, 504.522.8049, or via e-mail: info@ambushmag.com.

The Top 5 Finalist in each category include:

Circuit Party/Event of the Year: Abracadabra/Pensacola, Halloween/New Orleans, Meltdown/Austin, Memorial Day Weekend/Pensacola, Night of the Black Mask/New Orleans

Hair Salon of the Year: Arthur's House of Glamour, As You Like It, Eclipse, Hair Asylum, Headquarters /all New Orleans

Newcomer of the Year: Coca/New Orleans, Lauren Brown/New Orleans, Tianna Trinity/Austin, Princesse Stephaney/New Orleans, Kabrina Watson/New Orleans

Neighborhood Bar of the Year: Chet's, Corner Pocket, Cowpokes, Le Roundup, Phoenix /all New Orleans

Buzzy Fanning AIDS Award: Austin Babtist Women/Austin, Donnie Jay & Slutpuppies/New Orleans, NO/AIDS Task Force, Wally Sherwood/New Orleans, James Swire/New Orleans

Bitch of the Year: Carl Meyer, George Simons, Princesse Stephaney, Bianca Del Rio, Billy Warr /all New Orleans/Metairie

Show Bar of the Year: Big Daddy's/New Orleans, Cowpokes/New Orleans, Forum/Austin, Golden Lantern/New Orleans, Oz/New Orleans

Performing Arts Award: Capital City Men's Chorus/Austin, Chicago-Oz/New Orleans, Drama/New Orleans, Naughty Austin Productions/Austin, Slutpuppy Revue/New Orleans

Restaurant/Deli of the Year: Bywater Bar.B.Que/Lorenzo's, Clover Grill, La Peniche, Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, Quarter Scene /all New Orleans

Dance Bar of the Year: Cowpokes/New Orleans, Forum/Austin, Oilcan Harry's/Austin, Oz/New Orleans, Parade/New Orleans

Bartender of the Year: Allen Jones/Oz, Marty Rawlins/Phoenix, Rex Romans/Cowpokes, Marcus Savoie/Le Roundup, Chris St. Pierre/Oz /all New Orleans

DJ of the Year: Tony Beverage/Phoenix, Chris Haydel/Cowpokes, Mary Pappas/Oz, Tim Pflueger/Oz, Filthy Rich/Austin

Leather Bar of the Year: B-Bobs/Mobile, Chain Drive/Austin, Cowpokes/New Orleans, Phoenix/New Orleans, Rawhide/New Orleans

GLBT Business of the Year: Graham Studio One/New Orleans, Midtowne Spa/Austin, Place Pigalle/New Orleans, Post Mark New Orleans, Queen Fashions/New Orleans-Metairie

Leather Person of the Year: Joe Beach/Austin, the late Chuck Lance/New Orleans, Princesse Stephaney/New Orleans, Rusty Tennant/New Orleans, Wally Sherwood/New Orleans

Transgender of the Year: Delicious/New Orleans, Stephanie Lee/New Orleans, Satine/Austin, Regina Tickle/New Orleans, Tonisha "TT" Thompson/New Orleans

Lesbian of the Year: Kim Ficaro, Red Hanson, Mina Hernandez, Dolly Narhi, Mary Pappas /all New Orleans

Gay Man of the Year: Michael Elias, Glen Fonte, Carl Ford, Jamie Temple, Noel Twilbeck /all New Orleans

Entertainer of the Year: Austin Babtist Women/Austin, Coca/New Orleans, Donnie Jay/New Orleans, Bianca Del Rio/New Orleans, Taylor Trinity/Austin

In addition to the various public voting awards, the Board has selected the Top 5 Finalist in 3 special categories including:

Cheridon Comedy Award: Becky Allen, Lauren Brown, Bianca Del Rio, Adam Hawkins, Mumbo

Fly Fashion Glamour: Collette Ambrose, Delicious, Raven Kennedy, Opal Masters, Sebastian

Fly Fashion Victim: Klorocks Bleachmen, Blanche DeBris, Phyllis Denmark, Eva Las Vegas, Michael Reed

The Marsha Delain Award of Excellence (the Drag Ambassador Award) will be presented by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

Due to the generosity of corporate sponsor, Ambush Mag, all monies generated through door admissions and VIP table sales will benefit the evening’s charity, Buzzy's Boys & Girls Additionally, all stage performance tips will go to the charity. The five show bar of the year finalists are will perform a production presentation. The last Entertainer of the Year winner Austin Babtist Women are also slated to perform.

King Cake Queen IX Lisa Beaumann and King Cake Queen X Teryl-Lynn Foxx are scheduled to emcee the affair.

The GAA Board of Directors includes Lisa Beaumann, Lance Ford, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain and Toni J.P. Pizanie.

Ambush is proud to sponsor the Gay Appreciation Awards each year. For more info, visit www.AmbushMag.COM/GAA.

NO/AIDS Task Force Holds 8th Annual Dining For Life

On Thurs., July 17, NO/AIDS Task Force is asking locals to make a date to make a difference and dine out for its eighth annual Dining for Life fund-raiser. The Task Force has teamed up with over 45 restaurants to raise funds for NO/AIDS, which has been serving the Greater New Orleans area for twenty years.

It’s simple. Dine at one of the more than 45 restaurants participating, order your favorite culinary delights, sit back, relax and enjoy! At the end of the day, those participating restaurants will donate 25 percent of the daily proceeds to NO/AIDS Task Force.

Since its inception, Dining For Life has raised over $350,000 to support the efforts of the Task Force.

The agency was created in 1983 with only 14 reported cases of AIDS in New Orleans, and now proudly serves 12 parishes. To date, over 20,000 men, women and children have tested positive for HIV in Louisiana. More than 50% of those reported cases are in the Greater New Orleans area, ranking the Crescent City 19th in the nation per capita.

NO/AIDS Task Force assists those infected with HIV/AIDS by providing a continuum of services such as: The Louisiana Statewide HIV Hotline, early intervention services, prevention education, HIV antibody testing and counseling, community outreach, mental health services, case management, housing coordination, medication distribution, meal delivery and a food bank program. Proceeds from this event will go directly to providing these vital services to New Orleans and its surrounding communities.

Event Sponsors for Dining For Life are: Abita Brewing Company, RAIN Vodka, Ambush, Gambit Weekly, The Times Picayune, Where Y’AT Magazine, Gilead and The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.

For More information on Dining For Life, log onto www.noaidstaskforce.org, or call 504.821.2601, ext. 250.

D-Dance Joins Official Southern Decadence Lineup

SoDecadent, Inc. presents the first annual D-Dance, Sun., Aug. 31, 10pm - 2am, Municipal Auditorium 1201 St. Peter St., New Orleans. This Official Southern Decadence Circuit Party will shed a new light on the Labor Day Weekend celebration since all proceeds benefit the NO/AIDS Task Force. It's is a great opportunity to take advantage of the thousands in town to raise money for such a worthy organization.

Both SouthernDecadence.COM and Ambush Mag are proud sponsors of the event.

For more information, visit www.d-dance.com or e-mail info@d-dance.com.

Other "official" events include:

Official Southern Decadence Kickoff, Wed., Aug. 27, 11:30pm, Oz, 800 Bourbon St.

Official Southern Decadence Drag Show, Fri., Aug. 29, 10pm, Lucille's Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal St.

31st Official Southern Decadence Parade celebrating Official Southern Decadence 32, led by SDGM XXXI, Sun., Aug. 31, 2pm, Lucille's Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal St.

11th Official Southern Decadence Bead Toss honoring SDGM XXXI, Sun., Aug. 31, 4:30ish pm, Ambush Headquarters, 828 Bourbon St.

Official Southern Decadence Closing Party: 7th Annual Survivors Bar Run led by Cruise Director Tedd Mahaffy, Labor Day, Mon., Sept. 1, 2pm, beginning at the Corner Pocket, 940 St. Louis St. visiting bars in the French Quarter and Marigny.

For all the latest on the celebration, visit the original and only Official Website of Southern Decadence, SouthernDecadence.COM dedicated to the preservation of the history and traditions of Southern Decadence in New Orleans since 1972.

Coca-Cola Presents the 2003 Essence Music Festival

A taste for fun and Nu Classic Soul is all that’s needed to enjoy the activities Coca-Cola has planned as title sponsor of the "Coca-Cola Presents the 2003 Essence Music Festival" July 2-5 in New Orleans. Through a series of special events and activities, Coca-Cola will bring music and enjoyment to people of all ages at this year’s festival, one of the most anticipated entertainment events of the summer.

Celebrities appearing at the festival on behalf of Coca-Cola include Musiq, Amel Larrieux, Aaries, Jaguar Wright, Dwele, Groove Theory, Latif, MoNique and Magic Johnson.

"Everything Coca-Cola does in support of the ‘Coca-Cola Presents the 2003 Essence Music Festival’ is about real connections – with each other, with youth and with the community," said Ingrid Saunders Jones, senior vice president, The Coca-Cola Company. "We are proud of the special partnership we share with Essence Communications and are pleased to once again help bring this three-day cultural celebration of empowerment, personal enrichment and entertainment to the community."

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