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July 9-22, 2013
Dining Out For Life, 40th Anniversary UpStairs Lounge Fire Memorial Highlights
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Gay Appreciation Awards

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1-5 |
4-Mina Hernandez to Receive 26th Lifetime Achievement Award @ GAA Gala July 27, More Than 90 Local Restaurants Join Dining Out For Life July 18
| 6-celebrazzi (celebrations paparazzi): Anniversaries, Celebrations, Awards | 8-the "official" dish: ULF LGBT Commemoration Ceremonies Raise $2,532 for Historic New Orleans Collection, Southern Decadence Grand Marshals Unveil Poster & Announce Theme, Colors & Song  | 10-letters: Historic New Orleans Collection Thanks, real estate: Real Estate & Tax Benefits Post DOMA, the "official" dish: UPSTAIRS INFERNO Subject of New Documentary
11-15 | 12-under the gaydar: Bartender of the Month, Stand under the Mistletoe with Amon-Ra, Make A Splash, Off With Their Heads!, Get the 411 on the 414, Who’s a Princess!, Party Down; weddings: New Orleans Own Edward R. Cox & Vatican Lokey Marry in New York City | 14-moments in gay new orleans history: The Gay Liberation Front Marches on City Hall, under the gaydar:
Tony's Tidbits of Gay Wisdom
16-20 | 16-snap paparazzi/new orleans:
40th Anniversary UpStairs Lounge Fire LGBT Commemoration Ceremonies, Jazz Procession, 2nd Line Parade & Celebration of Life Cocktail Party | 18-snap paparazzi/new orleans: Southern Decadence Press Party @ Golden Lantern, Oz 31st Anniversary, Pride Weekend | 20-26th Gay Appreciation Awards
21-25  | 21-Dining Out For Life  | 22-spotlight feature: 40th UpStairs Lounge Fire Commemoration Ceremony Recap, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain Receive 25th NO/AIDS Task Force Humanitas Award | 24-pensacola paparazzi:
The Social Scene @ Emerald City
| 27-mobile paparazzi: The Social Scene | 28-classifieds | 29-classifieds | 30-a community within communities: Ain’t we all of that and a bag of chips! Or, are we?, commentary: Decision Day Rally, classifieds
31-35 | 31-houston paparazzi, houston: Neon Boots Slated to Open in August | 32-trodding the boards: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at Tulane’s Lab Theatre/McWilliams Hall through July 17, reVIEW ...books, movies, cds: THE HEAT ...90 degrees ...95% humidity ...100% funny | 33-reVIEW: ...books, movies, cds: A Comment | 34-trodding the boards: Upstairs at Café Istanbul, Trodding around Eastern Europe, Part II | 35-
Halloween 30
36-40 | 36-ambush paparazzi/vienna; new orleans/metairie: 21st Life Ball benefiting People with HIV/AIDS thru AIDS Life organization, In The Streets | 38-ambush paparazzi/new orleans: The Club Scene
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