Volume 19/Issue 17/2001


Owner Michael Elias Presents $200
To Mike Quinnell, 1st Monthly Pool Tournament Champion

The Corner Pocket, 940 St. Louis St., presented Mike Quinnell, its first monthly Pool Tournament Champion, with $200 cash. The tournament is hosted every Tuesday night at 8pm. Winners of the weekly tourney take home $100 cash. The final Tuesday of each month is that month's championship play. It's just another night of great fun at new owner, Micheal Elias' Corner Pocket, "where the boys are!"

SDGMs XXIX Estelle, Bianca & Rick Receive
Special Presentation at Oz's Hollywood:
A Grand Marshal "Menage A Trois" Party

Oz, 800 Bourbon St., hosted its Hollywood: A Grand Marshal "Menage A Trois" Party honoring Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXIX Pat "Estelle" Ritter, Bianca Del Rio and Rick Thomas, along with past grand marshals and guests. The private bash which preceded the 10pm public party featuring entertainment by Suzanne Palmer, was hosted upstairs. Tommy Elias and his Oz gang did a beautiful job decorating for the festive evening and presented this year's grand marshals with silver framed copies of the evening's invitation.

Many past grand marshals were in attendance including SDGM IV Robert Laurent, SDGM XII Mumbo, SDGM XIII Michael "Fish" Hickerson, SDGM XV Olive, SDGM XXIV Wayne White, SDGM XXV Miss Love, SDGM XXVI Robin Malta and SDGMs XXVIII Tony Langlinais and Thom "Smurf" Murphy.

Naquin-Delain's Celebrate 27th Anniversary Aug. 17 rip&marsha

Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain will celebrate their 27th anniversary at Magnolia Cotillion XXVII on Aug. 17. For the past ten years the private party has benefited the NO/AIDS Walk raising $72,347 for the worthy cause. The couple is New Orleans' first registered domestic partners and own Ambush, Inc. which produces both Ambush Mag and the AMBUSHonLine conglomerate.

Meeting in 1974, the then Baton Rouge couple began what is now considered by many to be the society bash of the summer in the Crescent City, Magnolia Cotillion. Celebrating and sharing their lives with the greater community has always been the trademark of these two fun-loving men. People from all walks of life attend the Cotillion, dedicated to the charm and hospitality of the South.

The couple attributes their success to the communities which have made both Ambush Mag and AMBUSHonLine possible. "We've been very lucky," says the couple. From the beginning of Ambush in 1982, the couple established the AMgrant [Ambush Advertising Grant] Program. The program now gives hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in services and monetary disbursements back to the various charities, organizations and events in the communities which Ambush serves.

Back in June of this year, the Naquin-Delain's were presented the Prometheus "Torch of Truth" [media] Award, one of six such awards presented annually by the NO/AIDS Task Force. The prestigious awards are presented "to those who work unselfishly to further the battle against HIV and AIDS." The Naquin-Delain's were credited with helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the various HIV/AIDS agencies and organizations in the New Orleans area, as well as promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. For more on the couple visit ripandmarsha.com.

[Editor's Note: Ambush continues its commitment to community by publishing celebrations, unions, ceremonies, engagements, birthdays, Carnival royalty and birth announcements at no charge. Please e-mail photos and pictures to info@ambushmag.com.]

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