Volume 22/Issue 18/2004

he annual Southern Decadence Grand Marshals Luncheon was hosted by SDGM XXXII Donnie "Jager" Jay the Saturday before Southern Decadence weekend in New Orleans. The luncheon was courtesy of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel which serves as the Official Hotel of Southern Decadence this year. Photo: (front row) SDGM XXVI Robin Malta, SDGM XV Olive; (2nd row) SDGM XXVII Errol Rizzuto, SDGM XXIX Bianca Del Rio, SDGM XIX Jamie Temple, SDGM XXVIII Tony Langlinais, SDGM XXXII Donnie "Jager" Jay, SDGM XII, Mumbo, Mother of SD Maureen Block, SDGM XIII Fish; (3rd row) SDGM XXXI Rusty LaRoux, SDGM XXIX Rick Thomas, SDGM XXV Miss Love, SDGM XXX Irish Mike, SDGM XXIV Wayne White, SDGM IV Robert Laurent, SDGM I Frederick Wright, SDGM XXIX Estelle & Founder of SD Charlie Block.

Marsha & Rip Naquin-Delain celebrated their 30th anniversary at Magnolia Cotillion XXX hosted at the 828 Bourbon Street complex including the Ambush offices on the first floor and the couple's private second and third floor residence. Since 1991, the Cotillion has benefited the NO/AIDS Walk raising $97,361. This year's celebration will bring Cotillion earnings past the $100,000 mark.


The boards of the Gay Appreciation Awards and the William Fanning Foundation joined together at Magnolia Cotillion XXX for the presentation of $3,080 to the foundation, the proceeds from this year's GAA Gala. Photo: GAA board members Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, Lisa Beaumann & Lance Ford, w/SDGM XXXII Donnie "Jager" Jay & William Fanning Foundation board members Marty Curtin, Koo Gaffney & Inga Fink.


Emperor VI, the Deacon David Pearson and Emperor I & II, Garry Holley aka Modine Murphy of the Austin Babtist Women celebrated their 13th anniversary during Coronation XI weekend in Austin. The two of them have dedicated a combined 34 years to charitable fund-raising in Austin as well as many cities across the USA.



Savana DeLorean & Phyllis Denmark flank referee Bryan during Celebrity Lube Wrestling at Cowpokes raising $1,600 for Belle Reve in New Orleans.


Godfrey Thompson & Jim Heffernan celebrated their 43rd anniversary at a Champagne Party hosted at the Golden Lantern in New Orleans.

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