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Volume 21/Issue 19/2003

NO/AIDS Walk 2003 Projected Over $150,000

1st - Toby Lefort -$8,720
2nd - Rip Naquin-Delain - $8,549 w/171 Sponsors
3rd - Brian Sands - $2,122 w/45 Sponsors
[High School]
St. Martin's Episcopal-$4,260
[Corp. Team w/largest number of pledges]
Harrah's Casino $3,616
[10 or less walkers] Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge-$2,900

Dear Friends and Business Associates,

The NO/AIDS Walk is projected to raise over $150,000 this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who helped me raise $8,549 for NO/AIDS Walk 2003. I placed second this year. This tremendous feat was due totally to the support of 171 generous sponsors.

My fund-raising efforts began on Sun., Aug. 17 at Magnolia Cotillion XXIX, the annual gala celebrating the 29th anniversary of Marty Greeson, aka Marsha Naquin-Delain, and myself. In lieu of gifts, guests are asked to sponsor me in the NO/AIDS Walk each year. Some $6,899 was raised that evening with $1,600 arriving prior to Walk Day and $50 following Walk Day. This year's total brings Magnolia Cotillion earnings to $97,361 for the past thirteen years benefiting NO/AIDS Walk. Kudos to each of you who made this impossible task a reality.

Thousands of walkers joined in this huge fund-raising effort. Marsha and I choose to support the NO/AIDS Walk because of the tremendous benefits it provides to the HIV/AIDS community throughout Louisiana.

A special thanks to all of my sponsors including:

For Donations of $1,100 ...Dennis Kevin Sullivan/Wilmington, OH & Michael Sullivan;

For Donations of $950 ...Larry Anderson & Michael Boulas;

For Donations of $500 ...Wayne A. Schrebe & Gene Adams/Club New Orleans;

For Donations of $300 ...Robert Dunlap/Bourbon-Strip Tease, Peter Thomas & Hoyle Byrd/Petunias Restaurant;

For Donations of $250 ...Galen Brown & Lizabeth Talbot;

For Donations of $200 ...Roger Chustz & Clark Sonntag, Tony & Sheila Dicioccio, Charles Hopper, Jr./Biloxi, MS, Mary Lind/Latter & Blum, Tip Varnadore & Gary Delaune/Queen Fashions;

For Donations of $150 ...Sheryl Wilkinson/Albion, MI;

For Donations of $125 ...David A. Newsome, MD;

For Donations of $100 ...Tom Diguette & Jack Jones/Alternatives, Kitty Blackwell & Elizabeth Simms/Covington, LA, Robert Boler & Tom Conners/Plantation, FL, Chet Robin & JR Stansbury/Chet's Queens' Pub, Michael Elias & Jay Sewell/Corner Pocket, Timm Holt/Cowpokes, Karen & Gene Riggleman/Custom Controls, Inc., Marty Curtin & Koo Gaffney, Edward Domingue & Billy Lester, Chuck Turner & Bill Miller/Double Play, Sylvia Frank & Pat Skelly, Joyce Alberts/Friendly Bar, Darleen M. Jacobs/A Professional Law Corp., Jean Masson/Martin Insurance Agency, Gerard Scavo & Kenneth Walker;

For Donations of $75 ...Mary Bess & Mary Matthews-Jordan;

For Donations of $60 ...Keith Cavaleri & Allan Pilgreen;

For Donations of $50 ...Regina Adams, John Batty & Jan Bradford, Randal Beach, Butch Brown/Bon Maison Guest House, Derek Maenza/Costume Headquarters, William & Ernst Crotty-Stringfellow, Andre de LaBarre, Andy & Phyllis Denmark, Farrow, Charles Field, MD & Lester Perkins, Cleve Rudolph/Flex, Maurice Geisel, Jr., Aaron Hanz & Larry Graham/Graham Studio One & ADH Designs, Princesse Stephaney & Prince Sam, Rex & Nicholas Romans/Cowpokes & Church of Christ the Liberator, Lewis Routh & Marlin Haindfield/Whatta LewLew Productions, Javier Sandoval & CW Stambrough/Starlight By The Park, Randy Stephens/Latter & Blum, Carla Wild,

For Donations of $30 ...Dan Maher & Frank Manale, George Rossignol, Diane Tanner;

For Donations of $29 ...Julius Dietz, III/Hammond, LA;

For Donations of $25 ...Rosemary Abadie/Lake Charles, LA, Larry Bagneris, Jr., David Benedict, Jean Braly, Jim Bridger, Carl Meyer/Coffee, Friends And, Sue & Rob Cameron/Lake Charles, LA, Karl Wilder/Country Club, Ruth Dawson, Dusty Daughtry & John Sowley, Tommy Elias, Robert Everson, Janice Goodbee, Kate & Reynalds Haas/Rockledge, FL, James Hochadel/Frederick, MD, William Hydrick, Dr. Marquita Irland, Donnie Jay James, Tim Jeansonne & Ricky Lenart, Paul Killgore, Kim Ficaro/Kims 940, Marcy Marcell & Eva Las Vegas, Jay A. Loomis, Ted Mahaffy, Janice Medlock, Glenn O'Berry & Roger Copenhaver, Glenn Reames, RJ Kirshner & JF Blackwell/Rockner Management, Barbara Satterley, Law Office of John J. Sullivan, Charles Turberville, Noel Twilbeck, Jr., Carolyn Villars;

For Donations of $20 ...Anonymous, Lisa Beaumann & Marcus Martinez, Jay Bourgoyne & Jay Tyburski/Bourgoyne Guest House, John Brumfield, Eclipse Hair & Body Studio, Tiffany & Chris Flores, Carl & Lance Ford, Ron Issler & Stuart Nettles, Leonard Earl Johnson, Chris Miller, Mike Moran, Billy Neal, Tim Pflueger & Vickie Vynes, Tim Trepagner, ;

For Donations of $15 ...Anthony Scalise, Opal Vanderhurst;

For Donations of $10 ...Anonymous, Katie Dreher, Robert King;

For Donations of $5 ...Ed Held;

Congratulations to each and every one of you for joining the thousands who are committed to and support the NO/AIDS Walk each year.

...Sincerely, R. Rip Naquin-Delain

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