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Volume 23/Issue 2/2005

Brian Sands & Patrick Shannon, III





The Second Annual Ambie Awards

Move over Oscars! Forget about the Golden Globes! The Second Annual Ambie Awards will be presented at Le Chat Noir on Mon., Jan. 24 at 7:30pm and everyone is invited! A glittering array of stars is being assembled to appear at the ceremony. Speeches will be kept short but the entertainment will be big. Look below and if you see youíve been nominated...or if you think youíre likely to capture one of our off-kilter awards...plan on being at the chic-est cabaret setting in town. Need another reason to attend? How does "Free admission" sound?!

Since we werenít run out of town after last yearís Ambies, we decided to bestow them again. As before, these awards are totally subjective, occasionally arbitrary, inclusive only of the shows we saw (sorry to all others) and not at all validated by Price Waterhouse. But since this is the Big Easy itís a great excuse to throw a party...and honor those top tier talents who have trod the boards in the past twelve months with flair, imagination and theatrical wizardry.

Best Production of a Musical

Boobs!, All Kinds of Theater; Chicago, Jefferson Performing Arts Society; Damn Yankees, Rivertown Repertory Theatre; Floyd Collins, NOCCA; Little Shop of Horrors, Brandt Blocker

Best Production of a Drama

Brecht on Brecht, Four Humors Theatre Co.; Intimate Apparel, Southern Rep; King Hedley II, Anthony Bean Community Theater; The Shape of Things, UNO Summer Theater Workshop; Something Cloudy, Something Clear, DRAMA!; When Ya Smiliní, Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre

Best Production of a Comedy

Biloxi Blues, Rivertown Repertory Theatre; The Glass Mendacity, Krewe des Sept; Murder at Movary Manor, New Orleans Alliance of Pride

Best Director of a Musical

Brandt Blocker, Little Shop of Horrors; Gary Rucker, Damn Yankees; Blake Coheley, Floyd Collins; Carl Walker, Boobs!

Best Director of a Play

Luis Q. Barroso, Something Cloudy, Something Clear; Anthony Bean, King Hedley II; Ricky Graham, When Ya Smiliní; Tommye Myrick, To Kill A Mockingbird; Buzz Podewell, Madame De Sade; Rusty Tennant, Get Flanagan

Actor in a Musical

Keith Claverie, Little Shop of Horrors; Marc Fouchi, Damn Yankees; Ricky Graham, The Mikado; Kyle Malone, The Mikado; Matthew Ragas, Grease; Robert Richardson, Damn Yankees; Hardy Weaver, Floyd Collins

Actress in a Musical

Emily Antrainer, Little Shop of Horrors; Angela Mannino, The Mikado; Stacy Taliancich, Eating Raoul

Best Actor in a Play

Gavin Mahlie, Richard III; Luke Noderer, Itís A Wonderful Life; Brian Peterson, Bad Seed; Michael Santos, Baal; Wilbert L. Williams, Jr., King Hedley II

Best Actress in a Play

Gwendolyne Foxworth, King Hedley II; Karen-Kaia Livers, Intimate Apparel; Morrey McElroy, Itís A Wonderful Life; Lisa Picone, The Shape of Things

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

Tory Andrus, Eubie!; Luis Q. Barroso, Little Shop of Horrors; Walter Bost, 70, Girls, 70; Bob Edes, Jr., Boobs!; Bob Edes,Jr., Dames at Sea;Patrick Hunter, Floyd Collins; Matthew Mikal, A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine; Kenneth Thompson, Little Shop of Horrors

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical

Martha "Dickie" Dufour, Damn Yankees; Adella Gautier, 70, Girls, 70; Idella Johnson, Eubie!; Sasha Masakowski, Floyd Collins; Cher Westcott, Dames at Sea; Amanda Zirkenbach, A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine

Supporting/Featured Actor in a Play

Joe Billesbach, Baal; Bianca Del Rio/Roy Haylock, Murder at Movary Manor; Harold X. Evans, King Hedley II; John Hammons, Itís A Wonderful Life; Stephen C. Lewis, Get Flanagan; Gavin Mahlie, When Ya Smiliní; Sean Patterson, Richard III; Brian Peterson, Sordid Lives; Matthew Ragas, Murder at Movary Manor; Gary Rucker, Richard III; Vergil Smith, The Ties That Bind; Avery White, To Kill A Mockingbird

Supporting/Featured Actress in a Play

Troi Bechet, Intimate Apparel; Katherine J. Betz, Baal; Joan Blum, Something Cloudy, Something Clear; Maureen Brennan, The Glass Mendacity; Bianca Chapman, The Ties That Bind; Mary Cobb, Shakespeare in Hollywood; Yvette Foy, King Hedley II; Andrea Frankle, The Glass Mendacity; Heidi Junius, When Ya Smiliní; Leah Loftin, Picasso at the Lapin Agile; Morrey McElroy, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940; Patricia McGuire-Hill, Crowns; Kit Patterson, Fifth of July; Ashley Ricord, As You Like It; Veronica Russell, Brecht on Brecht; Carol Sutton, Intimate Apparel; Jessie Terrebone, The Shape of Things

Best Ensemble

Boobs! (Becky Allen, Maureen Brennan, Bob Edes, Jr., Ann Mahoney, Robert Thomas, Chris Wecklein); Brecht on Brecht (Blake Balu, Robb Conner, Martin Covert, Sandra Moorman, Veronica Russell, Kathryn Talbot); Chekhovís Wild Ride (J Hammons, Chris Lane, Maritza Mercado-Narcisse, Cecile Monteyne, Kathy Randels, Nick Slie, Rusty Tennant)

Best Costume Design

Cecile Casey Covert, Boobs!; Roy Haylock, When Ya Smiliní; Charlotte Lang, Camelot; Charlotte Lang, The Mikado; Julie Winn, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Best Lighting Design

Jonathan Foucheaux, Little Shop of Horrors; Gary Solomon, Jr., Floyd Collins; Rusty Tenant, The Shape of Things

Best Set Design

Lyn F. Caliva, King Hedley II; Kevin Griffith, Baal; David Raphel, Floyd Collins; Bill Walker, A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine; Bill Walker, Grease; Bill Walker, Tru; Rebecca Wolf, Madame De Sade

Best Hair Design/Wigs

Don & Linda Guillot, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; Amanda Hebert, Boobs!

Best Choreography

Jaune Buisson, Little Shop of Horrors; Kelly Fouchi, Damn Yankees

Best Fight Choreography

Robert Richardson, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940; Brent Surdukan, As You Like It

Best Music Director

Ron Bermingham, Floyd Collins; Brandt Blocker, Little Shop of Horrors; Harry Mayronne, Boobs!; C. Leonard Raybon, Camelot; C. Leonard Raybon, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Original Music Scoring

Raelea Phillips, Baal; Ben Schenck, Kathy Randels & Sean LaRocca, Chekhovís Wild Ride

Best Sound Design

Katreequia Thompson & Kyle Jackson, The Ties That Bind; Jessie Tyson, The Shape of Things; Christopher Waltman, Get Flanagan

The Off Kilter Awards...

...presented with admiration and the spirit of fun. Who will win?

Most Local References

Yat-ty-est Show

Turning Your Own Life Into Theater Award

We Wanted To See It But the Schedule Changed Award

Political Oratory that John Kerry Could Have Benefitted by Using Award

Best Ad-libs

Ya Really Gotta Know Your Theatre Classics To Get All The References Award

The Was-This-Ever-Not-Camp? Award

Funniest Nazi Sight Gag since The Producers

Eating Raoul

Biggest Cast of a Straight Play Written Within the Last 100 Years

Grace Under Pressure Award

Most Heavenly Angel

Best performance by an actor with only one stanza to sing

Best performance by an actor with less than three lines

Best performance by an actor who isnít seen at all

Mother/Daughter Bitch Fight of the Year

Best Performance by an Animal (Living)

Best Performance by an Animal (Dead)

Most Characters played by Least Amount of Actors

Role played by the most people in the same production

Will Do Anything for Her Art Award

Best Impersonation of Bianca del Rioís Impersonation of Carmen Miranda

Gender Bender Award

Drag Tap Dancer of the Year

Exhibitionist of the Year

Nudity Where Youíd Least Expect to See It Award

Bodies We Didnít Need To See Exposed

Best Onstage Realization of a Baseball Team (but would they do the shower scene from Take Me Out?)

Best Self-Described Oreo Cookie (and fabulous singing voices, too)

Best Demonstration that 50 is the New 30

The They-Got-Life-in-Ďem-Yet Award

Prettiest Eyes Award

Perkiest Pecs Award

Most Copious Use of Blood

Most Original Use of Blood

Set Weíd Most Like to Move Into Award

Best Accessorized Stage

Best Use of Cardboard Boxes

Most Dangerous show in which to be a piece of pottery

Cheesiest Set (but not inappropriately so)

Most Authentic Set Award

Most Ramshackle Set

Beyond the Proscenium Award

"Where do you think you are, The Phoenix?" Award

Most inventive use of Mardi Gras beads

Best Use of Old Newspapers

Nice Little Touch Award

Best lobby display, entire evening

Best lobby display, post-show only

Most Lightning

Best Indoor Fireworks

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