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The A List

no/aids walk thank you
Volume 16/Issue 20

NO/AIDS Walk '98 Goal $335,000

Team NO/AIDS-$6,713, The Gap-$6,403, Tulane University-$5,382

Rip Naquin-Delain [for the 6th year]-$7,589 w/163 Sponsors, Roger Odgen/Ken Barnes-$2,300, Susan Gibeault-$2,224

CHANCELLOR'S CUP: Tulane University

PRINCIPAL'S CUP: Metairie Park Country Day School

Dear Friends and Business Associates,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that helped me raise $7,589 for NO/AIDS Walk '98. Because this was the highest individual total this year, I won 1st place honors and a trip for two to Gulf Shores, Alabama. This tremendous feat would have been impossible without your generous support, the support of 163 sponsors.

My fund-raising efforts began on Monday, August 17th, at "Magnolia Cotillion XXIV", the annual gala celebrating the 24th anniversary of Marty Greeson/Marsha Naquin-Delain and myself. Some $6,889 was raised that evening with $700 arriving prior to Walk Day. This year's total brings Magnolia Cotillion earnings to $55,612 for the past eight years benefiting NO/AIDS Walk. Kudos to each of you who made this impossible task a reality.

Thousands of walkers joined in this huge fund-raising effort. Unfortunately AIDS is so prevalent that practically every one of us knows someone with AIDS or HIV infection or someone who has passed away from this dreaded disease. Marsha and I walked in memory of those who have passed on. We both choose to support the NO/AIDS Walk because of the tremendous benefits it provides to the growing HIV/AIDS community throughout Louisiana.

A special thanks to all of my sponsors including:

For Donations of $500 ...Wayne A. Schrebe/Club New Orleans, Eddie Fos/Wolfendale's

For Donations of $450 ...Michael Sullivan & Dennis K. Sullivan-Wilmington/Ohio

For Donations of $300...Fr. Thom Crandall & St. Joseph's Church-Port St. Joe/FL & St. Rose of Lima Church-Milton/FL

For Donations of $250 ...D.B. & Carolyn Carnes, Mark & Blair Sollmeyer/QSR-Quarter Scene Restaurant

For Donations of $200 ...Kitty Blackwell & Elizabeth Simms, Galen S. Brown & M. Lizabeth Talbott, Miss Dixie Fasnacht, Mary Lind, Gregory Sheets & Riviera Liquortorium & Dance Hall-Pensacola/FL, Peter Thomas & Petunias Restaurant

For Donations of $125 ...Darleen M. Jacobs-Levy, Carla Wild/Trapani & Associates

For Donations of $100 ...Toni J.P. Pizanie & Royal Tobacconist, Anonymous, Lori S. Mitchell & John D. Landrum/MRB, Clifford J. Chamberlain, Mickey Gil & George Patterson, Raymond Ruiz & La Dauphine Residence Des Artistes, Mason E. Wiggins, Jr.-Washington/D.C., Elayne Angel & Rings of Desire, Tommy Elias, Bill Miller & Chuck Turner/Burbs Bars, LAGPAC [Louisiana Lesbian & Gay Political Action Caucus], Gerald Scavo & Kenneth Walker, Sylvia Frank & Pat Skelly

For Donations of $75 ...Damon Veach/Hibiscus Bookstore-Baton Rouge/LA

For Donations of $50 ...John Batty & Jan Bradford, Tony Quintiliano & Paul Bordelon, Gregory Curtis, Mary Bess Matthews, Diane Tanner, Fred Held-Cleveland/TN, William L. Bennett, Randy Stephens/Gumbo Signs & Graphics, Jack Saucier & Alex Ruiz, Randal M. Beach, Maurice Geisel, Jr., Russell J. Crochet, Jason Berry/13th Floor Productions, Frank A. Pizzolato, Alicia C. Tilley-Memphis/TN, Richard J. Bowles-Pensacola/FL, Attractions Salon, Jon Conway, III, John D. Rawls, Alan Robinson/Faubourg Marigny Bookstore, Tommy & Cathy Vaughn-Morgan City/LA, Jean L. Masson/Haueser Insurance Agency For Donations of $40-$30 ...Crystal Little, J.R. Stansberry, Ruth C. Freed, Glenn O'Berry & Roger Brooks, Ruth C. Dawson, Stewart P. Butler & Alfred Doolittle, Margarita Bergen/ Bergen Galleries, Jamie Buth, MD

For Donations of $25 ... Amy K. Johnson, Lynn Head/MRB, Dr. Marquita Irland, Andy Denmark & Randy Patterson, Gulf Gender Alliance, Jack Gentry & Paul Orfila, Lisa Beaumann, Rev. Dexter Brecht, James M. Donovan, Dorothy R. Blanchard, Rosemary & James Abadie, John W. Brumfield, Frazer & Baird Rice-Pass Christian/MS, John & Brenda White-Diamondhead/MS, Sherreece & Wayne Rogaczewski, Toni & Fred Hanning, II, Mike & Mary Janowski-Oakdale/LA, Robert Udick, PH.D., Robert & Suzanne Cameron-Lake Charles/LA, Winston Gray, Jeffrey Melton/Art Attacks, James F. Hochadel-Frederick/MD, Susan Mintz, Hugh Jones & Butch Brown/Bon Maison Guest House, David Marshall, Janice Goodbee, Drew Haas, Christian Kean Johnson & Donald E. Chalom, Paloma

For Donations of $24-20 ...Julius WM Dietze III-Hammond, LA, William M. Sholes, J. Bourgoyne & J. Tyberski/Bourgoyne Guest House, John Parry & Bobbie Ramone, Jean Braly, David E. Chrobak/Old Mill Pond Inn-Northport/MI, Anthony Scalise, Robert H. King-Madison/MS, Dorothy Hebron, John St. Clair, Donnie Jay & Slut Puppy Productions, Victoria Versashe, Bubbles & Candie, Stephanie Williams, Carolyn Villars & Julie Lachney, Barbara Satterley & Michelle Lachney

For Donations of $10-$5 ...James B. Keyes, Julie Crenshaw-Memphis/TN, Brad Robbert, Katie M. Dreher

Congratulations to each and every one of you for joining the thousands who are committed to and support the NO/AIDS Walk each year.

R. Rip Naquin-Delain

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