allons acadiana
Volume 16/Issue 21

by James Scott

I have been pleased with the number of out of town people who have taken advantage of what the Acadiana area has to offer. We may not have an endless number of Gay bars, but what we lack in numbers we more than make up for in adventure. To all of these visitors, keep coming back! We always enjoy extending our hospitality.

The Sound Factory, regardless of what night of the week you choose to venture out, promises to have something for everyone. Club owner, John Gilland, has managed to keep us all coming back for more!! Some people attribute this to the nightly drink specials, but personally, I think one of the most appealing aspects of this club is the bartenders, Mike, Mark, Shawn and of course, the latest addition, Josh. Where did this hunk of a man come from? You must all make plans to check this one out! Cute, Cute, Cute! I certainly plan on finding out the story behind this one.

During one of my recent visits there, I especially enjoyed the celebration of Miss Katherine's 38th birthday. What a wonderful time. I was however disappointed not to find Chili Pepper in the mix. It seems as though she was attending the New Iberia Sugar Cane Festival. I have no doubt you were raising some cane of your own. I heard you are an expert at shucking tall "stalks of cane." Miss Troy, quit laughing at your friend, you know if the party bus would have made the trip you would have been kneeling in the fields as well. Bet you can't wait for the Boudin Festival!

It has been some time since I had attended the Sunday night show at The Sound Factory. It was definitely a fun event. Racine Ross, whether in or out of drag, is a wonderful host. Not only does she keep the show running smoothly, but also provides a certain "attitude check" we all need occasionally. Some of us more than others. At this time I would like to let my friend Stephanie Stevens know that even after knowing her for 10 years, she is still one of my favorite performers. A personal highlight of the evening for me was the performance by Shakier DeBlack, Miss Gay Southeast America. Also, congratulations to Miss Alexis. She is the latest winner in the monthly finalists' competition. As she would say it, "After all these years, still got it, baby."

Make your plans to attend the Halloween/ One-year Anniversary party at The Sound Factory on Sat., Oct. 31. It promises to be a memorable night. Maybe I have been there too often, but it seems that they have been open longer. Congratulations to John Gilland and his entire staff on this extraordinary occasion. Check out their ad in this issue of Ambush for more details.

When thinking of Jules, there are two names I definitely must mention, Derrick and Dan. These two Hardbodies provided an evening of total ecstasy. Beautiful, fine toned, well-equipped and sparkling personalities; what more could you want? We really need to do a full interview soon. Ron and Randy have once again "hit the spot" with great entertainment! The male dancers can be enjoyed at Jules every other Saturday night. Brings lots of dollar bills and plan to stay 'til closing.

This is another club where you will be pleased with the staff. This bar also has great bartenders. You are sure to enjoy the company of Ronnie, Wil, Gina, Buddy and Randy on those great evenings when he is behind the bar. I always enjoy the unmatched company of Ron, co-owner of Jules. Keep up the good work guys (and Gina).

MoJo Monkey's music and company are two of the top reasons for this bar's success. Stevie and Dawn are the two nicest women to be around. It seems as though every time I go there, I find myself doing the ole' "tell the bartender your problems" routine. Thanks girls, you are wonderful! Dawn, you do make the strongest drink! That's a good thing.

For the Festival-goers. The Abbeville Cattle Festival was an episode in itself. Downpours of rain, flood watches and all, nothing seemed to stop these people. I was especially impressed by the dancers in the parade who never missed a beat. They performed so well, you would have sworn it was raining men. As previously mentioned, if you have any questions concerning the Sugar Cane Festival, ask Chili.

Special Mentions: Jack, come back to Lafayette SOON! I had a wonderful time. Also, thank you for helping out with the bothersome drunk. Eureka and company, next time you all can have the annoying, drunk hustler bothering you and I will be the one laughing and offering no assistance. John and Jay, thanks a million for the beautiful balloon arrangement. But Jay, "you a girl". Chris Terro, love the family portrait. Remember, you owe me two. Jeremy, we must do something about your friends. Topez Dupree, next time we'll get a photo, so get ready. You see I spelled it correctly. Charles, good luck in your new home. Shelton, I have a picture for you to add to your file. Lauren, you are the mama.

Bitter Bitchin': I doubt that they will read this, but to the couple trying to religiously convert customers entering the bar, if I wanted to talk religion, I would not have been stumbling into a night club. I appreciate the fact that we all have freedom of speech and expression and you can assemble where you choose. There is a time and place for everything. But since I now have the power of the pen, I must say, "God is the only one from whom I seek absolution. We are NOT to judge." Sound Familiar?

Until next time...

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