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Visit Gay Austin
Volume 16/Issue 21

by Eric A. Crabtree

Austin DJs Honored & Saluted
at City-Wide DJ Music Party

Austin has some of the best DJs around in the Live Music Capital of the World and it's time we honored them for their hard work. Coming up on Mon., Oct. 26 at 9pm, the community is invited to partake in a Salute to the Austin Tavern Guild (ATG) DJs at Dick's Deja Disco located at 113 San Jacinto Street. Ambush Magazine 2000 and Dick's sponsor the Salute to the ATG DJs. Some 22 local DJs will be on hand to party dance and swap interests. Special guest DJs from San Antonio, Jason Scott from Nocturn and the Wild Club and Chris Fisher, owner of Underground Sound and resident DJ of the Bonham Exchange will be spinning the hits for the party. Free CDs and other giveaways will be held throughout the night. To further the enjoyment, Momma's Boyz will be featured dancing and showering. Dick's will be offering special drink prices for all patrons for this party until 11pm. Additional surprises are in store.

Texas Cyclists Rode Across State
Battling AIDS Disease

Recently tears of joy and sadness came across my face as I clapped for 10 minutes solid cheering on the 710 Texas Tangueray Aids Bicycle Riders that rode past me raising money to benefit the AIDS Crises. "Never Give Up" was the motto of the Ride and the cause as they left Austin riding past the State Capital on Oct. 5th at 7am and arriving in Houston on Thurs., Oct 8. From there it was on to the finish line in Dallas on Sunday, Oct. 11th. The Texas Tangueray Aids Ride covered 575 miles across the state with each mile raising money for 40 different AIDS service organizations throughout the Lone Star State. Due to press time, it was unknown the thousands of dollars raised from this benefit.

Riders and Austinites David Smith, Executive Director of the Interface Care Alliance and partner Robert Pitman were among the cyclists competing in this benefit. Other individuals in the Ride represented all regions and diversities from the state. Individuality was seen with each bike, helmet and clothes adorned with everything from the Rainbow Flag to South Park characters to grapes and vines to pictures of lost love ones. Austinite spectator and volunteer Bart Loeser commented, "They are all heroes in this fight against AIDS." More Info on this Ride and other American Rides may be obtained at

Miss Texas Pageant 1999
Creates Titles/Controversy

[The following feature was written by Austinite Paul Parkinson who attended the Miss Texas Pageant]

The 1999 Miss Texas Pageant was held recently in Houston for the first time in 20 years at Toyz Disco. Representing Austin were Ashley Collins, Scarlett Leigh, Nacha Type, Goldie Haynes and Bianca Brooks. All these contestants competed in Creative Fashion, Evening Gown, Male Interview and Talent. All five of the Austin Delegation did a wonderful job, and Scarlett Leigh and Ashley Collins both made the top 10 finalists Friday night. Both once again competed in these categories while carrying over the scores for Male Interview, then adding On Stage Question. Both contestants did an outstanding job. Both outshone the other contestants and deserved very good scores. Scarlett Leigh won top honors for Creative Fashion, but for the first time ever was not given the Naomi Simms Creative Fashion Award.

Ashley Collins won best overall Evening Gown and was also not recognized for this honor. The unqualified judges placed both Ashley and Scarlett below the top 5. Ashley Collins and Scarlett Leigh placed 7th and 8th out of 28 contestants. Ashley presented a package that was a top five. The crowd in Houston was behind both contestants and was audibly upset at the outcome when the winners were announced. Paul Parkinson, who was awarded the Promoter of the Year Award, was quoted as saying he will now drop his Miss Texas Preliminaries because, " I do not believe in a system that does not reward hard work and obvious talent." He also was earlier in the day placed on the board of Miss Texas to find corporate sponsors for the future pageants. He withdrew from that position also. It is very unclear if the Miss Texas America Pageant will continue next year. It will be an uphill battle to prove that it still has the integrity and honesty that it once had.

United Court of Austin
Invests Titles on Locals;
Plan Dates For Benefits

Recently, the reigning Emperor and Empress of the United Court of Austin invested titles upon their loyal subjects at a ceremony held at Rainbow Cattle Company. Investiture for the 5th Reign of the Court is when reigning monarchs, Pride of the Diamond Phoenix Excalibur - The Royal Emerald Lion, Emperor V, Bob Hemby, and the Diamond Crystal Venus, Empress V, Cecilia Martay, confer titles upon their Line of Succession. The theme for the Court this year is "The Reign of Love & Courage."

Titles that were invested by the Emperor and Empress to the community at large are as follows: Crown Prince Royale - Cat Reyes, Crown Princess Royale - Dee Dee Davis, Imperial Crown Princess - Niki Hunter, Imperial Prince Royale - Lee Curtis, Imperial Princess Royale - Bebe Hughes, Imperial Princess - Topaz, Prince Royal - Randy Stubblefield, Princess Royal - Ima Hoot, and Crown Duke -Robert Evanson. Other titles invested were, Crown Duchess - Celicity Cash, Marquessa - Dee Wells, Earl - Michael Caldwell, Serene Count - Anonymous, Serene Countess - Misty Stevens, Knights to the Emperor: The Red Ribbon Knight - Leigh Bray, The Emerald Knight - Bobby Birchmier, Baron Royal - Shayne James, Baron - Jimmy Burt, Lord - Jeff Burt, Lord - Edward Ochoa, Lady - Linda Pusateri, Squire - Angel Volero and the Queen Mother is DJ Montgomery.

Local Honoree titles invested by the Court are as follows: Symbol of the Heart - Col. Bob Collins, Symbol of the Spirit - Ambush's own Eric A. Crabtree, Imperial Court Jester - Michael T., Imperial Dungeon Master - Mr. Austin Leather Mike Fowler, Imperial Daughter to the Crown - Kelly Kline, Imperial Son to the Crown - Matt Williams and Serene Siren to Emperor V - Scarlett Leigh. New Board of Directors were elected recently for the Court. They are: Board President David Pearson, Board Vice-President Dee Dee Davis, Treasurer Garry Holley, Secretary Ima Hoot, Parliamentarian Leigh Bray; also, members are Jackie O'Dare and Rudy Rohan. The next Court meeting for those interested in joining is Oct. 25 at 2pm at the CARE Program offices on 2nd Street between Comal and Chicon. Emperor V Bob Hemby appeared in Boston recently singing the National Anthem for their East Coast Conference and is appearing in Portland OR Oct. 16-18. Speaking of the Court, A Royal Command Performance Saluting the 1st Empress of Texas, Barbi Doll of Ft Worth will be held on Oct 18 at 8pm at RCC. Court Night out is at 8pm at RCC on Oct 23.Lastly, look for the Imperial Prince Royale Lee Curtis presenting "A Night with the Phantom of the Opera" on Oct 25 at RCC.

Quick Horror Tea Tales of Queers

Halloween is fast approaching and hello to the cooler weather in Austin recently. Plans are already in the works for most of the Austin Tavern Guild Clubs hosting upcoming holiday events. Up at `Bout Time, it's their Haunted House from Wed. - Sat., Oct 28-31, benefiting Project Transitions and Austin Breast Cancer Resource Center. Charlie's Austin will be hosting the Miss Gay International (Austin and Travis Co) Pageants on Oct 21 at 10:30pm and on Halloween, a costume contest at Midnight with $175 in cash prizes. At Rainbow Cattle Company they will hold a Halloween costume contest at midnight and balloon drop at 1am with cash prizes. Oilcan Harry's has their costume contest with a Studio 54 theme and cash prizes. The Forum continues their Pump Parties on Fridays with the Pump Boy Dancers at 11:30pm and early great drink specials. Sundays continue their Dick Dancer Contest of the Year at 11pm with the winner earning $250. Midtowne Spa hosts their Flashlight Party at 10pm. Rhythm House features the live band of Ted Roddy and Friends. At Splash Video Bar, it's a White Trash Halloween with Witches Brew specials. Dick's will host a triple XXX SEX Halloween Party and The Edge will feature a House of Horrors, both featuring cash costume contests on Halloween Night at 1am. Over at Chain Drive, it's the Dr. Frankenstein's Leather Workshop Party. Lastly, look for local artists Ginger Leigh and Sarah Dashew performing in and around Austin this month. Also, congrats to Mack as the new manager of Charlie's Austin. Until Halloween, keep your wits about ya, watch out for cats and take care.


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