Volume 16/Issue 21

Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
From: "Shame"
Hi, I just wanted to say "Thank You!" Getting that prestigous award made me feel great! It's already proudly displayed. Just wanted you to know, I appreciate the recognition. Thanks again! Kindest regards,

Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
From: "Martin Nei"
Dear George, We are overwhelmed! we will go get the logo, naturally. Thanks also for listing us. We have been getting lots of email from America, and from remote places like Alaska. We are hoping to become an important site in Africa, especially for neighbouring countries where they are experiencing difficulties with anti-gay legislation (Zimbabwe and Zambia, in particular). Regards,
--Martin Nel, editor@q.co.za

Subject: Gay America
Guest Book Form
Name: Garret Michael Nordstrom
City: Concord
State: CA
Country: U.S.A.
Comments about GayAmerica: THE coolest gay site i've ever seen, if you're looking for some fun This is The place!!
How Did You Find Us: by surfing the web

Subject: Gay America
Guest Book Form
Name: Purrssia "Leialoha" Parker
City: Baltimore
State: MD Country: USA
Comments about GayAmerica: Currently I am pursuing the Miss Gay USA crown and would like to acknowledge you and your efforts in making available so many resouces that may support gay communities and communities in general. Please keep up the wonderful work you do and "CELEBRATE" each day. Truly Yours,
How Did You Find Us: by surfing the web

Subject: Gay New Orleans Guest Book Form
City: mobile
State: al
Country: usa
Comments about GayNewOrleans: I love to visit New Orleans because I don't have to worry about who is watching if I want to kiss my lover. I try to visit as often as I can. Keep up the good work.
How Did You Find Us: by surfing the web

From: Brandon Wolf
Subject: President and Mrs. Clinton Respond to the Matthew Shepard Attack
THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release October 10, 1998 STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT I was deeply grieved by the act of violence perpetrated against Matthew Shepard of Wyoming. The Justice Department has assured me that local law enforcement officials are proceeding diligently to bring those responsible to justice. And I am determined that we will do everything we can and offer whatever assistance is appropriate.

Hillary and I ask that your thoughts and your prayers be with Mr. Shepard and his family, and with the people of Laramie, Wyoming. In the face of this terrible act of violence, they are joining together to demonstrate that an act of evil like this is not what our country is all about. In fact it strikes at the very heart of what it means to be an American and at the values that define us as a Nation. We must all reaffirm that we will not tolerate this.

Just this year there have been a number of recent tragedies across our country that involve hate crimes. The vicious murder of James Byrd last June in Jasper, Texas and the assault this week on Mr. Shepard are only among the most horrifying examples.

Almost one year ago I proposed that Congress enact the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Our Federal laws already punish some crimes committed against people on the basis of race or religion or national origin, but we should do more. This crucial legislation would strengthen and expand the ability of the Justice Department to prosecute hate crimes by removing needless jurisdictional requirements for existing crimes and by giving Federal prosecutors the power to prosecute hate crimes committed because of the victim's sexual orientation, gender, or disability. All Americans deserve protection from hate.

There is nothing more important to the future of this country than our standing together against intolerance, prejudice, and violent bigotry. It is not too late for Congress to take action before they adjourn and pass The Hate Crimes Prevention Act. By doing so they will help make all Americans more safe and secure.

From: Brandon Wolf
Subject: Updates On Matthew Shephard's Condition Available On-Line
Periodic updates on Matthew Shephard's condition can be found at http://www.pvhs.org/new/index.html. Matthew has massive brain stem injury, and is in a surgical-neuro intensive care unit. An e-mail address has also been established so that electronic get-well cards and messages can be sent to Matthew. The address is "mshepard@libra.pvh.org."

A fund has been set up to help defray his medical costs. The address is: Fund for the Benefit of Matthew Shepard; c/o First National Bank; P.O. Box 578; Fort Collins, CO 80522; Account No. 1926083

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) lists the basic rights and freedoms which every person in the world is entitled to. The UDHR turns 50 in 1998. Amnesty International, an Organisation which works for basic freedoms around the world, invites you to celebrate this milestone.

Amnesty International is collecting the signatures of 10 million people who support the rights in the UDHR.

One million people will carry those signatures through the streets of Paris and present them to the United Nations on Human Rights Day, 10 December 1998.

This is your chance to make your voice heard by world leaders. Here's what you can do to help: 1. Send a new message to:udhr50th@amnesty.org.au with your name in the SUBJECT and the following text in the body of the message: "I support the rights and freedoms in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all people, everywhere." 2. Please forward this message to your friends and "family".

For more information about Amnesty International or the UDHR, email us at udhr50th@amnesty.org.au or visit our website at http://www.amnesty.org.au

From: Psalmwrite@aol.com
Subject: RE: mark calendar
You are Invited Friday, Oct. 30, 7pm BARNES & NOBLES, METAIRIE on VETERANS BOOK SIGNING FOR REMI CUVIERS THE SUPERDOME MURDERS You're asking yourselves, what's Toni up to this time? Remi is a Lesbian writer living in Ill. She lived in New Orleans in the 1980s and loves it and writes about it. This is her first release and I am hoping the Gay Community here will support her. If she does well with this first signing, B & N will extend her signing tour and coverage. When she becomes rich and famous and moves back to New Orleans and we can all say, I knew her when or I was there when she first started or whatever you want to say. See you there!

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