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Volume 16/Issue 21

Flickin' with Brad men

Uncle Jack

The sale of his grandparent's house forces sweet and innocent Tim (Cody Matthews) to move in with his dead father's handsome and studly brother Uncle Jack (Chris Steele). All Tim knows about his uncle is that he owns and operates a movie sound stage, where he is immediately put to work.

As the two are working on the sound stage, Matt (Peter Wilder) enters. Unaware of Tim's presence, Matt makes it apparent what he wants, as Jack uncomfortably introduces his nephew Tim and then sends him off to the beach.

As Matt and Jack get down to business, Tim returns. Visibly shaken, Tim quietly leaves, so as not to interrupt his uncle's pleasure.

The following day at work, Jack has business to attend to at the office. Tim heads to the stage only to discover the gaffer, key grip and best boy are about to engage in a menage-a-trois of epic proportions. As Drew Peters, Griff Thorson and Zachary get it on, it doesn't take Tim long to feel the growing tension in his loins. But as he continues to watch, he decides he's not quite ready to get off-not just yet, anyway.

Back at Jack's apartment, Tim expresses the differences he's noticed between his home town and Southern California. "There are a lot more queers down here..." he says, "even though they don't look it."

The next day Tim spies yet another sexual episode between the production designer (Rick Chase) and set decorator Geoff (Kevin Cobain). Moments later in the sound stage men's room, Pete (Michael Crawford) is taking a piss while Chuck (Brett Ford) is washing his hands, as they discuss the fact that Tim has been watching them. They decide to give him a show. It's not long before these hot studs have almost forgotten about their voyeur and become totally engrossed in each other's sexual pleasure. Each one finishes off just in time to see Tim reach his self-inflicted orgasm from above. Little does Tim know, Uncle Jack has been watching his nephew's antics from down below.

Later that day, Jack and Tim discuss what just happened, which leads to...let's just say, you'll get off on the climactic outcome of John Travis' Uncle Jack, the latest from Studio 2000.

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