hot tails of red stick
Volume 16/Issue 21

by Brad Benedict

Evolution Plays Host to Apollo

Those studly men of Baton Rouge Apollo outdid themselves with their recent show at Evolution. In fact, it was a night when the queenly side of their personalities overtook those manly virtues for the 1998 version of Apollo's turnabout.

I had help again from my little brother (or maybe I should say little sister) because I was in the wonderful city of San Francisco on vacation. Sweet Ken was all decked out as Cyndi Lauper, or at least that's what she said. I thought she was trying to do Becky Allen. Whichever it was, it was absolutely spectacular, although it did take a little extra effort to get all that makeup off after the show. Oh, the price we pay for glamour.

Another of my favorites was the newly-announced queen-elect for 1999, sweet and wonderful Joel, who just outdid himself with several numbers, but he was especially good doing k.d. Lang. This young thing is one of the most talented members of Apollo, and this is probably correct if I say in the history of the krewe membership rosters. This is the king-elect's better half, if I do say so myself. Sorry, Nathan darling, but this little postal matron from Beaumont is one of my favorite people in the whole world. So there!

Another favorite of mine is that very talented older gentleman from Port Arthur, Texas, named John, who brought the house down with that "Bigger is Better When Pigs Fly" routine. This precious darling is also the newly-announced co-captain of Bal Masque XVIX, along with the captain Pat, who was King Apollo XIV. Talk about a combination. This should be a great ball! But then all the Apollo guys in every location have great balls.

The entire evening was proof that when Apollo puts on a show, it's always a good one. After all, it's what a few good men can do for their subjects. Cheers to a fabulous night of entertainment, and thanks to George and his great bar Evolution for allowing the event to take place in such a magnificent setting.

Bogart's Stages Grand Opening

It was also a grand and festive time at Bogart's as Michael and Paul presented a feast to happy patrons. It all took place in their newly redecorated facility on Third Street. The atmosphere is really great, and customers who left here for other bars are now coming home to roost.

Grand Opening Night was a blast as everyone enjoyed the LSU/Georgia game and dined on the massive amount of food these guys placed out for everyone. I ran into so many people I hadn't seen for a long time. The return of so many old-timers was a treat and so much like the old days.

Bogart's has a lot to offer, and under the guidance of Paul and Michael and their staff, everything seems to be coming up roses. That's great! It couldn't happen to a nicer couple.

George's Offers Hot Times

A hot couple can also be found at George's. It's none other than precious Richard and his sweet little Guy, who flipped over the bookman's new friend. I didn't think it was a closely guarded secret, but Rob is definitely a first-class hunk of manhood and Guy went into heat immediately after meeting him. This new match made all the bars that night and seemed to really be enjoying the sites and activities.

Several new bartenders are also being seen at George's. My ex-neighbor in Spanish Town, Bert, started last week, and I also got to really check out Luther. We had a nice little chit-chat during happy hour one day last week. Both of these guys have great personalities. Add to this the talents of Keith, Allen, and Don, and you have a great combination of guys to serve you. That's a Richard trademark of good management.

On another night, big Hollywood star Matt Bradshaw came home to George's. This is where he came out years ago, and now his name is in lights all over the place. He really is one of the nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I don't know him that well, but he has always come across as a very sincere and wonderful human being. I'm very pleased with his success and hope to see him again when he comes back into Red Stick.

And on a lesser note, I'd like to say that the number one ass-wipe in the city tried to break into George's again last week. This is truly a piece of scum, and it's costing Richard a bundle in repair bills. Buzz out, butt-breath! Leave the Dyke-man alone!

Wild Night at The Parrot

Sometimes you think it's a full moon, and then you realize it's just not the case. That was the scenario when I stopped in last week at Don and Tom's fabulous place of business, The Parrot. It was packed, and people were spilling out into the patio. With the cooler weather, this is going to be a good place to sip a few and chat with friends.

Advocate Men model and outstanding hunk George is the new bartender here. He's serving up great drinks and keeping everyone happy with his smile and tight britches. Goodness! I can't believe I said that! But what the hell! If you've got it, then flaunt it. And believe me, this man has what it takes to flaunt in style.

The antique specialist Eric was in for a while, and it was nice seeing him again. This is another one who has nothing to hide, or at least he didn't during Mardi Gras. He was captured in all his glory by that Hollywood photographer Jim, from FratHouse Boys. It was a wonderful piece of cinematic history for everyone to admire and cherish.

Blessing of the Animals

The Joie de Vivre Metropolitan Community Church held a special worship celebration on Sunday, October 4, 1998. It was a celebration for the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and postponed from the previous weekend because of the impending storm threat. Pets were brought in for this special service and featured pet participation, a children's message on being stewards of God's creation through pet care, holy communion with pets accompanying their owners, the blessing of the pets, nature art exhibit, and a mini-festival offering pet care and animal protection.

The Reverend Dr. Don Clarke emphasized the responsibility of persons of faith in being stewards of the earth and all God's creatures. Clarke reiterated that the creation story and the story of Noah are good examples of Biblical material, which calls each of us to cherish God's creatures.

Joie de Vivre Metropolitan Community Church is known throughout the community as being an "including congregation." The church opens its doors to all people regardless of race, gender, economic status, or sexual orientation. The church offers the message that all of us are created by God and should share in the grace and glory of our Creator.

Eighty-seven people and their pets participated in this special program.


Hibiscus is gearing up for the holiday season, and the bookman's Kyle is marking a lot of stock down as much as 50%. The sale items will cover the entire stock of books, cards, magazines, movies, and jewelry. Be sure to check this out. And if you have anything special you would like to order prior to Christmas, just let him know what you need.

The other Kyle and his James are also making big plans for the season, which is only a few weeks away in case you haven't checked. Besides their regular specials, they are planning a big feast weekend for the 17th. They will be open at 11am, and the food, drink, and good times will be in abundance. Be sure to check out their ad in this issue of Ambush for full details of all their special events, or better still, go by and check out their announcement board.

These guys also offer fine antiques at their place on Government St. They work day and night, and you need to go out and help them out by purchasing gifts at their antique place or just relaxing with a drink at the Time Zone on Main Street. I'll tell you more about their antique business in my next column.

Another place of business that you need to check out is Eagle Copy Service on Main Street. This is located right before the railroad tracks and Dillard's Department Store. Jackie and B.J. can take care of all your printing needs, and again, this is a happy place and happy money needs to be spent here. I have always tried to encourage everyone to support Gay and Lesbian businesses, and this is one of the best. Of course, you don't find them any better than Jackie or B.J. What irks me is to learn how a certain straight bitch just took off with a lot of their business clients. That's a shame, but sometimes things happen for the better. The quality of the work at Eagle Copy Service is the best, so why would you want to settle for anything less? Good luck, my friends. Thank goodness you two stand tall when compared to THAT piece of merde.

Thurs. nights at the Hide-A-Way are not only times for great pool shooting, but it's a time to request your favorite songs from Marie or Suzanne (who is not to be confused with the other Suzanne mentioned frequently in this format and noted for being extremely handsome). When I went out there last week, Jonathan was all snugly with his other half Matt, and Matt also was helping Bubba do security checks around the place. And you just know not to mess with either one of these happy people. At any rate, there are a lot of great shows set for the Hide-A-Way. Be sure to check them out.

I know it was full moon time at George's this week, but it started a week early for a couple of greenhouse workers. These two characters went out to their favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rio Grande, but instead of heading home, they hit every happy bar in the city. I can't even begin to tell you some of the things they got themselves into or out of, whichever the case might be. All I know is that TTT was pissed when he found out that Matt Bradshaw was out that same night, and no one called him to allow him to socialize with one of his favorite celebrities. But then the two greenhouse workers were in no way capable of inviting anyone else to join them. One of those two characters was so out of it, he had to allow his cohort to drive that Cadillac home. Oh, well! I have to stop. It was SOOOO shocking just listening to all their escapades. If only I'd been there with my camera, I could have made them famous all over the world via Ambush's magnificent World Wide Web connections. Maybe next time.

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