allons acadiana
Volume 16/Issue 22

by James Scott

Fall is definitely in the air! The on- going slate of events, gaiety in the air and the obvious friskiness of partygoers are all evidence of the change of season. What a wonderful time of year! If you have not done so, you must make plans to attend the Friday evening Down Town Alive. This function is always an ideal custom to kick-off the weekend. After enjoying the music venue of the night, consumption of alcohol and gathering of people whose only interest is to have a great time and put an end to a long work week, you are within a short walking distance to a non-stop night life. Only blocks from each other are The Sound Factory and Jules. These two clubs always have nightly specials and a choice of entertainment offering something for everyone.

The Sound Factory, regardless of what night of the week you choose to venture out, promises to be an interesting evening. Club owner, John Gilland, has not only provided us with an amazing club for the past year, but has great plans in the future to keep us entertained and coming back for more!! Whether it is the greatly appreciated selection of extraordinary music or the very enticing company of Mark, Mike, Shawn and Josh, that brings you here you will not want to leave once the party gets underway. If I didn't know that these guys all had great personalities, brains and were wonderful at their jobs, I would have thought that great looks was the primary qualification to working here. These are a bunch of fun and yes, very sexy guys. I still have not found out the important information concerning Josh, the latest addition to the bunch. What a pleasing eye full! Make your plans to attend the Halloween/ One-year Anniversary party at The Sound Factory this Saturday, October 31st. Congratulations to John Gilland and his entire staff on this much deserved celebration. It promises to be a memorable night. This crew knows how to throw one hell of a party!

Ron and Randy also definitely have what it takes to keep a wonderful bar thriving. The patrons of Jules Tavern have nothing to complain about. Here also, the bartenders are an unbelievable accessory to an already superb atmosphere. A word of advice to all of you: DO NOT miss the Saturday night male dancers. These hunks are beautiful, enticing and most definitely "hard" bodies. Jules has been labeled, "where the men hang" and boy is that a loaded statement. There have been several times I had stepped out onto the patio area solely to regain composure. This is always a perfect spot to simply sit and visit with friends.

During conversation with the owners of Jules, I have also learned of plans for upcoming events and other exciting changes that they have in store for the near future. Watch for details soon and check out their daily specials and new hours of business in this week's issue of Ambush.

Always a pleasure, are my girls at MoJo Monkey's. As a lover of a great mix of music, these girls always come through. This is a great place to bring a date and enjoy the belly-rubbing music well worked into the dance mix. Stevie and Dawn deserve lots of credit for providing the Acadiana area with such a wonderful place to go.

Special Mentions Where's Jack? John and Jay, I hope you are both feeling better and let's get together soon! Charles, you leave my bartender alone. Shelton, glad to see you happy and healing quickly. Celeste and Debby, hope you both enjoyed your evening out.

Bitter Bitchin' The person shall for now remain nameless (This is as a courtesy to you. You know who you are). I personally have no problem with you as an individual. But I must say, "Get a life!" As far as how you are treated, let's pretend I care. If this is not clear enough, let me know and we can definitely address the issue. Now I feel better. Until next time...

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