Volume 16/Issue 22

From: RGNL1@badpuppy.com
Subject: Gay New Orleans Guest Book Form
Name: Ron
City: Newport
State: RI
Country: USA
Comments about GayNewOrleans: I have been to NO twice and will be there again for Halloween. I have always had a great time, the accomadations have been great, food wonderfull & people very friendly. The gay bars are great.
How Did You Find Us: by surfing the web

From: cesar
Subject: register of partnerships
The Triangle Foundation, Castilla-La Mancha branch, states its concern for, in spite of the many pronouncements from members of the regional government in favour of opening a Domestic Partnerships Register (hereinafter DPR), such Register has never been open yet. After approaching some officials of the regional governement, we know that opening such Register will eventually be discussed in a council of Ministers. Nevertheless, we can not be sure of the eventual decision made.

The aim of this letter is inviting you to join an e-mailing campaign (see adresses below) requesting such DPR to be actually opened, and that irrespective of the sex of the components of the partnership sending messages : 1) supporting the opening of such DPR in the Castilla-La Mancha Region 2) stating that such initiative is in favour of equality principles.

Please, send your messages URGENTLY (the decision may be made in short time) to the following adresses:

Excmo. Sr. Jose Bono Martinez. President of the Castilla La Mancha Government: bono@jccm.es

Excmo. Sr. Antonio Pina Martínez. Regional Minister for the Public Administration: gabinete.aapp@jccm.es. Other Regional Ministries: gabinete.sanidad@jccm.es (health); gabinete.bsocial@jccm.es; (social welfare); gabinete.vicepresidencia@jccm.es (deputy prime minister).

Please send a copy to: triangulo-clm@mx3.redestb.es

Sending this very messages to the above mentioned adresses may be deemed as you supporting our campaign. Otherwise, feel free to write your own letter. Yours faithfully, -Triangle Foundation for Social Equality of Gays & Lesbians. Castilla - La Mancha branch direccion postal /postal address: Apartado de Correos (= p. o. box) 904 02080 - Albacete; e-mail: mailto:triangulo-clm@mx3.redestb.es; pagina web / homepage URL: http://www.redestb.es/triangulo

From: Roscoe C Wells
Subject: National March on Congress
Dear Sirs;
A National March on Congress is being planned for Wednesday, January 6th, 1999 in support of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act which was recently killed by Senators Lott and Gingrich. Please consider attending or even endorsing this event. Also, PLEASE pass this information on to as many groups as possible. Watch for the national announcement on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw on Monday!

Contact information: National Coordinator - Jennifer DeWalt Jennfrmpen@aol.com Southeast Regional Coordinator - Ronald Wells roscow@idt.net. Sincerely,
--Ronald Wells

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