Volume 16/Issue 22

Dear Editor,
It is with profound regret and pain that we bury Matthew Shepherd, the latest victim of brutal homophobia. As the media draws attention to inequality, institutionalized forms of bigotry and intolerance, let the gay and lesbian community put out a message to those windbags of disinformation and pseudoscience: Senators Trent Lott and Jesse Helms, Congressman Riggs, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition, and Janet Folger of the Center for Reclaiming America. As you stand irresponsibly and unaccountably from your pulpits denouncing gays and lesbians for one illogical reason or another, plaster newspapers with incredible stories of former gays and lesbians or compare us to pedophiles or kleptomaniacs, you empower others to physically commit violence against members of our communities. Recalling how some African Americans took on the Ku Klux Klan and won, your rhetoric implicates you as accessories of the worst hate crimes of this decade. The blood of Matthew Shepherd in on your hands.
--Damiano Iocovozzi

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