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Volume 16/Issue 22

by Amy Malaspina
Pensacola, Florida

Who said Pensacola isn't a frightfully groovin' little city? Forget what you've heard, by all accounts, this Halloween weekend Pensacola will be raisin' the dead and dancin' with the damned. Just for you my sweets, I have obtained a list of who's trickin' and who's treating at our favorite local haunts. So now, join us for an unforgettable journey of what's hot, what's happening and what's going down this Halloween.

Our first stop is The Round Up located at 706 E. Gregory St. A neat little hole in the wall with much history and many regular patrons. Of course the Round Up is home of the illustrious Chuck, one of my favorite bartenders, so it's worth the ride. The Round Up will host a costume contest on Saturday night at 10pm with prizes awarded. Upcoming events include their yearly Thanksgiving-all-you-can-eat-FREE-buffet, so mark your calendars. For more information call 850.433.8482.

The Red Garter, One West Main St., downtown will kick off their festivities on Saturday night. The Garter will run drink specials all night and the fabulous "Garter Girls" will perform shows throughout the evening. The lineup includes Penny Holiday, Ebony Sinclair, Savannah Storm and Blair Daniels. There will be a costume contest, so don't be afraid to show your stuff. 850.433.9292.

On to The Riviera, watch out, here come the big guns. Stop on by 120 Main St. and your Halloween fantasies will come true. This is a three day fest, darlin's, and it starts on Friday. Friday night the beautiful Go-Go-Boys will be shaking it up all night long, along with you drinkin' and drownin' from 9-midnight. Saturday, the boys will still be shaking it and singing diva Abigail will be serenading all, while you are still drinkin' and drownin' from 9-Midnight. There will also be a costume contest on Saturday night with prizes galore. If you miss out, you can still redeem yourselves on Sunday and watch those beautiful boys shake it once more. 850.432.1234.

Make way for the big dawg--the sister of Oz reborn--Emerald City, 406 E. Wright Street. Get ready for a four day fun fest of frolicking good times. We start off on Thursday night with Oz DJ Tim Pfleuger (you know Tim!) Come dressed to impress for what's being billed as the Dangerous Dead Disco Dance of the Dammed. Come also ready to be refreshed. There will be beat the clock drink specials all night long. Friday your fantasies come true at Erotic Nightmares. Drink specials from 9pm-11pm. There will also be "Treats" for all you "Tricks." All Hallows Eve you will find yourself between heaven and hell, sweeties, you're in Purgatory. "Experience the Fury of the Dance." Get ready to party with drink specials and the best costume contest in town with categories including; Best Single, Best Drag and Best Group costumes. With over $800 in prizes honey, don that gay apparel and step on out. Beg for your forgiveness on Salvation Sunday, but not too much. Seven bucks will get you a ticket to drink and drown and let the "Jewels of the Emerald Coast" tickle your fancy from 11pm-12:30pm. 850.433.3491.

P'cola just might be a force to be reckoned with this Halloween. So bust out those costumes, leave the candy on the doorstep for the kiddies and come party with us.

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