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cruisin' the web
Volume 16/Issue 2

January's Rainbow Awards

It has been one year since Ambush acquired the Rainbow Award from its creator. During the past year we have received 960 submissions from which we have given the award 116 times. All winners are displayed at At the end of each month, the past winners are displayed at In addition, the winners are also displayed under their appropriate headings (Lesbian, Adult, Travel, Leather, Teens, etc.) at

The Rainbow Award is exclusively bestowed upon those gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders who have made a contribution to the GLBT Web community through excellence in content, design, creativity, presentation or overall concept of their personal web pages.

January's sixteen winners (out of 76 submissions) met all the above criteria and then some.

Of six awards granted in the Adult category, only two are commercial (i.e. require a monthly payment for complete access), but both, Ashley's Free Gay XXX & Hitmen offer a wealth of erotica-one stop shopping-with Hitmen deftly designed illustrating just how beautiful black and white can be. AZnudeBoy is an extensive collection of amateur photos. Rather than promoting commercialism, this site allows persons to express their sexuality and fulfill their needs, while Nude Celebrities Male , from France, is an exhaustive collection of nude and semi-nude male celebrities, from JFK, Jr., to Gerard Depardieu. Another free and amateur picture site is Gay China , which features photos of Asian men and personal letters from all over the world of men seeking Asians. Dave Pinner's Hairy Pecs & Wrestling Page not only offers its author a forum for airing his life story, but also gives him a chance to post photos of wrestlers in sweaty action.

Laura A. Tisoncik's Grrltalk is a beautifully designed page offering every conceivable form of chat expressly for Lesbians.

Fountain Magazine, out of South Florida, is an extensive on-line and print monthly created by two women, Ana M. Fuentes and Jennifer Pacola. Focusing squarely on the gay community, it is very professional and dispassionate in a non-gender specific way. Another media submission and award winner is National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association , a media watchdog for gay concerns.

The Resources directory at grew by three with the addition of these winners: BecomingNicotineFree Queerly --an elegant attempt to cut the number of Gay and Lesbian smokers (estimated to be twice the rate of the general population); Death & Dying , while aimed at both the Straight and Gay population, offers many links and a real expert, "Ask Gaye", a sensitive, knowledgable Lesbian therapist; and, International Association of Lesbian & Gay
Children of Holocaust Survivors
asks, and answers, the question: what is happening to the Lesbian and Gay Jewish community in Germany today.

Troy's Homepage, created by a 19 year old who tags himself "satansson," is cleanly designed and most entertaining containing a tersely written diary of his evolution into gaydom. His jokes page contains Auto Acronyms: BMW: Big Money Works, Break My Window, etc. There is also a Rantings page, an adult free gallery and a celebrity gallery with pics of such luminaries as Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

P.J. Harrison's A Gay FTM Home is just that: a font of information for the Transgenders or sexually ambivalent. This site stresses that gender id has nothing to do with sexual preference through P.J.'s own story told in succinct pieces, while links go from medical and psychiatric information to how to make a binder.

Gay Vancouver Online , another gorgeously designed website, has all the dope on Vancouver B.C., an unlikely gay destination that nonetheless supports eight gay bars, 14 gay or gay friendly hotels or BB's. Set on English Bay on the west coast of Canada, the photos of ships in the bay and a glorious Canadian sunset will make you want to visit.

Last, but not least is LYLA'Z Peculiar Values & Special Rights , which is placed in the ever-growing Infotainment directory at Although clogged with all sorts of nonesense, and seemingly impossible to navigate, scroll to the bottom for the simple pop-up menu and be astounded at the work that has been put into this cornucopia of a site, created by a side-splittingly funny dragqueen named Lyla Davenport. There are 19 pages, with many having sub-heads, this site will keep you entertained for days. Check out LYLA'Z Shrine to Religious Bigotry, LYLA'Z Electric Kool-Aid Urine Test and especially The Day Lyla Ate My Balls-a definitive explanation of Lyla's transformation from male to drag queen-delicious!

cyberQUEENS - Boy Pics on the NET

One of the most popular things on the Net to do is find pictures. Particularly pictures of nude beautiful boys & girls. Here's some hints for those of you who wish to search out these wonderful collectibles.

There are 4 areas to search on the Net for boy pics. First, there are personal & business homepages you can search out through one of the search engines such as Yahoo & Alta Vista. The second way to get to some of the best is to access an adult verification service (AVS) such as Mancheckr or Adultcheckr. Alot of the sites that have nudity are locked behind AVS protection so little eyes can't get to them. You purchase an AVS-ID and you are set to go through all those sites protected by that one particular AVS. The two services I mentioned have the largest directories of what you are looking for. Go to, then go to the XXX-Rated Side Of Carnival. Keep clicking till you get to the Master AVS page and pick one of the AVS services I mentioned. Purchase your AVS-ID and start looking through that AVS linked sites.

The third way to find these fabulous pics is in the newsgroups. Your Internet Explorer & Netscape browsers come with news browsers as well. Set your news browser for a good news server such as then "subscribe" to the groups you want. For example: or Go for it! Tons of pics added daily!

Last but not least are chat rooms. Depending on the chat setup you can request for others to shoot you pics to get you started.

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