Volume 20/Issue 3/2002

Teryl-Lynn Foxx & Timm Holt
will lead 3rd Parade
as Easter Grand Marshals III

The 3rd annual Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade will be led by Easter Grand Marshals [EGMs] III Teryl-Lynn Foxx and Timm Holt. The parade is set for 4:30pm on Easter Sun., March 31, and will benefit the erection of the New Orleans AIDS Monument at Esplanade Ave. and the River. The AIDS Monument has been bought and is paid for, but roughly $40,000 is still needed for erection expenses.

Foxx and Holt were chosen as EGMs for their past participation in the Easter Parade and their outstanding community commitment and support

. The theme is "Celebrating the lives of those who have preceded us."

Easter Parade Founder Lance Ford and Producer Carl Ford stated, "In keeping with the holiday, we ask that attire appropriate for Easter be worn, i.e. Tuxedos, Summer Suits or Easter dresses with Easter bonnets. Cross dressing is allowed. Nudity or partial nudity is not allowed. Please do not throw sexually explicit beads or throws of that nature."

Parade lineup is set for N. Rampart St. along the front of Armstrong Park at 3:30pm. The parade departs promptly at 4:30pm.

This year's route is: N. Rampart to Toulouse, left on Toulouse to Decatur, left on Decatur to Dumaine, left on Dumaine to Royal, left on Royal to St. Louis, right on St. Louis to Burgundy, right on Burgundy to St. Ann, right on St. Ann to Dauphine, right on Dauphine to St. Peter, left on St. Peter to Bourbon, left on Bourbon to Dumaine. At Bourbon and Dumaine the parade will split up, alternating, one unit turning onto Dumaine and disembarking the next proceeding down Bourbon a short way and disembarking. With this more compact route, the parade is solving the problem of being a long distance from participants' vehicles at the end of the parade.

The Grand Marshals' Reception is set for Sat., Mar. 30; Pre-Parade Party for Sun., Mar. 31; and Post Parade Party for Sun., Mar. 31. (Locations and times were not available at press time.) Check future editions of Ambush for more info.

Because last year's parade was such a success, all the City's available carriage inventory was used. Therefore, this year you may use a carriage, car, truck or float. If you wish to ride in a carriage, it is suggested that you arrange for one AT ONCE. They are available from: Mid-City Carriages (Kim) 504.581.4415. Floats can be obtained from Massett & Company (Mr. Masset) 504.949.4955.


According to Carl Ford, "Needless to say, an event of this type is not without cost. For the past two years, my son Lance V. Ford and I have underwritten these expenses. Ambush has been a great help and has offered more support this year. We, and the entire New Orleans Gay Community would greatly appreciate any help you can offer to this worthy undertaking.

"In order to facilitate your deciding how much support you can offer, we have set up the following levels of support: Platinum, $1,000; Gold, $500; Silver, $250; and Bronze, $100. "All Sponsors will be listed in Ambush and on fliers distributed to all businesses that will accept them.

"If none of these levels are in your budget, any support will be gratefully accepted. If you have a band and can donate your time or if you are a florist and can donate flowers, this will reduce our expenses and we will have more money to donate to the AIDS Memorial.

"Most, if not all, of us have lost someone or know of someone who has left us at a much too early age. This memorial will be a lasting tribute to their memory."

Make checks payable to, and mail to: Carl J. Ford/ONOGEP III, P.O. Box 50535, New Orleans, LA 70150-0535.

For more information and to request entry forms call CARL J. FORD, Producer, at: 504.523.4700. Or visit GayEasterParade.com.

KCQ Coronation Fetes Lisa Beaumann

The 9th annual King Cake Queen Coronation formally introduced this year's Krewe of Queenateenas royalty, KCQ IX Lisa Beaumann to society. She will reign as the Freedom Queen over this year's theme of "Men, Mannequins & Marines." Legendary on the entertainment circuit throughout the United States, Beaumann was stunning in a black and silver gown, sporting the huge 15 inch KCQ crown with loads of big hair styled by Arthur's House of Glamour. Beaumann will lead the 15th annual Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss from the balcony at Ambush headquarters, 828 Bourbon St., Mardi Gras, Feb. 12, 1pm.

lisabeaumann Former queens joining the festivities included KCQ II Jay Loomis, KCQ III Smurf Murphy, KCQ IV Arthur Severio, KCQ V Liz Simms and KCQ VIII Phyllis Denmark. When the police officer scheduled to work the door failed to show, KCQ II Jay Loomis and KCQ IV Arthur Severio volunteered to fill in. It made for a fun entrance when party guests were told as has been KCQs, you get thrown to the curb for less queenly duties.

Beaumann and the co-captains of the Krewe of Queenateenas greeted over 435 guests for the evening's festivities.

The crowd feasted on the Naquin-Delain's Louisiana Wildlife Feast which they personally prepared. Rip's sister Cindy's husband Joe hunted and supplied the wild game from the Morgan City area. In Ambush offices, guests were offered wild duck & venison gumbo, smoked oyster loaf, artichoke & crawfish pate and wasabi caviar pie. Both beer and wine were served on this level.

As guests ascended the winding staircase, a full bar was available on the second floor landing. Then moving through the home, guests could lounge in the formal parlor, then it was on to the formal dining room. Here guests were treated to wild boar & eggplant boudin [without the casing], Cajun barbequed alligator sausage, hog's head cheese, assorted cheeses, mirliton & crabmeat pate and N'awlins King Cake. Also available were spinach-cream cheese, roast beef-cream cheese and andouille-cream cheese wraps courtesy of Bywater Bar.B.Que/Lorenzo's. Then guests could go on out to the famous Bourbon St. balcony, the site of the Queenateenas annual bead toss, or travel on up to the third floor boudoir where the kids were, ferrets - Cinnamon and Chris, and the hamster - baby Hammy.


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