allons acadiana/lafayette
Volume 22/Issue 3/2004



by Patrick Clinton

Carnival Season is really under way and everybody in Acadiana is out in full force. And believe me when I tell you, Lafayette really knows how to celebrate Mardi Gras. The Apollo Ball was held last Thursday, and it was a spectacular event. Not only was the show dazzling, seeing everybody dressed up in their finest ensembles was a real treat. Thereís nothing like seeing a great looking guy all dressed up in a tuxedo. But if you missed the event, you still have another great opportunity to see all your friends dressed to impress.

This Sat., Feb. 7, the Royal Order of Unicorn is holding their annual ball, and if itís anything like last year, it should be a spectacular night. But donít forget about all your local hangouts after all those parties and balls because, as always, they have something fabulous planned for your entertainment.

The Sound Factory is all decked out for the Mardi Gras season. It is wall to wall decorations. And whenever you take a break from all the special events, donít forget Sound Factoryís unforgettable weekly lineup. Every Monday night Sound Factory has Happy Hour all night long. Now thatís a deal that wonít hurt your pocketbook. Tuesdays, you can enjoy karaoke by Classic Melodies. Every Wednesday night is Hot Bodies in Action. You can come by and watch some of the best built guys take it off for your viewing pleasure, and thereís no cover charge. Thursday night is the night you can really have a blast without busting your budget. Sound Factory has Drink n Drown. That means you can pay five dollars and enjoy your favorite well drinks for no extra charge. And if you donít want to drink, you donít have to pay. Now thatís a deal worth celebrating.

On Fridays, you can enjoy Big Girl cocktails for only $3.75 while dancing the night away to some of the best music Lafayette has to offer. Every Saturday night is Get a Long One for Less. That means you can enjoy all your favorite domestic long neck beers for only a $1.75. Sundays are the pinnacle of the week at Sound Factory. They open at twelve noon and the party continues until twelve midnight. They have a potluck lunch to begin, and end with Talent Night. What a way to wrap up the week. And all of this on top of the Mardi Gras celebrations. What a place to party.

And donít forget about Sound Factoryís Back Side. Whenever you get tired of all the dance music, you can take a break in a more relaxed atmosphere. The Back Side is the perfect compliment to Sound Factoryís never ending party. You can relax on the leather couches or at the mahogany bar, or you can enjoy a friendly game of pool or darts. Together, the two sides offer anything you could be looking for in a bar. What more could you ask for?

Chance and his crew at Jules Downtown have really been going all out this Carnival Season. Itís been non stop celebrations since the very beginning. On Fri., Jan. 23, Jules gave away two tickets to the Apollo Ball. Iím sure some lucky couple was thrilled to win. On Wed., Jan. 28, Jules hosted a Pre-Apollo Party to help everybody who worked so hard decorating take a little break before the big night. On Thurs., Jan. 29, Jules not only hosted a Post-Apollo Party, but offered a free limousine shuttle running from the Cajun Dome to the bar. Now thatís class.

But donít worry, Chance and his crew didnít forget about R.O.U. On Fri., Jan. 30, Jules Downtown gave away a pair of tickets to the R.O.U. Ball. Now talk about fair. And on Sat., Feb. 7, after the ball, Jules is running a limousine shuttle to and from Jules. With all of this preparation for Carnival, youíd think Jules would have cut corners in other areas. But it hasnít!

Jules Downtown still offers the fabulous weekly lineup that youíve grown to love five nights a week. Every Tuesday is Movie and Martini Night. You can enjoy two dollar martinis all night long while watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy followed by one of your favorite movies. Good friends, good drink specials, and good entertainment. What could be better? Every Wednesday is Stripper Night. You can watch some of the hottest guys around taking it off for your viewing pleasure. And thereís no cover charge. Thursday nights are All Request Night. You can listen to whatever music you want; all you need do is ask. And to make it even better, you can enjoy $1.50 well drinks and domestic beers all night long. Now thatís a deal.

And donít forget about weekends at Jules Downtown. Every Friday and Saturday you can enjoy the Dance Party with DJ Scott Lannie. So win youíre looking for a place to party this Mardi Gras season, stop by Jules Downtown. Youíll be glad you did. Carnival Season is a time of drinking and partying and most of all celebration. So make sure you drink responsibly. If you have one too many, take a cab, or even better, take advantage of Julesí generous limousine shuttle service. Remember, no party is worth you or one of your friends dying for.

Until next time, have fun and be safe. Iíll see you around Acadiana.

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