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Volume 16/Issue 3


Reigning KCQ Reba Douglas
Leads 14 Stop Bar Run

Last year's "chosen one," King Cake Queen IV, Reba Douglas, led some 24 guests on the 2nd Annual KCQ [King Cake Queen] Bar Run in New Orleans. Although 22 bars were on the itinerary, the group was only able to make it to 14 this year. Revelers met at the Double Play, where the limo shuttle arrived at 7pm with the Co-captains of the Krewe of Queenateenas, to start the festivities. The campy Carnival group would travel throughout the French Quarter to the Faubourg Marigny and back.

The shuttle departed following a 10 minute visit at the Double Play, 439 Dauphine, with KCQ IV/Entertainer of the Year Reba Douglas, KCQ V Elect Liz Simms, KCQ III Smurf Murphy, KCQ V's other half Kitty Blackwell, Miss Do, Ambush Associate Editor/Office Manager Toni Pizanie, Stephanie Williams, Ambush photographer Lori Lassiter and Yvette Morris, Joye Terrell, Mike Erlicher and Bill Ford, Ambush Graphics Artist Randy Stevens and James Comeaux, and Scottie.

After boarding the shuttle, each reveler was given several dozen red Carnival beads to hand out, hang on some neck, or place on one of those private parts, which are notoriously shown for these trinkets.

Mother Bob's, 542 N. Rampart, was up next with bartender/Lesbian of the Year Pussy Galore. After a round of cocktails and loads of laughs, Reba rang her altar bell, signaling the departure. Danae Daniels and Fifi joined the jolly revelers on board.

The shuttle zoomed down one block to Footloose, 700 N. Rampart. Popular Bartender of the Year nominee Patrick Rodgers' skills were put to the test, with this group of cocktail guzzlers. Next up was a visit with the legend herself, Marcy Marcell, behind the bar at TT's, 820 N. Rampart. Since the club was out of wine, some revelers opted for shots. Of course one shot is never enough. Perhaps that is why the group only made 14 stops versus 22.

KCQ IV Reba led the revelers to the corner of St. Ann and Bourbon. It was the Bourbon Pub/Parade, 801 Bourbon, first, for some of the best videos in town, along with cocktails by popular bartender Kevin.

Across the street brought the group to the Land of Dance, Oz, 800 Bourbon. Some of the revelers hit the dance floor to the sounds of DJ of the Year nominee Timmy P, while the rest hit the bar for cocktails with new bartender Jason. Here Ambush Managing Editor/Sales Manager Sonny Cleveland joined the run.

The newest bar in town, RK's Rainbow, 626 St. Philip, would be next. Mr. Goddess was slingin' cocktails here. The fun owners , Rick and Kendall, boarded the shuttle for the rest of the tour.

Bartender of the Year nominee Dan was slingin' cocktails at MRB, 515 St. Philip, the next stop. The boisterous revelers were doing a little dancing and a lot of drinking, at this point.

Next up was the Mint, 504 Esplanade, with the lovely Miss Rusti doing the cocktails here. This stop gave the revelers time to visit and make plans for Carnival weekend.

The bell sounded and the shuttle whisked off the group to Charlene's, 940 Elysian Fields. Ginger Crane was behind the bar, treating revelers to some of the best service yet received this evening.

The revelers were restless and it was a quick dash across the street to the Phoenix, 941 Elysian Fields. As soon as the group hit the door, half of them dashed upstairs to the Men's Room. Bartenders Red and Eric fixed cocktails for the remainder of the group downstairs in the Phoenix. KCQ III Smurf found herself a husband and did not reboard for the remainder of the tour.

Then it was off to Boot Scootin' Boogie and some country/western dancin' at Rubyfruit Jungle, 640 Frenchmen. Bartenders Yvonne and John were running to keep up with the huge crowd here. Boot Scootin' Boogie brings in some 200+ participants every Tuesday Night here.

The Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal, would be the second to last stop on the run. Bartender Tim slung a round of cocktails for the drunken revelers.

Heading back to St. Louis St., the bar run ended at the Corner Pocket, 940 St. Louis. While some revelers were getting their cocktails from bartender Claude, others were making some of the hunks in the club show something for those red beads.

Even though this was the last official function as reigning King Cake Queen, fans of Reba Douglas will see the star throughout '98 as she enjoys the spotlight as Entertainer of the Year.

The Burbs Gear Up For Carnival Parades

If you are lucky enough to catch a doubloon from the Mardi Gras Krewe parading any day in Metairie, you could get a free well cocktail or domestic beer. That's right, both Angles, 2301 N. Causeway; and 4 Seasons, 3229 N. Causeway; will redeem a doubloon from that day's Metairie parade for one free well drink or domestic beer. Most parades run a block away from 4 Seasons on Severn.

Both clubs have scheduled various entertainment events or parties practically every day of the week during Carnival season. Don't forget to stop in before or after the parades for the best partying in Metairie. The popular clubs are conveniently located as a pit stop for revelers and travelers, heading to and from the French Quarter.

Current GAA Board Members present Belle Reve with a $2,809 check, 100% of the proceeds from the GAA Gala in November. Special thanks to all who made this presentation possible, especially corporate sponsor Budweiser. [l-r] GAA Board Member Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Belle Reve Executive Director Judith Chassaignac, Belle Reve Director of Social Services Clark McCown, GAA President Sonny Cleveland, GAA Board Member Marsha Naquin-Delain, GAA Vice President Toni Pizanie and GAA Show Director Lisa Beaumann. GAA Board Members Mickey Gil and Rip Naquin-Delain are not pictured.

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