hot tails of red stick
Volume 17/Issue 3

by Brad Benedict

After the Ball is Over

The ball season may be over for 1999 in the land of Apollo Baton Rouge, but plans are already under way for the nineteenth presentation for year 2000. Pat and John are the new captains, and their lieutenants were named last Sun. at their royalty luncheon held at the Walden Club House. New lieutenants are Patrick, Todd, Damon, Joey, Tony, Tom, Truman, and Alan.

Larry was named this year's recipient of the captain's award, which he chose to graciously share with Patrick, and he also was chosen for the Hal Phillips president's award. Larry keeps it all together and is a very gracious and loving man. A tie in voting saw Jim and Sam both being chosen for the Hall of Fame award. President Ken presided, and Dennis and Malcolm did the excellent food service and decorations.

And the Claws Came Out

A disturbing thing happened after Apollo's ball last week, and I feel it should be told and denounced publicly. Kenny, who is a former queen and one of the major supporters of this club, was verbally attacked outside the dome in what I know was a complete misunderstanding and mistaken identity. The two individuals, even after learning of their mistake, refused to apologize for their mistake and continued their asinine and totally ridiculous attack. It was one of the nastiest and most violent and abusive attacks on a personal friend and loyal krewe member that I've ever witnessed.

Without going into the nasty details, let me just say that I only know one of the two individuals, but I can say that this event completely negates any semblance of decency I can see in this one, or the other, whoever she might be. I feel that this non-member she/he should be stripped of any current title in the Krewe of Apollo and forever banished from any participation in future events. That's only a personal opinion, but no one, especially Kenny, should ever be subjected to such an insulting situation. It is an action of this type that destroys credibility and brings shame to those who try to inflict such pain on an innocent individual. As I say, I only know one of the two, but I have to say that both (wherever the second one lives) should be ashamed of their actions. They both are pitiful examples of humanity and need to stay as far across the Atchafalaya as they can possibly get.

Just for the record, let me say that our precious Kenny has got diamonds running out her glory hole. She definitely doesn't need cheap pieces of glass from a drag queen and her sidekick.


With Richard, Guy, and Kiwi invading Nevada for a brief vacation, I hear that the city will never be the same. Nothing but good things came out of this visit, and this trio just may be planning something else. After all, when you have someone like Cody King helping to hold down the fort back home, you can party away without any worries.

Richard and Guy rushed back so that they could attend the Apollo ball. Sweet Richard is a former queen and has always been a big supporter of krewe functions. Guy just supports a lot of functions, but mostly he supports Richard's efforts in keeping Baton Rouge's oldest bar in the classification of the best bar in town. It's only at George's that you can get the "personal touch" and the finest service.

These guys have lots of big plans coming up. One big one is about to invade our city, and his name is David. He's great, and I can hardly wait until he hits town.

Paul and Michael are going to have a big Valentine's Day celebration. If you want to stay in the pink of things, you need to keep abreast of happenings at Bogart's. This couple is also a big supporter of Apollo, and many of the older members have adopted this place as their favorite hangout. Several years ago, Paul was a candidate for Mr. Apollo. He was great in that contest, and he's still great. You always will be, sweetie.

Bogart's is right on the parade route for the Spanish Town Mardi Gras festivities. They are always packed for the occasion and offer great drinks for parade-goers.

Kyle and James are not only serving up the finest drinks in the city at the Time Zone but are only a block over from the parade route. They too keep a packed house on this special Saturday in the capital city. This year, it's on Feb. 13.

They are also busy building up their antique business. Martin's Antiques is located out on Government St., and they have some really nice items there. When it comes to finding some unusual things, just check them out. You may be surprised to find so much quality merchandise in one location.

As I've stated before, their Mardi Gras decorations are fabulous, a really professional job at decorating their Time Zone bar on Main St. They are looking forward to seeing you in the very near future.

Minette always has a big crowd after the Mardi Gras parade. For those of you who want to get out of the downtown section and breathe some fresh air in the suburbs, just head out to the Hide-A-Way. There will be lots of food and drink and dance to keep you happy.

Also be sure to check out Chicago Cutlery down in the Tangier Mall in Gonzales. They have a big sale going on now, and the only way you can get it is to use their special ad now appearing in Ambush. They support the Gay community. Now do your part and support them. Besides, there's this cute, cute little guy - but I won't go there. See for yourself.

When calling in your flower needs for Valentine's Day or for any other occasion, remember your advertisers here too. That would be precious Larry's Four Seasons Flowers and Gifts and Joe and Les' new place, All About Flowers.


If you want lessons in how to be rude, just attend a Mardi Gras ball where you have a lot of uncouth straights. A good example is the woman who was blowing a whistle while the coloratura soprano was singing "Der Holle Ache" from The Magic Flute. That's why I have to personally thank a fantastic leather boy named Danny, who walked over, yanked it out of her mouth, and told her to shut the f- up. Bravo! That was great, my friend!

I think it was this same white-haired witch who was stealing feathers from costumes. Then there are those people who would like to dance while the costumes are being paraded, bumping into people at neighboring tables. Only dignified and refined Gay people can put a stop to this, and they definitely shouldn't participate. You watch the balls; you dance afterwards. Or something like that!

I want to expressly thank that beautiful hunk of manhood who allowed me to remove all that "black stickum" from his magnificent body. Be still my heart!

And as an added note, let me just say this to Michael, number 1. Thanks for being my friend and creating a fabulous back piece for the ball. And for Michael, number 2, I don't particularly like lemons either, but under the circumstances, I found them to be fantastically refreshing. Wouldn't you agree?


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