in the spotlight #3
Volume 17/Issue 3

Hot Tails of the Crescent City
by Brad Benedict

It was another hot trip to old New Orleans for a trio of Baton Rougeans on Jan. 23. On this occasion, it was for the Krewe of Amon-Ra's Ball XXXIV, which I understand now holds the honor of being the oldest continuous bal masque presentation in New Orleans. Their theme this year was "Any Dream Will Do," and it was held again at the St. Bernard Civic Center. The reps for Red Stick, in addition to yours truly, were Gene N., Don C., and book baron Damon, with several others in the audience, including Jules, Todd (that bear specialist), and Kelly, whose voice graced the Baton Rouge Krewe of Apollo's Bal Masque XVIII on the previous night.

First of all, it's always great to be among such delightful people. The guests in our area were members of, or connected to in some way to, the New Orleans Dance Club. Eight of their members performed a dance routine as part of the ball presentation. But, of course, I had my sights on that gorgeous hunk from Lake Charles. Oh, well, that's another story for another time.

The pre-ball music was great and relaxing, but once the National Anthem was completed by that leather stud Jay, the president welcomed everyone, and it was time to meet the ball captains, who represented day and night. The minute they stepped on that stage, it was a predetermined fact that this was going to be a spectacular show. The silver, red and blue costumes sparkled like the night sky as the lighting show got under way. In fact, it is the lighting used in this facility that make these programs so successful. The originality comes from talented and creative members of the krewes holding their balls here. My, but that sounds so erotic.

With the introduction of the master of ceremonies, it was time to meet King and Queen Amon-Ra XXXIII and a trip into dreamland. It was a wonderful trip, a magnificent experience with some of the most unique and original costumes I've ever seen. Not being familiar with the members of this krewe, I will have to describe only the presentations, but the categories alone tell you that this was a great time in old St. Bernard Parish.

"Beautiful Dreamer" got it all started, and she was just that - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. She was followed by a knock-out sister doing "I Dream I'm Jeannie." I want to tell you, those bottles were shaking, and I'm not talking about the ones on the back wall. Not to be outdone was the next section, "Summertime Picnic Day Dreams," a clever and delightful act. "Oriental Dreams" was magnificent and very colorful.

No one was asleep at this time, but if they had been, "Wet Dreams" would have taken them out of their slumber and into a tremendous little act. Oh, to have been in that hot tub with those two hunks. It just makes you wish you were into drag a little more. From the wet dreams, Amon Ra took everyone into "Psychadelic Dreams" and on to "Children's Dreams Bedtime Stories." "Roses on Your Pillow" was also good. I've always loved red roses, and this sister was a beauty, even down to the bulging crotch of those panty hose.

Following this were three special ones - "Sweet Dreams," "Bad Dreams," and "Butch Dreams." They were all good, but I could really get into that butch-of-a-man on that motorcycle. I thought my sweet Gregory was making an appearance. Maybe later, but it was only Jay, a beautiful and sexy man with a great body and wonderful voice. I always did love a man with a vibrant set of vocal chords.

Next up was a great "Dreaming I'm a Disco Drag Queen," and don't tell me you haven't had such thoughts. There's a little bit of drag in everyone, even some of our straight brethren, although they won't admit it. It was here that the dance club did their number, and the audience then got the ultimate treat, the appearance of His Majesty King Amon-Ra XXXIV and Her Majesty Queen Amon-Ra XXXIV, representing the sun and the moon. Magnificent! Absolutely magnificent! What more can I say?

Starting promptly at 8pm, the ball came to a close at 10pm with the presentations and the open court. It was a dream come true and definitely proved their theme of any dream will do.

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