SNAP Express
Volume 18/Issue 4

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  • s01.jpg - Mint Show director Tyler Stevens caught in action after Mwindo Ball.
  • s02.jpg - Lisa joins KCQ VI Sonny & Matt on KCQ Bar Run at MRB.
  • s03.jpg - KCQ V Liz, Marsha & Kitty on KCQ Bar Run at MRB
  • s04.jpg - Lorna & Blake join KCQ VII Stephanie [c] on KCQ Bar Run stop @ Lorenzo's.
  • s05.jpg - Phil & Bobby join KCQ Bar Run revelers at the Mint.
  • s06.jpg - Brian slings cocktails at the Phoenix during KCQ Bar Run stop.
  • s07.jpg - Joe & Jamie, behind the bar at Rubyfruit, during KCQ Bar Run stop
  • s08.jpg - Donnie Jay joins KCQ VII Stephanie at the Double Play during KCQ Bar Run.
  • s09.jpg - Felina, Matt, KCQ VI Sonny & Craig on KCQ Bar Run at Double Play
  • s10.jpg - Electra Lux slings cocktails at the Double Play for KCQ Bar Run revelers.
  • s11.jpg - Alvin, KCQ VII Stephanie & Craig exchanging services @ the Corner Pocket
  • s12.jpg - KCQ VII Stephanie w/ Footloose's Todd plus Lisa & Felina at Footloose KCQ Bar Run stop
  • s13.jpg - Edmund slings cocktails during KCQ Bar Run at Voodoo.
  • s14.jpg - Voodoo's Estelle joined by KCQ VII Stephanie during KCQ Bar Run.
  • s15.jpg - KCQ V Liz with honey Kitty at Footloose during KCQ Bar Run stop
  • s16.jpg - Matt with honey KCQ VI Sonny during KCQ Bar Run @ TT's
  • s17.jpg - Felina, KCQ VII Stephanie, George & Lisa on Rampart during KCQ Bar Run
  • s18.jpg - Wolfy's hostess Sy'ria w/ Felina during KCQ Bar Run at Woldfendales
  • s19.jpg - KCQ VII Stephanie & KCQ V Liz take to the dance floor @ Wolfendales.
  • s20.jpg - KCQ VI Sonny & Matt join 735's bar mgr. Jacque on KCQ Bar Run.
  • s21.jpg - Lisa, KCQ VII Stephanie & Felina Snag one of New Orleans' finest on Bourbon St. during KCQ Bar Run.
  • s22.jpg - Michael was behind the bar on KCQ Bar Run stop at Oz.
  • s23.jpg - Felina, Lisa & KCQ VII Stephanie snag a cutie at Dance Bar of the Year Oz.
  • s24.jpg - Double Play's Ineeda Roch shows Doc her own non-removal calling cards.
  • s25.jpg - Big Daddy's own Rusti Lareaux uses all her assets to entice patrons.
  • s26.jpg - Angelica Enriquez guest stars at Footloose Showbar.
  • s27.jpg - Footloose Showbar hosted the emcee talents of Vicki Vynes.
  • s28.jpg - Patrick & David sling cocktails @ Show Bar of the Year Footloose.
  • s29.jpg - Mr. Louisiana Olympus Leather winner Marc Anthony during Fantasy competition at the Phoenix
  • s30.jpg - Mr. Louisiana Olympus Leather runnerup Randy Tolsen during Street Wear competition at the Phoenix
  • s31.jpg - Mr. Louisiana Leather Chuck Lance emcees Mr. Louisiana Olympus Leather at the Phoenix.
  • s32.jpg - Mr. Ms. Louisiana Olympus Leather '99, Erick Lundgren [reigning Mr. Natl. Olympus Leather] & Alisa Swindel [reigning Ms. Louisiana Leather]

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