allons acadiana/lafayette
Volume 22/Issue 4/2004



by Patrick Clinton

It has been an incredible past few weeks, but the partyís not over yet. With the Apollo and ROU Balls just behind us, Iím sure youíre thinking Acadiana canít possibly have that much more to offer. Well Iím here to tell you, that you are sadly mistaken. Everything leading up to now, although incredible, has just been appetizers leading up to this weeks main course of fun and festivities. And all of it will culminate next Tuesday with a day youíre sure not to soon forget.

Sound Factory has been non-stop fun this Carnival season, and they arenít planning on slowing down a bit until well into Lent. So if you were impressed with there Pre and Post Ball Parties, wait til you see what they are planning for Mardi Gras weekend and Fat Tuesday.

And donít forget, Sound Factory is open seven days a week with a weekly lineup that always keeps its customers happy. Every Monday night Sound Factory has Happy Hour all night long. Now thatís what I call starting the week off right. On Tuesdays they have Karaoke Night. For those of you who like to sing, this is your chance to get out their and have a blast. Wednesdays are Hot Bodies in Action. This is when you get to see some of the sexiest men take it off for your viewing pleasure. And as always, theirís never a cover charge. Thursday nights is Sound Factoryís now famous $8 Drink n Drown. Come by and enjoy as many well drinks as you can slosh down for only a few dollars more than one. And donít forget, if you donít want to drink, you donít have to pay. There canít be a better deal.

On Fridays you can enjoy Big Girl Cocktails for $3.75 all night long. And Saturday nights are Get a Long One for Less. That means all domestic long necks are only $2 all night long. Sundays are always memorable at Sound Factory beginning at twelve noon with their potluck lunch buffet and ending with their Sunday Drag Races. Itís a twelve hour party running all day long.

So wrap up this Carnival Season enjoying Sound Factory; youíll be glad you did. When you want to take a break from the wild partying surrounding the parades, stop into Sound Factoryís Back Side for a more relaxing kind of fun. The Back Side offers a more laid back atmosphere. The music isnít quite so loud; the decor is more aesthetically pleasing. In general, it offers a touch of class to the Acadiana gay community. You can enjoy a game of pool or darts, or simply enjoy conversation with friends. All in all, the Back Side completes Sound Factory.

Jules Downtown has really been wild this Carnival season. They have given away tickets to the balls as well as provided limousine shuttle service from downtown to them. Now thatís community service. But donít think it stops there.

All Mardi Gras weekend, Jules is going to be non-stop fun. It will be the party place for Mardi Gras. Theyíll be open for all the parades, and provide the service youíve always come to expect. So make sure you take a break from those parades and stop by Jules Downtown for a refreshing cocktail.

And as always, Jules will have its exceptional weekly lineup. Every Tuesday is Movie and Martini Night. You can enjoy two dollar martinis all night long while watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy followed by one of your favorite movies. Good friends, good drink specials, and good entertainment. What could be better? Every Wednesday is Stripper Night. You can watch some of the hottest guys around taking it off for your viewing pleasure. And thereís no cover charge. Thursday nights are All Request Night. You can listen to whatever music you want; all you need do is ask. And to make it even better, you can enjoy $1.50 well drinks and domestic beers all night long. Now thatís a deal.

And donít forget about weekends at Jules Downtown. Every Friday and Saturday you can enjoy the Dance Party with DJ Scott Lannie. All this fun and Mardi Gras. Itís almost too much for one place.

Even though Carnival season is almost over, the Acadiana gay community will continue to thrive thanks to the many organizations that so strongly support it. During Mardi Gras it becomes clear how big a difference organizations such as the Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette and Royal Order of Unicorn make in this area of the state. These two groups have brought the gay community into acceptance by the more mainstream people, and this is a major feat in itself. In this world where there is so often hate and bigotry, I am proud to live in a place where I feel so accepted.

Have a happy Mardi Gras Acadiana. Until next time, have fun and be safe.

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