the big diva
Volume 22/Issue 4/2004

Phyllis Denmark  


by Phyllis Denmark

I would sing Oh What a Night! but itís more like oh! What a day. Yesterday started like any other Sunday, paint, fake nails, tease hair, and fluff ladies underwear. Ok, any Sunday in my world!

I had two fabu engagements separated only by a few hours. From 2-5pm was A Queens' Tea to announce the new Queen of Ameinius. The party was hosted by Tim and Ricky in their lovely uptown home. The theme was hats and gloves. I didnít wear either because they didnít go with my drag. But there were some fabu hats and cute men in gloves!

There were people all over the place and fabulous food with hotties Jorge and Gary serving. Trust me, food wasnít the only thing they were serving! It was the usual whoís who of past royalty, captains and their guest.

I guess itís ok to say since she had her coming out party. Queen Armeinius the 36th is Blanche DeBris. And that bitch! She arrived about two hours into the party. Which wouldnít have made much of a difference but I just had to have a picture for Ambush.

Armeinius Captain Bruce Orgeron made a short announcement and he and Queen Armeinius 35 Rosario gave Blanche a crown and scepter to practice with. The party was great fun but my day had only just begun.

We had a few hours in between parties so we made a pit stop at the home of Delta Louise Carter. I was on a mission; I had to convert Douglas from the Queens' Tea into Delta Louise Carter for the King Cake Queen Coronation. After much giggling and bumping of nasties she was a work of art. Damn all those years in the funeral home have really paid off.

The King Cake Queen Bash saluting Drums, Drags & Dragons introduced King Cake Queen XI. Ms. L Ford made her debut at the lovely Ambush Headquarters as The Dragon Queen. As always Krewe of Queenateenas' Co-Captains Rip and Marsha were the perfect host with fabu food and liquor flowing.

Now this is how rumors get started but!!!!! Phyllis Denmark is having an affair with Mayor C. Ray Nagin. You didnít hear it from me but there are pictures to prove it. All right, I confess Mayor C. Ray Nagin was in a picture at the King Cake Queen affair with Phyllis Denmark. I still like my version better. It was so nice to have Mayor Nagin and Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson in attendance. This really was a whoís who! Check out the pictures for yourself in this issue. Anyway, Ms. L Ford has joined the sometimes famous and always infamous King Cake Queens on the wall of fame in the stairwell of leading to Rip & Marsha's home. I even wore Chinese drag for the occasion. I know I looked like a waitress from Five Happiness but I have to confess It sure was comfortable to have on pants and flats!

Rip and Marsha always put out a wildlife feast for the King Cake Queen Bash. Their challenge this year was to put in a Chinese twist.

How does this sound? Mongolian Tri-Pepper Venison, Wild Boar Teriyaki, Peking Duck & Smoked Alligator with baby corn and straw mushrooms and that was just to start off. You have to give it to these girls for creativity!

Considering this is the Official Gay Mardi Gras Guide edition, I guess I should be welcoming one and all to our fair city. Mardi Gras is in full swing and I have a packed schedule for the week.

My Mardi Gras weekend will be starting with le Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant. Prissy fags, it means The Friday Night Before Mardi Gras Extravaganza where everyone is in the ball! This fabulous fund-raiser will be held Fri., Feb. 20 from 9pm til midnight at The Carrollton, 4710 S. Carrollton Ave. The party, started by a small group of friends as an alternative to playing in the bars or streets on the Friday before Mardi Gras has turned into a must attend affair. The party benefits Belle Reve and United Services for AIDS.

All they ask for is a $50 donation, which includes an open bar, delectable buffet, fabu music by Mathilda Jones and her Band, dancing and celebrity guests, including ME!

Dress code for this fabu affair is drag, costume or black tie. For advance tickets call 504.483.3211 and you can check out www.FridayNightBeforeMardiGras.ORG.

Saturday night of Mardi Gras weekend is the 36th Bal Masque for the Krewe of Armeinius. I am so excited because I will be MCing the ball. The ball will be held at the St. Bernard Cultural Center, 8245 West Judge Perez Dr. in Chalmette, doors open at 7:45pm and tableau begins at 9pm.

Because we know a lot of folks are in town that have never seen a gay Mardi Gras ball we have always offered tickets for sale to the public for balcony seating. Tickets are available at Second Skin Leather Co., 521 Rue St. Philip or on the web at www.Armeinius.COM.

I know this is going to be an affair to remember. Armeinius isnít the oldest krewe but are known for putting on a lavish production.

Dress code is strictly formal, no costumes, food or cameras.

I know Iím getting long winded so I will give you the readers digest version of Sunday. Wake up hung over, put on new face, wash out sink with last nights face still in it, head to French Quarter. The Sunday of Mardi Gras weekend we usually do day drag in the street. It is a lot of fun because almost no one does it.

I donít want to scare anyone butÖ. Stephanie Williams is coming in from Las Vegas for the week. Hide your husbands and children.

Actually I am looking forward to her stay. Ok! Iím looking forward to the first few days of her stay! I know she will be out on the street with me that Sunday wearing something scandalous with her big old 44 dddís hanging out for all to see! The Naquin-Delain's usually invite us up for a pre-bead toss. This allows us great fun and a chance to try the balcony out.

The Krewe of Queenateenas' 17th annual Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss will be on Mardi Gras day, Feb. 24, at 2pm. Make sure you are in front of the balcony at 828 Bourbon St. They show and we throw. Ms. L will be queen of the balcony and the Big Diva will probably be holding court inside and eating up all the food!

At this point I usually plug some of my advertisers but Iím too lazy this week so just read the damn paper. If you want to know whatís happening Mardi Gras, Ambush is the paper to read!

I am going to end my column wishing you all a safe and fun Mardi Gras!

Now! Lets talk about Easter. For ad info call me 504.220.6407.

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