allons acadiana/lafayette
Volume 23/Issue 4/2005



by Patrick Clinton

Mardi Gras is over and it has been one heck of a ride. There was everything from formal balls and pageants to parades and parties. And now that the Carnival season is officially over, Iím sure most of you are ready for a break. But just because the biggest party season of the year is over, you donít have to think Acadiana is taking a break from fun. While nothing is as wild as Mardi Gras, the Lafayette gay community has great things going on all year around.

Sound Factory and its Back Side started Mardi Gras right with a breakfast party at seven-thirty in the morning. By the time the first parade was rolling, everybody had enjoyed a great meal and was already beginning on their second cocktail. And the party didnít stop until two a.m. the following morning. What a way to spend Fat Tuesday. With the holiday season behind us for a while, donít forget about all the things Sound Factory, along with its Back Side, has to offer every week.

Sound Factory is open seven days a week and offers a weekly lineup that you wonít soon forget. Every Monday night, Sound Factory has Happy Hour drink prices a ll night long. Tuesdays at Sound Factory have become famous around Acadiana. If you're planning on having a great night, thereís no avoiding their Karaoke Night. Itís where all your friends will be. Every Wednesday night you can come by Sound Factory and enjoy a drink while watching sexy male dancers. On Thursdays you wonít want to miss Drink-N-Drown. This is the night where you can pay ten dollars and drink all night long for free. And the best part is if you are not drinking, you donít have to pay. Regardless, Sound Factory is the most economical place in town on Thursday night.

On Friday Nights you can enjoy Big Girl Cocktails all night long for three dollars. And who could forget about the Saturday Night Special at Sound Factory. Each Saturday night, Sound Factory will run a drink special for that night only. It could be anything from dollar schnapps to dollar domestic beer. Itíll be their little surprise. And the best part is there wonít be a cover charge. Thatís right, you can get into Sound Factory for free and still take advantage of their surprise drink special. Now thatís a deal. To end the week, Sunday night is Show Night. This is the night where you can come out with all your friends and enjoy some good old fashioned gay entertainment. And on Monday, the fun starts all over again.

With so much going on at Sound Factory, itís easy to forget about its Back Side right next door. But that would be a mistake, because Back Side offers not only a totally different atmosphere, but a different weekly lineup. Every Monday is a Pool Tournament starting at eight p.m., and thereís Happy Hour all night long. Tuesdays are "Get A Long One For Less." All your favorite domestic longnecks are only two dollars. Wednesdays you can enjoy hot male dancers. Every Thursday night, the Back Side will have a Dart Tournament starting at eight p.m., not to mention the two dollar longnecks theyíll be serving all night long.

On Friday nights, the Back Side offers a Draft Beer Bust with three dollar pitchers all night long. Saturdays are Dollar Draft Night. And who could forget about the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Back Side. And think, you can walk right next door for different drink specials at Sound Factory.

And to make things even better, the Back Side now offers food seven days a week from open til close. So if you find yourself hungry while your out, take advantage of Back Sideís new menu of foods. Itís fast, friendly, convenient, and very reasonably priced. With everything the Sound Factory and its Back Side has to offer, it would be a real mistake to miss out on all the fun.

Jules Downtown was really popping for Mardi Gras. They opened at nine a.m. to give everybody a chance to have a few well made drinks before the first parade. For the rest of the day and into the night, Jules was a nonstop party. Basically Jules showed once again that if you left Lafayette for Mardi Gras, you left the party. Aside from Carnival, Jules hosts lots of special parties and get-togethers. Several weeks back, Chance and the rest of the crew hosted a Cingular Party. The night turned out to be such a success that Jules is planning another Cingular party scheduled for sometime in Mid-March.

Besides all the special events hosted by Jules, they also have an incredible weekly lineup. Jules is open every Tuesday thru Saturday, with great specials each night. And every night, donít forget about their Happy Hour Drink Specials from 8 til 10pm. This means you can always start off the night with two for one well drinks or domestic beer. It really does pay to show up early at Jules.

While Mardi Gras marks the end of Carnival, it does not mark the end of fun. Make sure you keep in mind everything the Acadiana gay community has to offer. Until next time, have fun and be safe. I hope to see you around town.

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