in the spotlight
Volume 17/Issue 4

King Cake Queen Makes Royal Debut
by Brad Benedict

Elegance is the only way to describe the setting of last week's first public introduction of Miss Christine Cheridon, King Cake Queen VI. The event took place at the home of Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain on Bourbon Street in the historic old French Quarter of New Orleans and attendees included the former queens.

This annual party was one of the most delightful held at the Naquin-Delain home, bringing together some of the most prominent individuals of Louisiana's Gay society along with many straight couples. Under the title of "Czars, Czarinas and Queenateenas," the multitudes came, filling the first level including the offices of Ambush, the exquisitely-decorated entranceway, the patio adjoining the Belle Lain Magnolia Bar; the parlor, dining room and World famous balcony on the second level, and also the third level boudoir, where the newly-acquired portraits of the famous couple accents the area. All of the art work acquired in the Ambush collection was on display throughout the mansion.

Miss Cheridon arrived after most of the crowd had gathered, and her entrance was one of spectacular magnificance. She wore a champagne flaired evening gown trimmed in burgandy. The design showed off the trimness of her figure and truly brought out her radiant beauty which was accented by flawless makeup. A gorgeous crown complete with Russian onion domes and crosses, was nestled in an uptwist hairstyle. Here again, elegant is the only word to describe the breathtaking beauty of this charming and serene young woman. Her gown was created by Bianca Del Rio, who designed the spectacular creation, a copy of the last Czarina of Russia Alexandra's coronation gown, which enhanced the features of the beautiful and vibrant Miss Cheridon.

The host was charmingly attired and seemed so relaxed and pleased with the surroundings. His charm was only matched by the serene beauty of his other half, who chose a purple gown for the occasion with matching shoes and exquisite jewelry. Miss Naquin-Delain's hairstyle was lovely, and it seemed to accent the tranquility and uniqueness of her demeanor and the loveliness of her face which reflected the happiness of the occasion.

Guests were treated to numerous culinary delights on both the first and second floors, with many electing to sit on the balcony where they could enjoy the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street. The patio area was covered with hundreds of tiny blue lights, giving the impression of a night sky filled with radiant stars against the blackness of the universe. Plants of all varieties graced the entire house.

The Naquin-Delain's chose the entrance of the Ambush office to welcome their guests, which numbered 367 for this year's coronation.

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