in the spotlight
Volume 18/Issue 5

KCQ VII Stephanie Williams Honored
With Lavish Coronation Party

By Brad Benedict

The final weeks prior to Fat Tuesday are always busy in New Orleans, especially for this writer. There're always those parties connected to the Krewe of Queenateenas and the fabulous events surrounding the King Cake Queen [KCQ]. This year, that queen is none other than the outstandingly well endowed and wonderful Miss Stephanie Williams. This is a glamorous and wonderful time for all involved.

kcqvii3 This year's lavish corontion extravaganza took place at the home of Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain in the historic old French Quarter. Most of the activity was centered on the second floor of the complex. The Belle Lain Magnolia Bar was moved from the slave quarter area off the patio to the landing and entranceway to the couple's third story suite. The spacious living room was filled with happy revelers, and the elaborately decorated dining room table and piano section contained a selection of gourmet delights. The patio was open for guests, and the balcony offered an area for a delightful camaraderie and exposure to the sights and sounds of Bourbon St. which were no match to the fabulous Sex Goddess 2000 balcony theme. This is definitely the best of all the rest and sets this complex apart from all other homes in the Quarter. No visit to New Orleans is complete without checking out the originality on display for all major functions at 828 Bourbon St., the home of Ambush Magazine.

And Stephanie Williams is definitely a sex goddess. How else can you describe such a wonderful and delightful individual. I've known Stephanie for more years than I can remember, and I've always found her to be a complete delight to be around and one of the most caring and talented individuals to ever come out of the Crescent City parade of glamour queens. As a make-up artist, she is the best.

Her attire for the party fit the theme quite well. Huge flower pasties covered the bosoms and accented this young woman's most noticeable attributes. Her crown was wedged into a magnificent and beautiful hairstyle, and her mini-skirt was of sheer yellow fabric, which showed off the remainder of her body to its maximum potential. She truly was the Sex Goddess 2000 and wore that title with pride and dignity.

The host and his significant other were also nicely attired for the occasion. Greeting the guests in the downstairs patio entrance, Rip was in a customary black tux, and Marsha was radiant in a fabulous gold beadedgown. The couple is an excellent example of a loving and prideful relationship that has weathered the years with a kind of dignity and professionalism rarely seen in Gay and Lesbian communities. They serve as shining examples of what a loving relationship is all about.

kcqvii2 Some 200 guests were invited to the event, and from the looks of the crowd, I'd have to say that that quota was probably met. It was one of the most delightful groups to attend in recent years, and lots of new faces emerged on the scene. It was definitely a successful party and one that showed how much the community loves the marvelous new Sex Goddess 2000.

The food selections were of top quality, the drinks were mixed to perfection, and the piano sound by Steven Marz in the background were delightful touches to the elegance of this annual occasion. It is the crowning achievement that signals the approaching madness and fun that is Mardi Gras.

Stephanie will lead the 13th Annual Krewe of Queenateenas Bead Toss Mardi Gras day, Mar. 7 beginning at 1pm. For the best pearls on Bourbon St., you show and this krewe will certainly throw.

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