the big diva
Volume 21/Issue 5/2003

Phyllis Denmark  


by Phyllis Denmark

What a Fabulous Mardi Gras! I am still shaking from all the fun —"Might be the booze! ". My face is sore from five nights of makeup but that is the price you pay to be a big diva. We started off our Mardi Gras weekend by attending the Friday Night Before Mardi Gras Extravaganza at the Carrollton. This was the third year for the party and we wouldn’t have missed it. The food and drinks were flowing and it was so good to see many people we knew. It was also a wonderful costume affair. I got to see people I never thought I would "In Drag!"

Our hosts for the affair Billy C. Henry, Larry Anderson, Peter Braswell, and John Chatterton were painted and powdered for the fun. The whole affair was to benefit Belle Reve and United Services for AIDS. I don’t know who came up with the idea for this party/ fund-raiser but is a wonderful event. Your $50.00 donation includes a fabu buffet, open bar, live band and a wonderful souvenir photo. The photo is my favorite part because I am in it LOL!

I went as an old fat Dolly since I can’t pass as new skinny Dolly. The bitch could have at least stayed fat till I was too old to do drag. We also saw a fabu Joan Crawford, two Elvis’ and a lot of big old drag queens. There were also a couple of hot Jesters in spandex that I got pictures of.

Saturday night we attended the Krewe of Armeinius’ 35th Anniversary Bal Masque. The krewe celebrated Remembrances of Things Past, 35 years of Hell! Armeinius might not be the oldest krewe or even the newest krewe but I can promise you they are the "best" Krewe! Best known for "big costumes". These size queens know big when they see it. And they also know how to glue feathers in. Somewhere on earth there are a bunch of bald ostriches looking for their feathers and you can believe Armeinius has most of them. It was very exciting seeing my friends Charles Turberville and John Cucinello return as Queen and King Armeinius 34 and equally exciting seeing Rosario and Rick crowned Queen and King Armeinius 35.

The ball was fabulous. It was short, sweet and to the point. Bianca and Blanche kept the show moving and the costumes were wonderful.

It was fun to see the A,B,C,D captains. They worked together to pull off a very difficult year. You may not know it but it is a lot of work, and getting harder every year to raise the money to put on a ball. Highlights of the ball were; Bruce as the Black Ball, returning queen and king as the Ink Spots and the fabu new King and Queen Armeinius 35 as Napoleon and Josephine. The costumes were beautiful and it was a nice touch to see Napoleon crown Josephine on stage. Bianca Del Rio and her boys did a fabu Chicago routine right before they presented the new royalty and brought the house down.

Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Pre-Mardi Gras bead toss at Ambush Headquarters. It is a well kept secret that we do a pre-toss the Sunday before Mardi Gras. New King Cake Queen Teryl-Lynn Foxx was on hand along with old has been Queens Lisa Beaumann and myself. We had so much fun luring cute boys into our web. It was fun to see so many hot straight boys doing their thing for beads.

Rip and Marsha put out a lovely spread with honey baked ham and homemade potato salad.

After a few cocktails, I was down right breathtaking. I did a repeat of my Red, White and Blue ruffled costume and hair. Miss Catherine, of Wig World 2, did the hair and it was really big. I don’t need much excuse to put on big hair. Michael and his brother Kevin were on hand for the fun along with Julius and his bead costume. We let Miss Teryl-Lynn try out the balcony for size and I tried to get Beaumann to let her boyfriend show the piece but he resisted.

I just woke up and still have lash glue all over my face. Mardi Gras was the best one I have had in years. Forget the misty weather, it was still fabu.

I put together a cute orange and yellow outfit in about two hours and had my friends at Wig World do the doo. We had so much fun. We started around 10am and played in the street til about 11:30am. The big bead toss didn’t start at Ambush Headquarters til 1pm, but we joined Rip and Marsha a little early so I could check out their red beans and rice.

See, a girl can’t drink on an empty stomach. We got that dreaded phone call that the King Cake Queen was running late but they did make it for 12:30.

Teryl-Lynn looked fabu in a costume designed by Bianca Del Rio. Miss Del Rio is not just another pretty face with a nasty mouth on her — she is also a very talented costume designer.

The bead toss was a riot with Teryl-Lynn and her three attendants teasin' and tossin' off the balcony. Ambush also had a few of our regular "special guests". A couple of old king cake queens, Lance and Carl with Clarence, Damon and Tommy from Baton Rouge and Mr. Louisiana Leather. It was quite a mix of fun and personalities. Many thanks to Rip and Marsha for a fabu Mardi Gras day — they know how to put on a party!

All you good Catholics better be out getting your ASHES today since it's Ash Wednesday. I hope y’all have decided what you’re going to give up for lent. I am so glad I am Baptist. I can keep on sinning for the next 40 days and still get into heaven. If I did have to give up something, I think it would be makeup cause girl after Mardi Gras my face still hurts! But you know the chances of that happening.

I hate to bring y’all down but don’t forget that April 15th is not that far away. Our friends at H&R Block don’t want y’all to wait til the last minute to file. Besides if Uncle Sam owes you money, you could be spending it right now. I know y’all have seen the fabu ads for H&R Block featuring little old me! They have 39 convenient locations in New Orleans in New Orleans. For the nearest location call 504.887.8997.

Before I go I must add a special thank you to a few of my faithful customers who made Mardi Gras SPECIAL. Thank you's goes out to Beads by the Dozen, Carnival Mart, Deanie’s Seafood, New Orleans Crab Bag Company, Tropical Isle, Masquerades Lounge, DNA, Electric Lady Land, Bultman Funeral Home, Maskarade Mask, Emile’s Floral Design, Royal Rags and of course H&R BLOCK. If I missed anyone you know you’re in my heart.

Now you know I am the ad WHORE so remember Easter is next. So, if you want to advertise call me 504.220.6407.

PS: I just got a call from Jed at Marigny Brasserie. He said that at 1am on Mardi Gras night they were feeding
Spike Lee
. Now that’s a special guest star. I told you, "you never know who you’ll see at Marigny Brasserie!"


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