Volume 22/Issue 5/2004



King Cake Queen XI of Gay Mardi  Gras, Ms. L Ford, and her colorful entourage, arrived with a full band in tow, parting the huge crowds on Bourbon Street, reminiscent of Cleopatra's arrival in Rome portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, on Mardi Gras, Feb. 24. The Dragon Queen then proceeded to Ambush Headquarters to lead the 17th Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss. Invited guests of the Krewe of Queenateenas joined Ms. L, tossing some 30,000 beads to the masses below, while the band continued to play. For additional information, visit GayMardiGras.COM, the Original & Only Official Website of Gay Mardi Gras.



Blanche Debris reigned as Queen Armeinius XXXVI during the krewe's 36th annual bal tableau: Armeinius Goes Looney at the St. Bernard Cultural Center in Chalmette.


The Honorable Lindy Boggs and Laura Peebles hail from the Washington Mardi Gras Ball hosted in our nation's capital.


le Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant (The Friday Night Before Mardi Gras Extravaganza) host Billy Henry is joined by celebrity guest emcee David Bernard during the 5th annual ball hosted at The Carrollton in New Orleans.


Queen & King Satyricon II Bianca Del Rio and David Boyd reigned during their krewe's 2nd bal masque at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans.


John Cuccinello as A Twisted Peppermint from the Krewe of Armeinius 36th Bal Masque won the coveted Best of Show category at the 40th Annual Bourbon Street Awards hosted by Oz and Bud Light, 800 Bourbon at St. Ann, in New Orleans.



Michael Wheeler won the Leather Division at the 40th Annual Bourbon Street Awards on Mardi Gras. Wheeler, dressed in an Indian costume he made completely by hand himself featuring black and white feathers and boas, black and silver beads and sequins, hundreds of rhinestones, and of course, black leather, went by his Indian name, Pokeahotass. Wheeler is an associate member of the Cavaliers Motorcycle Club.


Michael Strawn and Gerald McCartney celebrate following their Holy Union on Valentine's Day at the Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge.


The Ninth Circle won the Leather & Lace Invitational High Heel Pool Tournament at the Country Club in New Orleans benefiting United Services for AIDS.


Dennis Tudor welcomes the entire GLBT community to Skins Sports Bar, 8949 W. Judge Perez Dr., the only openly gay friendly bar in Chalmette.


The Krewe of Olympus/Houston pop into the Golden Lantern for their traditional Lundi Gras celebration showing this year's ball highlights in New Orleans.


The Night of the Black Mask Leather Block Party, hosted by the Knights d'Orleans and the Phoenix, brought out many enthusiasts in New Orleans.


New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus hosted their Love Lift Us Up Valentine's Day Concert at the Friendly Bar Annex in New Orleans.


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