the big diva
Volume 22/Issue 5/2004

Phyllis Denmark  


by Phyllis Denmark

Good Morning! It is Ash Wednesday and the party is officially over. Now all you whores have to do is 40 days of penance. That includes me. The days leading up to Mardi Gras 2004 were fabu.

Friday night we attended the le Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant, aka The Friday Night Before Mardi Gras Extravaganza at The Carrollton. It was a fabulous affair. Andy was in tux, and Bo, Stephanie and myself were in our best Drag! I worked a hot vinyl jacket with chains, panties and a bra, and since I have been so bad lately I added in horns for a nice touch.

There were well over 350 people at the party. For the most part people were in costume. That is what makes this affair so much fun, plus the open bar and fabu food. Carrollton owner Kevin Tardo pulled out all the stops this year. Everything was perfect!

Saturday night I had the pleasure of being the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Krewe of Armeinius’ 36th Bal Masque. It was fabulous. I wore a beautiful black beaded dress and a fabu up-do. Elegant, but understated. The ball was about the thirty-something men who had worked all year long on their costumes, not me! I have to say — and maybe I am a little prejudiced — but this was the ball of the YEAR!

Phyllis Denmark, Mistress of Ceremonies, Krewe of Armeinius Bal Tableau 36: Armeinius Goes Looney

The theme was Armeinius Goes Looney. The Captain gave us Buggs Bunny, complete with carrot bouquets for call out!

Remember, with Armeinius, bigger is better. From a life size camel for Ahab the Arab, to the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini that towered over the audience about 20 feet, the costumes were incredible. Queen Armeinius the 36th Blanche Debris came out as Cinderella complete with a fairy godmother, two "ugly" step-sisters and a beautiful, evil stepmother. Other than being a total bitch to everyone the day of the ball Blanche made a beautiful queen. Her King was kept a surprise the entire year. Captain Bruce decided to select the late Kelly Biggs King posthumously. After the ball we decided we needed to lighten things up a bit since I did the entire ball cold sober. I wanted to make sure it was a night to remember, and it was a night I will never forget!

Our after the ball destination was the MatriXXX. Since it was late and we figured the Quarter would be difficult to park we played between the MatriXXX, the Phoenix and Cowpokes. After quite a few cocktails we went home around 3am. Since my girlfriend Stephanie Williams was in town and Baby Beaux and Scott G were there we sat up til 5:30 laughing and talking about the glow of the ball!

Sunday was kind of a bust since we stayed up alllll night. We got up in time to hit Ryans. Nothing cures a hangover like too much greasy food. We ate, took a nap and then it was time to go to Lords of Leather. It had been about 10 years since we had been to a Lords ball. Usually our Sunday ritual is to do daytime drag and do a pre-bead toss with Rip and Marsha. The ball was cute, but it will probably be another 10 years til we go to another one. I missed my Sunday day of drag too much! The King and Consort were the hit of the ball as Dreamcatchers.

Mardi Gras came, rain and all. I had decided to wear vinyl after I saw the rain forecast. This was a year of firsts. I had been asked by Blanche and Bianca to judge the 40th Annual Bourbon Street Awards. This started promptly at noon. The rain didn’t spoil the festivities. We were stationed on the balcony of the Bourbon Orleans, and the view was fabu and comfortable. I would like to say congratulations to John Cuccinello for winning the best costume with his A Twisted Peppermint. We love ya, baby. You will have to read in someone else’s column who won the other prizes. When the judging was over, I ran over to Ambush for the 17th Annual Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss.

Ms. L made a wonderfully, fabulous King Cake Queen. She showed up in fabulous costume, and was heralded by a jazz band. We celebrated with King Cake Queens of the past, and had a marvelous time throwing beads to the masses down below the balcony.

An upcoming event that I have to mention is the Crack Whore Ball 5: Cracker Jaxxs on Tour, on Mon., March 8. This year the main party will be from 9pm-1am.

Info and tickets are available in advance ($25) at Ninth Circle and Voodoo, or $35 at the door.

This includes an open bar from 9pm to 1am. Shuttle Buses will be provided 8:30pm to 9:30pm and then again from 12:30am to 1:30am. DJ Chris Allen will be featured.

The after party Twacked will be at the Ninth Circle, 700 N.Rampart with DJ Chris Finland from 12:30am tilllllll, premiering Left Over Bitches. This party is a tribute to all the folks in the service industry who work so hard all year around, and are usually working during Mardi Gras while the rest of us are having fun. It is a great party!

Once again, The Big Diva is looking for a few good men, actually just one, due to the amount of business here at Ambush. I am looking for another sales person to train to help me in the sales and advertising position. This is a commission only position, and Rip makes the final hiring decision. The person selected would be trained to sell print and Internet advertising. It is fun and you meet a lot of great people. You must be pushy and have personality.

I know that is my secret to success. If you’re interested and have any questions give me a call, 504.220.6407, or call Rip, 504.522.8049. We are equal opportunity employers.

If I’m not in rehab I will see y’all next time. Give me a call to advertise because Easter is just around the corner, 504.220.6407.

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