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Volume 22/Issue 5/2004

Rip & Marsha



by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain 
Visit their site: ripandmarsha.com

Over 250 Photos Chronicle Mardi Gras 2004

The madness is over, but Ambush is proud to bring you over 250 photos of Mardi Gras action across the Gulf South. The photos chronicle the festive Carnival season in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; and yes, even Washington, DC. As Official Gay Mardi Gras Guide, Ambush once again sets the standard for extraordinary coverage of this World renown celebration.

In addition to this printed publication, AmbushMag.COM, GayMardiGras.COM and GayNewOrleans.COM, collectively, garnered over 45,000 unique visitors per week leading up to Mardi Gras weekend. All Internet statistics are independently verified by Web Trends.

A special thanks must be extended to all of the gay krewes, organizations and clubs which produced this cultural phenomenon in the GLBT community. Please remember, if you hear of a fund-raiser for a GLBT krewe or organization, to support it wholeheartedly. This is the only way to preserve gay life, music and culture.

Although both gay and straight crowds appeared to be down this year in New Orleans, the festivities were still outstanding.

Visit GayMardiGras.COM, the original and only official website of Gay Mardi Gras, for all of the highlights of this past Carnival season.

5th Gay Easter Parade Festivities Kicks Off with Grand Marshals' Coronation Sat., March 6th at Cowpokes

The 5th Annual Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade festivities will kick off with the Grand Marshals’ Coronation Bash Sat., March 6. Cowpokes, 2240 St. Claude Ave., will host the reception announcing Easter Grand Marshals (EGMs) V from 8-10pm. This year’s theme is Lillies & Lace.

Past Easter Grand Marshals include EGMs IV George Simons & Electra City, EGMs III Timm Holt & Teryl-Lynn Foxx, EGMs II Larry Bagneris, Jr. & the late Miss Do Moreland, and EGMs I Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

Excitement is building as New Orleans finds out just who will lead this year’s extravaganza of activities and the parade itself. The grand marshals are chosen for their past participation in the Easter Parade and for their community commitment and support by the Board of Directors of the Gay Easter Parade. The Board includes Founder Lance V. Ford, Producer Carl J. Ford and public relations, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

The parade is presented by Lance V. Ford and Ambush Mag on Easter Sunday, April 11 at 4:30pm and benefits Food For Friends. Parade lineup begins at Dumaine and North Rampart starting at 3pm. The parade travels down N. Rampart, left onToulouse, left on Decatur, left on Dumaine, left on Royal, right on Bienville, right on Bourbon, left on St. Louis, right on Burgundy, right on St. Ann, right on Royal, right on St. Peter, and right on N. Rampart, ending the parade.

Parade attire includes tuxedos, summer suits or Easter dresses/suits with Easter hats/bonnets. Cross dressing is allowed. Nudity or partial nudity is not allowed. Please do not throw sexually explicit beads or throws of that nature.

The board urges all businesses along the route to host either pre-parade, during-parade or post-parade parties to celebrate Easter in the GLBT community. Businesses are also urged to sponsor fund-raisers for the parade which benefits Food For Friends after parade expenses. Please advertise all parties and fund-raisers in Ambush Mag, the Official Gay Easter Parade Guide.

Businesses, organizations and individuals can also show their support by choosing one of the following Sponsorship Levels including Platinum - $1,000, Gold - $500, Silver - $250 and Bronze - $100. All level sponsors appear in all Gay Easter Parade ads and at the organization's Website, GayEasterParade.COM.

Contact Producer Carl Ford to order carriages and for parade and sponsorship information at 504.523.4700 or carlan724@bellsouth.net. Contact Rip Naquin-Delain to schedule fund-raisers and parties for the parade at 504.522.8049 or info@ambushmag.com. Parade entry fee is $10 per unit. Position in the parade is determined by date entry fee and carriage rental is received.

Equality Louisiana Condemns Bush's Constitutional Attack on American Citizens

Baton Rouge, LA - During a press conference at the White House, President George W. Bush endorsed a pending Constitutional Amendment that would limit the definition of marriage to "only the union of a man and a woman." Present language also states that "the constitution of any state, nor state or federal law, shall be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups."

Christopher Daigle, Political Advisor to Equality Louisiana, issued the following statement:

"The 'compassionate conservative', 'uniter not divider' presidential candidate of 2000 no longer exists. The 2004 candidate is using the country’s most sacred document to further his political goals rather than respect it as an instrument that has sought to limit the power of government and instead expand upon the liberties of this country’s citizens. His actions don’t reflect a true conservative’s views and is totally lacking for compassion.

Since the Bill of Rights was approved in 1791, the U.S. Constitution has been an instrument of positive change for American citizens by expanding upon their individual liberties. It has been amended only 17 times hence. During that time, slaves were freed, African-Americans became full-fledged citizens, women have been given the right to vote, young people have been given the right to vote.

The pending amendment would mark only the second time in our history when rights were denied American citizens. The only other denial of individual rights was called 'Prohibition' and proved to be a social and political disaster, having been repealed less than two decades later.

The president has condemned what he referred to as 'activist judges' who enact laws against the will of the people. So-called activist judges also held in 1954 that 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional and ordered an end to segregation of the races, despite the fact that many in our country were opposed. So-called activist judges in 1967 struck down laws that prohibited interracial marriages, despite the fact that a full year later in 1968, the vast majority of American citizens still considered the act immoral. And in 2001, so-called 'activist judges' disregarded the majority of American voters who supported Al Gore for president and instead used their 'activism' to anoint President George W. Bush.

The framers of our constitution recognized the importance of a limited democracy where a minority of Americans would not be subjected to strictly majority rule. The rights of all must be defended. The Courts have served this noble purpose with honor.

This ongoing debate is not about 'gay marriage' or 'same-sex marriage'. The discussion should center on 'marriage equality'. Marriage is a right that should be afforded to all American citizens – it is not a heterosexual privilege.

Through his support of this proposed amendment, President Bush has turned his back on American families. Where are his so-called family values? The 2000 census documented same-sex families in over 99% of the country’s counties. Louisiana ranks in the top 25. How can a man who claims he wants to strengthen families completely disregard a significant number of them? In pushing for this amendment, would protection does he offer the children of these families?

If the president and other like-minded individuals truly believe in strengthening families, they should invest more passion and political capital into programs that promote family security, employment, educational and job-training opportunities, domestic violence, substance abuse, counseling, etc.

If the president and others are truly concerned about the 'sanctity' of marriage, why aren’t they pushing for laws that would abolish divorce and establish sentences for adultery? Close to 50% of marriages end in divorce – an equal number has been attached to the incidences of adultery. How will this constitutional amendment bring back the sanctity of marriage? How will marriage equality threaten anyone else’s marriage?

The issue of marriage – regardless of the gender of the parties involved – should not be used as a 'Hail Mary' pass on the political gridiron. It is both unbecoming of the Presidency and an assault on the U.S. Constitution."

Equality Louisiana (formerly known as LAGPAC) is the state’s oldest, largest, and most effective non-partisan organization dedicated to full civil equality for all of Louisiana’s citizens, especially those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Amon Ra's 40th Rush March 7 Wants You

The Krewe of Amon Ra will host its 40th annual Rush Party on Sun., March 7, 2pm, at the MatriXXX, 940 Elysian Fields in New Orleans. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, have fun all year and be a part of gay Carnival history. Visit KreweofAmonRa.ORG for more info.

Crack Whore Ball 5 March 8

The 5th annual Crack Whore Ball: Cracker Jaxxs On Tour, honoring all service industry personnel, is set for Mon., March 8, in New Orleans. The event will feature DJ Chris Allen and boasts an open bar from 9pm-1am. The highlight is the crowning of Crack Whore 5.

Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door, and are available at Ninth Circle, 700 N. Rampart, and Voodoo, 718 N. Rampart.

The After Party: Twacked premiering Left Over Bitches and featuring DJ Chris Finland will be hosted at Ninth Circle, 12:30am til.

Contact Ninth Circle for more information.

Blessing of the Bikes at Armstrong Park March 14

The Cavaliers Motorcycle Club and the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater New Orleans will co-sponsor the first annual Blessing of the Bikes on Sun., March 14.

The event is open to all motorcyclists in the community. The Rev. Dexter Brecht, pastor of the MCC, will conduct the blessing.

The event will begin at 9 am at the entrance to Armstrong Park at North Rampart and St. Ann streets, starting with light refreshments and a chance for everyone to socialize. The blessing will follow.

After the blessing, the Cavaliers will lead a group ride for all participants to Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, Miss., for a buffet brunch. (Please note that Mississippi law requires helmets.)

The Cavaliers Motorcycle Club is the South’s most active club for gay and lesbian motorcyclists. Visit CavaliersMC.COM for full details on the Blessing of the Bikes and other club events.

The Burbs Bring You Hot GLBT Action

The suburbs of greater New Orleans hold many jewels of the GLBT community. First, it's off to Chalmette to Skins, 8949 W. Judge Perez Dr., (right past the St. Bernard Cultural Center) which has just opened under the direction of Dennis and Ron. It is Chalmette's only openly gay friendly bar. The club has Happy Hour 4-7pm with munchies 7 days a week. Patrons can enjoy pool tables, tvs and a juke box. Soon the club will be hosting a Thursday night pool tournament and 1st & 3rd Saturday barbecues. Opening at 2pm daily, you can call 504.271.6550 for more info.

On the Westbank, you'll find the town of Harvey and DNA, 3714, Westbank Expressway, Suite 2, brought to you by bar baron Lee Page. It's the Westbank's premier night club, open 7 days a week, Mon.-Sat., 4pm til and Sun., 2pm til. This popular club has specials every night of the week highlighted on Fridays and Saturdays with the Texas Mechanic's Male Review featuring DJ Art. And on Sundays, you can enjoy food and big girl drinks with cutie Danny.

The oldest, and one of the most popular club's in Metairie is 4 Seasons, with your host Chuck Turner and Bill Miller. Both men and women enjoy the festivities here including specials Mondays through Thursdays, and loads of special events, entertainment and shows. You can also stop in here, park and enjoy, both Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's/Joseph's Day parades nearby. For more info, call 504.832.0659.

PlanetOut Partners Names Osmosis Medialab Media Award Winner

New York City - Osmosis Medialab was named 2003 Best Diversity Marketing Agency by PlanetOut and Gay.com. PlanetOut Partners, the leading online media company serving the gay and lesbian community, honored companies showing innovation and excellence in advertising within the gay and lesbian community.

"Osmosis Medialab’s expertise in interactive advertising has been demonstrated through the innovative marketing campaigns they have run on Gay.com and PlanetOut.com. They recognize the power of the Internet and know how to reach and influence gay and lesbian consumers through creative media executions," said Mark Elderkin, President, PlanetOut Partners, Inc.

"Osmosis is thrilled to be honored by PlanetOut Partners. As corporations continue to recognize the power of the gay market, Osmosis will be there to act as their liaison to the gay community ensuring that their objectives are inclusive, sincere and relevant." said Osmosis co-founder, Shawn Thomson.

Osmosis Medialab is a full-service advertising and promotions agency focused on the gay and lesbian consumer segment.

Visit osmosismedialab.com for more info.

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