hot tails of red stick
Volume 17/Issue 5

by Brad Benedict

Checking Out Balls

Baton Rougeans were seen everywhere this Mardi Gras season. They were seen at all the balls in Lafayette and New Orleans. As the season drew to a close, it was on to Bourbon St. to check out the weenies and the boobies. Both classifications were noted in large numbers.

The Royal Order of Unicorn in Lafayette drew perhaps the largest number of Red Stickers. This is due to the excellent quality of entertainment they offer at their balls. My, but doesn't that sound erotic! And, of course, the Lords of Leather really packed them in. This was because both Lord King Gregory and Lord Consort Mickey are Baton Rougeans. There were also lots of Red Stickers noted at the Krewe of Armeinius Bal Masque XXXI, and quite a few were also at the Krewe of Petronius Ball held at the Municipal Auditorium on the prior weekend.

Good news is out now that the Royal Order of Unicorn is expanding to Baton Rouge. This will mean another fabulous and fun ball is in the planning stages, and with the strong determination of its founders and the local support it's receiving, this one promises to be a good one. It's for guys and gals, so check it out.

Rod Checks Out

And speaking of checking out, let me tell you that Bungalow Lane and Spanish Town lost a good one when Rod got that job in Chicago. Blake came down to help him load furniture and drive his car back to the windy city. Studly Rod took over the moving van duties.

It seems that our Rod paid a visit to Blake and liked the city so well, he applied and immediately got a new job assignment. Meanwhile, this Georgia boy surprised everyone with his sudden decision to move. And, no, my darlings, he and Blake aren't an item. Now don't go spreading rumors. It just seems that Rod needed a change, and he chose this ever-so-cold and big city to do it in. I hear he's already found a nice bear bar. That's in hairy, in case you didn't know.

George's Checks In

Richard and Guy are constantly checking everyone, especially all those cute guys who call this bar their favorite in the capital city. They always have a crowd on any given night. Their new thing on Tuesdays is some of those oldies but goodies routines. It all started one night when a certain law enforcement stud started everyone enjoying this type of music. It turned into one of the most fun-filled evenings I've ever had. Now it's a part of their schedule, so check this out.

Of course, Cody King is still in top form at Karaoke Thursdays. This is something that brings everyone out to enjoy the good times. I do believe that a certain Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1999 has one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard. Thank goodness he paid me a visit over the holidays. He's a precious one - all over.

Spanish Town Checkmate

Spanish Town is always the place to be on Mardi Gras Saturday, the Saturday before Fat Tuesday. People come out of the woodwork to enjoy the festivities.In fact, it's getting almost too crowded for the small streets, but everyone has a great time. Al, over on Sixth St., always has the party to beat all parties. His home this year was fabulous with that pink monster in the front yard and a leather-covered awning over the front entrance.

The book baron also welcomed his customers to his home for drinks and chitchat. And Debbie and Claudette always throw a big bash over at their house. Another big get-together takes place at David and Ken's place, and Ann and Marlon throw open their doors to merrymakers.

Bogart's, Time Zone Check Points

With the Spanish Town Parade passing so close to Bogart's and the Time Zone, these bars are always packed on Mardi Gras Saturday. In fact, you could hardly get into Bogart's. This one, located on Third St., has always been a favorite of both Gays and straights on this holiday weekend. It's a kind of blending you don't see at any other time.

The Time Zone keeps everyone happy on Main St. These guys also open early like Bogart's and capitalize on all the crowds that come into the downtown area. The TZ guys are working on that new place down in Dutchtown, so keep checking out their Ambush ads to see when they will officially be open. This is going to be a great place for happy people to go on Sundays if Lafayette and New Orleans are not your cups of tea.

Miscellaneous Checks

I hope everyone checked out Chicago Cutlery Etc. & Chicago Cutlery Gourmet down in the Tanger Factory Outlet Center in Gonzales. They had a fantastic 25% off sale prior to Mardi Gras, and lots of people took advantage of this sale. Their discount ad appeared only in Ambush. And if you plan any visits to Charlene and Linda's on the Coast at Bay St. Louis, MS, be sure to stop in also at the Chicago Cutlery at Prime Outlets in Gulfport. Just check out the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I also have to mention that my friend Edwin checked out and got away from the Mardi Gras madness by taking a quick trip to London. That means I got to keep his house for him which is always a great way to spend this period in New Orleans. It means no driving back and forth to Baton Rouge, and this time I had that cute Mr. Gay Louisiana Curtis as a housemate. It was only social, darlings, but he did brighten up that house. In fact, I'm in the market for an apartment just to have to crash in and to keep me off the highways at night. After all, I see lots of New Orleans nights ahead.

Sweet Edwin just called me a short while ago and apparently has the flu bug. Michael and I had dinner with him over the weekend at Shalimar in the French Quarter, and I hope the bug doesn't get to us. Edwin was not his normal, cheerful self, but I thought he was just tired from the trip. Michael is Edwin's neighbor and is also a charming man.

I'm sorry to also learn that TTT was a little puny this holiday. The flu bug got him and knocked him out of the carnival spirit. That happened to several people I know. Sorry about that, darling! It's nice to see you up and about again.

And when you go to New Orleans, you may want to check out a certain gorgeous young man named Jason at MRB. He's also one of the top photographers in the Deep South and is an excellent videographer. I found him to be very charming and full of knowledge on good photographic techniques. He's a caring individual and has a rare quality that you don't find in many guys. As far as looks, he could be a top model in the fashion industry and definitely matches up with any of the major movie stars you find on the big screen. Handsome doesn't do him justice. Gorgeous is only the way to describe this beauty, and the personality and intelligence he possesses place him at the top of any list.

And with that, let me CHECK OUT!

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