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Volume 18/Issue 6

Rip & Marshaby Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain

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No Flesh, No Beads, No 3rd Term

Loads of phone calls and messages poured into Ambush offices prior to Mardi Gras with the common theme of "No Flesh, No Beads, No 3rd Term." Many citizens were outraged by the police crackdown on their Carnival holiday traditions. Although some could understand the crackdown on lewd behavior [the showing of one's most private assets], many could not believe the City of New Orleans would attempt to arrest revelers caught throwing beads from balconies around the French Quarter.

From what we understand, the New Orleans Police Department attempted to use a 1956 law which made it illegal to throw beads from balconies. Old timers believe that the law was initiated in the era of glass beads, which cut revelers below balconies when thrown. Sources say that after numerous complaints and economic pressure flooded City Hall about this matter, city officials backed off, allowing balcony bead throwing to continue.

Queenateenas Toss 20,000 Beads

Carnival Day rolled around and some 100 guests began arriving at Ambush Headquarters, 828 Bourbon St. The Krewe of Queenateenas 13th Annual Bead Toss kicked off precisely at 1pm led by King Cake Queen [KCQ] VII Stephanie Williams.

Stephanie reigned as Goddess 2000, nearly nude, with other balcony revelers celebrating this year's theme "Sex Goddesses." Some 20,000 beads in every color, shape and size were tossed to thousands below the balcony from 1pm-6pm. Many of the balcony revelers were really working the crowds below for the chance of being chosen King Cake Queen next year.

Balcony participants were also treated to numerous costumed revelers parading down Bourbon St., but none were as spectacular as the Krewe of Petronius' Cardinal of Venice. Definitely the crowd favorite, Jay Borne of Second Skin Leather fame outdid himself this year.

New Orleans designer/artist Matt Mattheisen created this year's incredible balcony display showcasing the theme "Sex Goddesses 2000." Thousands of pictures were taken of the French Quarter's most famous balcony. Queenateenas co-captains have already chosen the 2001 theme and Mattheisen will again do the honors but, of course, the theme and next year's King Cake Queen will not be announced until the Ambush Christmas party in December.

Carnival 2001 is Tuesday, Feb. 27. Visit www.gaymardigras.com for more info.

36th Annual Bourbon Street Awards

Under sunny skies and warm temperatures, the 36th Annual Bourbon Street Awards kicked off in front of thousands of excited onlookers, including former Lieutenant Gov., Melinda Schwegmann. The annual Fat Tuesday event began precisely at noon. Hostess Varla Jean Merman was on hand to entertain and delight the crowd, and delight them she did.

This year's event was covered by the local media, as well as MTV, New Orleans On Line, and The Discovery Channel. WWL-TV is doing a documentary for High Definition TV on the history of Mardi Gras, and was taping footage of the show to be included in that program.

There were seventy-one registered entrants in this year's show. With group categories, this equates to more than one hundred participants.

Winner in the Best Male category went to "Caught in the Act." Second place went to "Who Wants to Eat a Millionaire," and "Fancy Dancer" took third.

The Best Female award went to "Harrah's King of Petronius," with "Show Girl" taking second, and "Sex Explosion" taking third.

"Toast of the Millennium 2000" won the Best Group category, as well as Best In Show. Second place in the Group category went to "Cardinal of Venice," and third place to "We Love Seamen."

In the Fantasy category, "Wonder Woman" walked away with top honors. "Bones" took second place, and "Lord and Lady of the Night" came in third.

"Dark Angel" won the Leather category, followed by "Leather Mama" and "Leather Fantasy."

Best Tits went to "Donna and Her Tits."

Prizes range from silver plated serving trays for third place to the silver plated punch bowl set and tray for Best of Show. Judging this Year's event were James McCleskey, Jerry Peters, Andre DeLaBarre, Gregory Curtis and Judge Rose Ledet.

Thanks go to Wood Enterprises, in conjunction with Southern Eagle Brands, specifically, Bud Light. They are the ones responsible for making "The Best Free Show of Mardi Gras" happen.

Defying Gravity Hits Video Stores Apr. 11thdefyinggravity

Wolfe Video, the largest distributor of quality Gay and Lesbian home video products, will release the award-winning independent film, Defying Gravity on Apr. 11.

John Griffith [Daniel Chilson] is torn between two identities when his relationship with fraternity brother Pete Bradley [Dan Handfield] becomes more than a friendship. When his lover Pete is Gay-bashed, John begins to recognize that his feelings for Pete are far more complicated than a sexual relationship. As the social chairman of his fraternity, John is torn between the sense of belonging to his fraternity and his feelings for another man. John finally gains the courage to ignore society's opinions and fight for the one thing he is most sure of - his love for Pete.

The theatrical release of Defying Gravity generated abundant praise as noted by The Gay & Lesbian Times: "Finally, we have a meaningful parallel, a film that presents a Gay relationship in a social context that non-Gay viewers can understand, showing the reality of Gay emotions as something more than a desire for a string of one-night stands. These scenes remind us of the importance of human relationships and demonstrate the power of movies to tell stories which touch our hearts and remind us what really matters."

Beyond the love story told in Defying Gravity, is the all-too-real story of Gay-bashing on campus. This timely sub-plot makes Defying Gravity important viewing for audiences of all walks of life, especially on university campuses. Defying Gravity is a well shot, directed and acted film that will be meaningful and enjoyed by many generations to come.

For over 15 years, Wolfe Video has been the leading distributor of Gay and Lesbian life-style entertainment. Their extensive catalog includes a wide variety of titles ranging from romantic comedies to action-adventure to award-winning documentaries.

Visit www.wolfevideo.com for more info.

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