hot tails of red stick
Volume 19/Issue 6/2001

by Brad Benedict

Lords of Leather Revisited

When it comes to big, beautiful, outstanding balls, you have to look no further than the Lords of Leather Bal Masque XVIII, the final Gay ball of the Carnival season in New Orleans. I was there with a lot of other Baton Rougeans, who make their annual trek to the St. Bernard Civic Center in Chalmette to catch this spectacular event. Their theme this year was "Lords in Time, Myths and Legends."

The returning royalty came through a time warp to bring everyone into 2001 as the new Millennium representatives, and their costumes were very impressive. From their futuristic entrance last year to their shedding of those giant epaulets this year to reign over the ball as military officers was an amazing exchange. The audience loved the costumes, and Damon and Sam, Lord King XVII and Lord Consort XVII, respectively, were swamped with well-wishers after the ball who wanted to see their attire close-up.

With this excellent beginning, it was time for the captain to appear as the Time Lord. Lord Mickey brought a touch of futuristic class to this one as he descended from the upper level of the stage. With dancers to help in his presentation, the audience was enthralled and eager for more.

Following this was the wonderful and enthusiastic Cave Man, a part that no one could fill as well as Dr. Billy. He moved around that stage like a man in heat, and he probably was, but don't tell him I said that. This man is absolutely one of the nicest individuals you will ever meet. He's really a great friend.

RE was next, and, yes darlings, that is the right spelling. I have been assured of this by our very own expert, Lord George. And here I bet you thought I was talking about the second tone of the diatonic scale. You're forgiven if you spell it RA. However, I have to tell you that the LOL RE was a very elaborate and wonderful representation of this time figure. Lord Danny is to be congratulated for this remarkable costume. It also helped to have those cute Egyptians on stage too.

Next came Thor, and this was a beautiful leatherman and a titleholder in another city. Scott is a former resident of Metairie, and I believe he claims California as his home base now. Oh, but to be backstage with him while he dressed was the icing on the cake. That man is definitely a gorgeous hunk, dessert with a capital D.

The tribute to the late Lord Neil Gordon was one of the best tributes I've ever seen. It was done with class and dignity, and when those balloons floated to the ceiling of the building, it was as if his spirit was flying skyward. Everyone really appreciated this touch of remembrance, and it showed the love that the Lords of Leather have and will always hold dear for one of their own.

Now the Gladiator was also a nice one and that little golden cutie with him wasn't all that bad either. In fact, he was of the delicious variety too. Someone asked me after the ball who the guy was with the gorgeous ass, and to tell you the truth, there were so many, I wasn't sure which one she was talking about. Maybe I'll ask the restaurant critic at the Times-Picayune. I hear he enjoyed everything about the ball (especially the finger sandwiches from Bywater Barbecue) as he viewed it from Lord Damon's table.

And that Gladiator, by the way, is also a wonderful spiritual leader, and I don't speak of TTT here. This one is a Crescent City variety, and it is so nice to know that he is connected to the Lords group.

Next came Xena riding that chariot across and around the stage. This lovely lass is the current reigning Miss Louisiana Leather and represented the state in the international pageant in Montreal last year.

Pan was a riot. It's the first time I can remember a sex act being performed on stage, although I do recall something about the time when things were almost closed down. Now where was I, and when did this happen? At any rate, that little fairy got chased all over that stage while he was chasing butterflies. He was caught twice by that over-sexed Pan, and the poor thing got fertilized right there in front of everyone. Goodness!

I guess I have to say that Hercules (a dynamic Todd Cole) was my favorite. I say this only because he is absolutely one of the most wonderful men on the face of the earth. He is the current reigning Mr. Louisiana Leather, and this specimen of goodness has what it takes to go all the way. I speak of the International Mr. Leather (IML) title. Now what did you think I meant? If you want to know more about this precious angel, just go to his Web page: Good luck in Chicago, darling. I know you have what it takes. I just hope all those nice judges agree with my assessment.

I now leave Hercules and move on to another special human being. It's none other than Joan of Arc, our very own wonderful Miss Mina. This doll did a fantastic costume, and her flair for creativity and goodness just oozed out all over that stage. She was so good, I almost missed those two beautiful studs with her. Sorry, guys, but I'll make it up to you. Just let me know how and when.

I've mentioned a certain Lord George earlier, but now I have to tell you about his Genghis Khan outfit. That was nice, sweetie, but not nearly as good as that performance you gave on the Internet recently. My goodness! My gracious! You certainly are talented.

With all the costumes, the tribute and the dancing out of the way, it was time to introduce the new royalty for this Bal Masque XVIII. It was out with the old and in with the new as Lord Timm and Lord Matt came down from the ceiling in spectacular costumes. The Creator and His Creation Adam made their way to their subjects, and a new year of royalty began. Actually, it began after Damon and Sam made their final walk, but that only added to the prestige of the occasion.

With the Grand March and the introduction of special guests, the Lords of Leather brought another ball to completion. It can only be described as magnificent. If you missed it, you missed, in my opinion, the finest of the season.

Everyone I've talked to has been very complimentary about the ball, the tables, the gifts, the food, the great time they had. It was the result of a job well done by a fine group of men, the Lords of Leather.

Mardi Gras Closeout

No Mardi Gras is complete without a visit to the Ambush Headquarters balcony on Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday. Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain were again the generous hosts to this spectacular show. With help from lots of guys and gals, the balcony came alive with a barrage of beads for the thousands of people coming down Bourbon St.

Not only were the costumes great, but the tits and d**ks were even better. Oh, goodness! Can I say that in a family newspaper? Well, it's true. Miss Phyllis Denmark reigned as this year's Queenateenas queen, and she did a fabulous job bringing out the weenies. Miss Minette of the Hide-A-Way and Miss Toni of Ambush fame helped to get those women undressed. It was a remarkable sight. Just wonderful!

I had my favorites, two young studs, in fact. I don't know who they are, but I got them in all their glory, and I can hardly wait until I can get them in photo shoots for future private collections. Those blue eyes, sparkling smiles, and fabulous weenies just left me weak in the knees. I had to go inside and rest a spell.

Being inside wasn't all that bad either. The hosts had a wonderful spread of goodies, food, drink and dips for the occasion. The throw beads were furnished by Rip and Marsha, and the camaraderie here was just great.

The pictures, which you can view soon on the Ambush Web site, are furnished by yours truly Brad Benedict. I hope you appreciate my efforts. Check out the site and then let me know when I can do the private photo shoots, and I direct this request at those two beautiful stud muffins that performed so well for me. It is also nice to see the elite group of people who come by each year to be on the balcony. It was another great day, and I'm very grateful to have been included once more.

Fat Tuesday Sightings

Other than those pictures taken from the balcony, I was so pleased to run into so many of my friends from Baton Rouge. Of course, that Crescent City dentist and former queen of Apollo in Baton Rouge was the icing on the cake. I just think he is one of the most beautiful human being alive. I hadn't seen him for quite some time, and we chatted for quite a while right out in the middle of Bourbon St.

Some of the other happy campers I noted making the rounds were Steve (a very sexy neighbor to a certain titled leather stud), Kevin, Sam, David, Darren, Daniel #1, Daniel #2, cutie-pie Eric (who I'm told has a monster weenie), and the list could go on and on, but there just isn't enough space here to mention all of you. Take my word for it, darlings. Baton Rouge knows how to party.

And if you made your way to Oz, you have to know that one of my favorite little studs from Icon, the delightful Dallas, was working those drinks and those stars of stage and screen. He really loved Dean Phoenix and Cameron Fox. My goodness! I should have dropped in on those guys. I think my buddy Johnny runs some fine entertainment establishments, and beside all that, he's one of the sexiest men I know. Okay, People Magazine, get your heads out of you know what so you can pick a prize like my Johnny. Sorry, Cy, but I just had to say that.

All in all, it was a great Mardi Gras. Too bad those people in those other cities don't know how to have good ones. And when you think about it, why would you go there when all you have to do is come to New Orleans for the real thing? That's right. We're the real thing, and no one and no city can compare to this, not even Rio.

Baton Rouge Update

A new restaurant has made the scene in Baton Rouge. It's called the Cyber Cafe, and it's located across from Icon on Highland Rd. It is really a great place with a wonderful ambiance about it along with some outstanding food. John and Michael have created something long overdue in the capital city. We can show our support by supporting them. Let's do it. Get there and enjoy the food, drink, computers, television, interior waterfalls, pool tables, etc.

And, I heard yesterday that my sweetie Suzanne would be serving up drinks on Sunday. Now that's great news. She's what makes going to the Hide-A-Way a treat. Now you can catch her at both places.

George's has a lot of good programs on tap during the upcoming weeks, so check out their ads to keep up with these activities. Richard is my good buddy, and we enjoy our time together at the bar, at Christina's, or wherever we might be.

The same goes for friend Leonard, who can put a lot of chefs to shame with his expertise in the kitchen. We went by that motel on Nicholson to see Obry last week, but the Obry man was not on duty, so we dined without him. Good breakfast. Good service. Nice atmosphere.

And, of course, I have to mention all the new merchandise at Hibiscus Bookstore. You need to check this out. The new Brad Benedict card line is going strong, and the calendars were a hit, so look for a repeat in 2001. If you don't find what you are looking for here, just ask and your request will be considered for future orders. The bookman believes in satisfying his clientele. Brad Benedict does too.

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