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Volume 22/Issue 6/2004

Rip & Marsha



by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain 
Visit their site: ripandmarsha.com

Brett Messmer & Princesse Stephaney Will Lead 5th Gay Easter Parade through the Streets of the Quarter Apr. 11

Easter Grand Marshals V Princesse Stephaney & Brett Messmer

It's official! Brett Messmer and Princesse Stephaney were announced as the honorees at the Easter Grand Marshals Reception on Mar. 6 at Cowpokes in New Orleans. The couple will reign as Easter Grand Marshals V, officiating at all of the fund-raisers and parties leading up to the Easter Sunday parade. Both have participated in the parade and its fund-raisers since its inception 5 years ago and that is the reason the Board of Directors of the Gay Easter Parade, including Founder Lance V. Ford, Producer Carl J. Ford and public relations, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, chose them. The 5th Annual Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade: Lillies & Lace kicks off at 4:30pm on Apr. 11 beginning and ending on North Rampart St. All proceeds minus parade expenses benefits Food For Friends.

Past Easter Grand Marshals include EGMs IV George Simons & Electra City, EGMs III Timm Holt & Teryl-Lynn Foxx, EGMs II Larry Bagneris, Jr. & the late Miss Do Moreland, and EGMs I Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

Official Gay Easter Parade Events scheduled as of March 12 include:

Sat., Mar. 204 Seasons, Metairie • 8pm • Spring Fever 2004! A Star Studded Benefit Gala hosted by EGM IV Electra City saluting EGMs V Brett Messmer & Princesse Stephaney, and starring Tittie Toulouse, Opal Masters, Vanessa Carmichael, Christina Crawfish, Josie Mae Cotton, Bambi Riviera, Giselle Bouvier, Cyrstal Champagne, Jenny Joyride and more.

Sat., Mar. 27 • 8-10pm • Body & SoulSuper Star Studded Gay Easter Parade Extravaganza: The Queens, The Stars, The Divas, hosted by Queen Satyricon Bianca Del Rio, honoring EGMs V Brett Messmer & Princesse Stephaney, and starring EGM IV Electra City/Gay Easter Parade, EGM III Teryl-Lynn Foxx/Gay Easter Parade, SDGM XXXI Rusty LaRoux/The Zoo Revue, Queen Amon-Ra Michael "Fish" Hickerson/Krewe of Amon-Ra, Queen Armeinius Blanche DeBris/Krewe of Armeinius, Queen Mwindo II James Swire/Krewe of Mwindo, Queen Petronius Toni Pizanie/Krewe of Petronius, King Cake Queen VIII Phyllis Denmark/KCQ Royalty Club, Miss Louisiana Leatherette Savanna DeLorean/Lords of Leather, Opal Vanderhurst representing Miss Heavenly at Large, New Orleans Grand Madame Tiara Dominique, Lisa Beaumann representing Gay Appreciation Awards, Dominique DeLorean representing The Women of Profile, Donnie Jay representing Slutpuppies, Marcy Marcell representing Golden Age Revue, Opal Masters/supporter/Gay Easter Parade, Bambi Riviera/supporter/Gay Easter Parade, Loren Brown/supporter/Gay Easter Parade & Ursuline Burgundy/supporter/Gay Easter Parade.

Fri., Apr. 2DNA, Harvey • 8pm • The Westbank Cocktail Party Gala (8pm) & Show (10pm) hosted by Phyllis Denmark, saluting EGMs V Brett Messmer & Princesse Stephaney.

Sat., Apr. 3Double Play • 8pm • Purple Party V: Easter Grand Marshals Reception honoring EGMs V Brett Messmer & Princesse Stephaney.

Sun., Apr. 11 • 3-4:30pm • Starlight By The Park • Pre-Gay Easter Parade Reception.

Sun., Apr. 11 • 4:30pm til • 5th Official Gay Easter Parade.

Sun., Apr. 11 • Following the Parade • Ninth Circle & Society PagePost-Gay Easter Parade Receptions.

The parade is presented by Lance V. Ford and Ambush Mag. Parade lineup begins at Dumaine and North Rampart starting at 3pm. The parade travels down N. Rampart, left onToulouse, left on Decatur, left on Dumaine, left on Royal, right on Bienville, right on Bourbon, left on St. Louis, right on Burgundy, right on St. Ann, right on Royal, right on St. Peter, and right on N. Rampart, ending the parade.

Parade attire includes tuxedos, summer suits or Easter dresses/suits with Easter hats/bonnets. Cross dressing is allowed. Nudity or partial nudity is not allowed. Please do not throw sexually explicit beads or throws of that nature.

Businesses, organizations and individuals can also show their support by choosing one of the following Sponsorship Levels including Platinum - $1,000, Gold - $500, Silver - $250 and Bronze - $100.

Current Sponsors include: Platinum $1,000 - Queen Fashions; Gold $500 - Double Play, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain; Silver $250 - Body & Soul, Bywater Bar.B..Que, Cowpokes, DNA, Floral Affair, 4 Seasons, Ninth Circle, Princesse Stephaney & Sam, Quartermaster, Society Page, Starlight By The Park; Bronze $100 - Tom Conners & Bob Boler, Fund For Diversity, Timm Holt.

All level sponsors appear in all Gay Easter Parade ads and at the organization's Website, GayEasterParade.COM.

Loads of participates have already joined the parade including, Easter Bunny & Little Bunnies, EGM V Brett Messmer, EGM V Princesse Stephaney, Carl/Lance Ford & Richard, EGM IV George Simons & Electra City, EGM III Timm Holt, EGM I Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, COP 8, Opal Masters, Tom Conners & Bob Boler, Something Different, Lee Page/DNA, NO/AIDS Task Force, New Orleans Alliance of Pride, Whiz, Queen Fashions, Billy & Clarence, John Ryan, Frank Stewart & Friends, Krystal on Bourbon, Hook & Ladder, Orlando's Society Page, Salamander & the Fairies, and Rene Bryant & Friends.

Don't be left out, contact Producer Carl Ford to order carriages and for parade information at 504.523.4700 or carlan724@bellsouth.net. Contact Rip Naquin-Delain to schedule fund-raisers/parties or for sponsorship info at 504.522.8049 or info@ambushmag.com. Parade entry fee is $10 per unit. Position in the parade is determined by date entry fee and carriage rental is received.

Rep. Steve Scalise Files Discriminatory Amendment to Louisiana Constitution

Baton Rouge, LA - Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Metairie), has filed a proposed amendment to the Louisiana Constitution that "defines marriage in Louisiana as the union of one man and one woman and provides that the state shall not be required to confer marital status or legal incidents thereof upon unmarried couples or groups." It also "prohibits the recognition by any official or court of a marriage contracted in another jurisdiction unless it is a union between one man and one woman."  

Christopher Daigle, Political Director of Equality Louisiana, issued the following statement:

"In keeping with the tactics of the White House during an election year, Rep. Steve Scalise, a candidate for the 1st Congressional District, is playing politics with Louisiana families and the state’s constitution.

Article I of our constitution, entitled 'Declaration of Rights' is very clear in stating that government’s 'only legitimate ends are to secure justice for all, preserve peace, protect the rights, and promote the happiness and general welfare of the people.' To amend such a noble cause by enshrining discrimination into the constitution is unconscionable and contrary to the spirit and intent of the 'Declaration of Rights.' Constitutions are intended to insure the rights of citizens rather than limit them.

Rep. Scalise is doing nothing more than trying to prove who has the most conservative credentials among the candidates in his race for Congress. If he were a true conservative, he would appreciate the sanctity of the constitution and understand that playing politics with this document serves no interest and unpatriotic.

Just as interpretations of the constitution have evolved, so has the institution of marriage. At one time, marriages were no more than prearranged contracts, usually of financial benefit to one of the parties. Wives were considered chattel rather than partners in life. African-Americans, whether they were free or enslaved were encouraged to create families, but their right to marriage was denied. Until 1967, marriage was available only to people of the same race. Now Scalise thinks it should be available only to heterosexuals. Through each of these dramatic changes to the institution of marriage, it became all the stronger because people were allowed to commit their lives to and accept responsibility for partners of their own choosing. As revolutionary as these changes may have seemed at the time, Louisianians today understand that the changes were necessary and just. Today these marriages are an everyday part of our lives and considered the norm.

The 2000 census documented same-sex families in over 99% of the country’s counties. Louisiana ranks in the Top 25 states with the highest density of same-sex families. All but one parish recorded the existence of same-sex households. How can a candidate run to represent Louisiana in Congress, who claims he wants to strengthen families, but completely disregards a significant number of the state’s families? What plans does he have to protect the children in these families?

If Mr. Scalise is truly concerned about the 'sanctity' of marriage, why isn’t he filing bills that would abolish divorce and establish sentences for adultery? We challenge him to explain how this constitutional amendment will strengthen marriage. We want to know how discriminating against one family will strengthen his own.

We will fight this proposed amendment with fervor and we call upon the state’s leadership and lawmakers to do the same. Despite the political rhetoric of last fall’s election, we question whether there really is a New Louisiana. It seems to us that we continue to live out our legacy of bigotry and intolerance."

Equality Louisiana (formerly known as LAGPAC) is the state’s oldest, largest, and most effective nonpartisan organization dedicated to full civil equality for all of Louisiana’s citizens, especially those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

St. Joseph's Alter at Coffee, Friends and... Mar. 19

Coffee, Friends and..., 2401 Burgundy St., New Orleans is presenting its first St. Joseph's Alter on St. Joseph's Day, Fri., Mar. 19. The alter will be open for viewing 7am-7pm. This is the only St. Joseph's Alter presented in a gay business this year. The blessing of the altar will be on Mar. 18.

According to proprietor Carl Meyer, "If you steel a blessed lemon, you'll be married before the next St. Joseph's Day." And Meyer will have loads of blessed lemons on hand.

Offerings will be accepted for the poor and for petitions to St. Joseph.

1st Mr. Prime Beef set for Mar. 20 at Phoenix

The 1st Annual Mr. Prime Beef title competition is set for Sat., Mar. 20, 10pm, at the Phoenix in New Orleans. Ambush's own The Big Diva, Phyllis Denmark, will emcee the contest targeting men 40 and over. For contestant information, contact the Phoenix, 504.945.9264 or visit the club's website www.PhoenixBar.COM.

MatriXXX to Hosts PFLAG & Armeinius Events

The MatriXXX, 940 Elysian Fields in New Orleans is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Bar barons Gerard Beaudoin and Richard Moore want to assure the public that MatriXXX is striving to be one of the "best queer dance clubs in New Orleans."

PFLAG is hosting its Cake Auction on Mon., Mar. 22 from 7-9pm while the Krewe of Armeinius is hosting its 37th Annual Rush Party on Sun., Mar. 28, 2-5pm.

And don't forget the club's weekly events including Mondays, karaoke, 9pm-12am; Tuesdays, 2 for 1 well, call and premium, Wednesdays, Mad About Wednesdays, we call it drink specials all night; Thursdays, College Night & Faggot Feud, students with ID get $3 Stoli's and compete against each other for the Fued;

Fridays, free well and domestic draft 10pm-11pm & 12am-1am with 11pm Drag Show featuring Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Asya Alexander and Persana Shoulders;

Saturdays, CUNT featuring DJ Chris Finland 12am - 6am;

And Sundays, $5 Brunch 11am-2pm, $3 Long Island Ice Teas 3pm-10pm.

The MatriXXX also offers Happy Hour 4-7pm daily. Van service is available all weekend beginning Fridays, 6pm-5am on a route with stops outside of Voodoo, Lafitte Blacksmith Shop and MatriXXX.

Armeinius Hosts 37th Rush Party Mar. 28 at MatriXXX

The Krewe of Armeinius will host its 37th Annual Rush Party on Sun., Mar. 28 at the MatriXXX, 940 Elysian Fields, in New Orleans.

Beginning at 2pm, you can become a part of the magic of New Orleans most lavish and satirical Gay Mardi Gras Ball.

The raves about this year's ball include "2004 Armeinius presents the Ball of the Year," "The Endymion of Gay Krewes!," "Queen Blanche would make PT Barnum proud," "A Twisted Peppermint captures Bourbon Street Awards - Best Female and Best of Show!"

For more information, visit the krewe website, www.Armeinius.COM.

Oz's Fab White Party X Kicks off Easter Weekend

Oz's fabulous annual White Party welcomes the return of spring! This benefit for Lazarus House is held each year on Good Friday, this year Apr. 9, kicking off the big Gay Easter weekend here in New Orleans. The club will be transformed into a white oasis with some of the most incredible floral displays you'll ever see in the Big Easy.

You’ll be treated to the best dance and house music all night, plus gorgeous male dancers throughout the night. It is truly a site to behold.

But let's not forget about the regular events every night of the week at Oz. You'll see why Oz was voted Dance Club of the Year and Show Bar of the Year by popular vote in the Gulf South.

Mondays, it's Bianca Del Rio's Comedy & Variety Show at 11:30pm sponsored by Ambush Mag. Tuesday brings Tight Ass Tuesdays with drink specials and a $100 Best Ass in Tight Jeans contest. It's Wigged Out Wednesdays with more drink specials and Drag Makeover with Becky Allen and Oz's famous Illusion Show featuring Bianca Del Rio, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Lisa Beaumann and special guests at 11:30pm.

Thursdays brings Drag Bingo with Bianca Del Rio 6-8pm followed by the Men of Manwatch dancers, plus the Calendar Boy Contest at midnight with Blanche Debris.

Drag Bingo with Bianca Del Rio returns Fridays 6-8pm followed by great dance music and the hot Men of Manwatch dancers.

Saturday showcases the club's hit DJs plus circuit greats on special weekends and the Men of Manwatch dancers.

Drag Bingo runs Sundays, 5-7pm with hosts Becky Allen & Blanche Debris followed by the Dancer of the Week contest hosted by Barry Bareass, plus more great dance music and the Men of Manwatch dancers.

And from 4pm-10pm Monday through Friday you can enjoy Happy Hour with Bartender of the Year Allen featuring $2 well drinks and domestic beer

Visit OzNewOrleans.COM for more info.

New Orleans Alliance of Pride Board Begins Work on 25th Pride Festival

The New Orleans Alliance of Pride has put together the largest board in recent history to oversee the production of New Orleans 25th Anniversary Pride Festival. The board includes Chair Thomas Taube, Secretary Karbin Paul, Jr., Treasurer Gerard Beaudoin, Larry Bagneris, Lori Booth, Blanche Debris, Charlotte D'Ooge, Kenn Elder, Anna Green, Donnie Jay, Jason Kirkpatrick, Crystal Little, Shayne McClain, Keith Oalmann, Tiffany Rose, Rick Thomas, Harold Short, Allan Spach and Scott Webb. The board represents New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, and Biloxi, MS. Ambush hopes to keep the public informed as plans unfold for this 25th historical festival celebration for the GLBT community in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Visit NewOrleansGayPride.ORG for more info.

Many Ambush readers have asked why this publication has not printed the financial report from last year's Pride Fest. Ambush requested the report in November, 2003 and was told, that according to the New Orleans Alliance of Pride Bylaws, the report could not be released until December. The report was not released in December. Ambush requested the report again in January and February, 2004. On Mar. 6, Ambush Publisher/Editor Rip Naquin-Delain asked board member Larry Bagneris for a copy of the report so that it could be printed in this edition. Bagneris said he would get a copy of the report to Ambush by deadline day, Tues., Mar. 9. When the report did not arrive, Ambush contacted Treasurer Gerard Beaudoin on Wed., Mar. 10, requesting the report. Beaudoin said that he would be happy to release the report, but that the Board of Directors had not authorized its release to the press yet. As of press time, Fri., Mar. 12, Ambush had not received the report.

NO/AIDS Task Force to Host Kickoff Reading To Saints & Sinners Literary Fest

NO/AIDS Task Force, a New Orleans nonprofit organization that provides services for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS is pleased to announce a kickoff reading series for Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, to be held April 14, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at the Latter Library on St. Charles Ave..

The series, which is open to the public, will feature readings from such acclaimed authors as Poppy Z. Brite, Kevin Allman, Elyn Selu, Chris Wiltz, J.M. Redmann and Greg Herren. In addition, representatives from Saints and Sinners will be on hand to accept preregistrations, and to answer any questions relating to the festival. Saints and Sinners will offer a Local Saint registration package, available only at the Latter Library that evening. The Local Saint package will consist of: any 2 master classes on Fri., May 7, weekend registration for any panel discussions or readings on Sat. and Sun., May 8-9, including a special Erotica reading, as well as entrance into both the opening and closing parties. The cost for this package is $100, a $200 value. Saints and Sinners, a literary festival geared for the Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgender community, their friends and all readers and writers, is slated for the weekend of May 7-9 and will feature workshops, panel discussions and reading series by various authors including Christopher Rice, Poppy Z. Brite, Katherine V. Forrest, Felice Picano and Val McDermid among others. Representatives from publishing houses such as Harrington Park, Suspect Thoughts, Gival and Star Books will also be on hand. The festival will take place in the heart of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter, using the House of Blues and O’ Flartery’s Irish Channel Pub as spaces for the readings and panels. For a complete line up of participants and events, visit www.sasfest.com, or to pre- register, call 504.821.2601, ext. 217. Official registration begins Fri., May 7 at O’ Flaherty’s Irish Channel Pub, 514 Rue Toulouse, at 9am.

The festival hopes to accomplish two things. One is to raise funds for the services and programs offered by NO/AIDS Task Force, the second is to serve as a community awareness forum. This event will show another side of the GLBT community other than the one shown during party times such as Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence.

NO/AIDS Task Force has been at the forefront of the battle against HIV disease for twenty years. The agency offers a comprehensive array of compassionate and critical services such as prevention education, HIV antibody testing and counseling, community outreach, the Louisiana Statewide HIV Hotline, primary medical care, early intervention services, peer support, mental health therapy, support groups, case management, housing coordination, medication assistance, home delivered meals and a food bank program. The NO/AIDS Task Force serves thousands of individuals through prevention education, community outreach and direct services for individuals living with HIV disease each year.

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