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Volume 19/Issue 7/2001

If you want to attend a birthday party, you need to take the lead of a group of older guys and re-enter A Young Man's World. That's the title of the latest from Kevin Clarke, a writer/director who really knows how to please his viewers. This has got to be one of the hottest releases I've seen lately. In fact, it's simply a beautiful look at a bunch of gorgeous human beings.

flickin The party takes place at this home with the music room overlooking a wonderful swimming pool and landscaped yard. It's here that our birthday celebration takes place, but what I liked about the entire story line was how the older guys tell their stories with young stars taking their places in the present. Of course, they also have guests who are celebrating with them, and this becomes the match-up pairings for the wonderful sex scenes. Clarke outdoes himself with this one. It ranks up there with the very best. I think you will agree when you view it.

I suppose everyone recalls what they did at 18 (or before), but this movie (DVD) really brings it all in perspective. This flashback (or flashforward) technique is very enjoyable. The photography is superb, the young actors do an excellent job in the acting department, and even the music is absolutely perfect for this movie. I am not usually this impressed with any movie, but this one puts class up front, and the end result is quite nice.

I can't even say that one of the stars was better than another. They were all that good, and once you see the outtakes, you will want to go back and watch the movie again. The outtakes were as good as the movie.

Ron Aron, Kevin Clarke, Barry Knight, Russell Moore, and Derrick Stanton are the older guys in this romp, and they carry themselves well with all those youngsters. And lots of these guys were first-timers to video: Adam Bristol, Jace Hughes, Antonio Madiera, Dave Parker, Jonathan Prescott, Justin Roxx, and Trent Sebastian. The biggies were Joe Landon, Ashton Ryan, Curt Logan, and Zach Rhodes.

This movie is divided into five scenes. Scene One is a reminiscence by Ron Aron of what it would be like to be young again and features Court Logan, who appeared in Clarke's The American Way Part 2 (Lust), and a beautiful newcomer Trent Sebastian. This is an outdoor scene, and these two really light up the screen.

Scene Two comes about as the older guys recall their younger days. Adam Bristol and Justin Roxx are really hot in this scene, and thanks to exceptional camera angles, I thought I was right up there with them. Wow! It was amazing.

Scene Three returns to the theme of how younger men view older ones. Russell Moore is the older guy who is rejected by two younger ones. It's this rejection that puts you right in the picture, and through this experience we meet Antonio Madiera and Zach Rhodes. Jonathan Prescott is the young Moore. This three-way is an energetic romp through youthful exuberance that is highlighted by one of the greatest cum shots of all time by Prescott.

Scene Four has Knight and Clarke morphing into Aston Ryan and his real life lover Jace Hughes. This is another beautiful example of true love-making. They have sex as only lovers can. This was shot on location, and the scenery really adds a lot to this one.

Scene Five also features real life lovers, Joe Landon and Dave Parker who have their way with young Adam Bristol after he has an altercation with a drunk Clarke. It wouldn't be right to give away the ending, but let's just say Clarke is the object of a little revenge. It's both funny and scary, sad and joyous, depending on your age mainly. However, I have to believe that our Clarke boy really enjoyed this.

You'll come away singing with this one. Even the musical score is great. All I can say is keep the lube handy, darlings. You're gonna need it. And you're gonna love those slow motion cum shots. Well, hell, you're just gonna love the entire movie.

For more information on price and availability, contact Kevin Clarke at Delta Productions, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd, PMB 109-497, West Hollywood, CA 90046. You can also check them out at, or phone 1.800.664.6550. It was produced by Barry Knight and Russell Moore.

Oh, yes, A Young Man's World won Best Three-Way at a recent awards show, and it was definitely a well deserved honor. It would have been Best Picture if I had a say in it. It's two hours of sheer pleasure.

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