pensacola-orlando spotlight
Volume 23/Issue 8/2005

Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. to participate in May 6 & 7 Pensacola Relay For Life

Pensacola, FL - The TIDE continues to sweep through Northwest Florida as the members of Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. turn their focus to the fight against cancer.

Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc.’s goal is to improve the quality of life for members of the Gulf Coast LGBT community. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them joining in the May 6 & 7 Relay For Life effort at the PJC (Pensacola Junior College) Main Campus in Pensacola as they continue to Search for the Cure. (The theme for this year’s Relay For Life effort.)

Beginning with a "Survivor Walk" at 5pm on Fri., May 6 and continuing through noon on Sat., May 7, the organization will join with thousands of Gulf Coast residents in walking and working to raise money for cancer research.

While cancer is not a "gay disease", thousands in the Gulf Coast LGBT community are touched each year by the disease. In fact, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), nearly 1 out of 4 deaths in 2005 will be the result of cancer making it the second leading cause of death in America (behind heart disease).

Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. Interim President Jon Durre, will be one of the Cancer Survivors participating in the Survivor Walk on Friday evening. "Like most Americans, my family has been touched by cancer, so this cause is near and dear to my heart," Jon Durre said. "I’m happy to say that my mother and I will both be taking part in the Survivor Walk, thanks to advances made in cancer treatment as a result of efforts like this."

Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. invites anyone interested in making a donation as well as anyone interested in joining them in this effort to contact their team leader: or to visit them at their booth (2nd booth north of the main stage).

Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. is the only organization on the Florida Gulf Coast that exists exclusively for the purpose of providing education, empowerment, and visibility within and beyond the Gulf Coast lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. With it’s stated goal: "Together In Diversity & Equality," Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc. is working to build stronger ties between individuals and organizations serving the Gulf Coast LGBT Community - affirming, assisting, and augmenting their efforts - while at the same time, being actively involved in advocacy efforts to promote acceptance, equality, and diversity - serving Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

For more information including how you can join Gulf Coast TIDE, Inc., visit their Web site at or e-mail

2005 Memorial Day Weekend DJ Line-up Announced

Pensacola, FL - Ten world-class DJs will spin at 11 parties starting Thurs., May 26 for the annual giant Memorial Day Weekend blowout in Pensacola presented by Johnny Chisholm and Oz New Orleans. The DJ line-up and associated parties follow.

TRACY YOUNG - To make it in the cutting edge world of club DJs and re-mixers, one must be versatile, innovative, and adaptable. If you’ve been keeping up with the global club scene, then chances are that your ears have feasted on the potent blends of Dance, House and Tribal rhythms served up by the hard hitting Miami-based Tracy Young. Additionally, the energetic and wildly creative Young has worked her magic on a repertoire of remixes. As one of a handful of accomplished re-mixers in the world, she has infused her signature style into the Latin rhythms of Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan and Shakira, and has put a fierce dance spin on icons such as Christina Aguilera, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, administering a musical symphony to the latter’s hit Music that Billboard Magazine called "an emotional masterpiece." ...Spinning at Bounce 1, Friday afternoon at the Hilton, 4pm-8pm.

DAVID KNAPP - A former resident of New York City holding residency at both Roxy and Limelight, David Knapp now calls Atlanta his home. David is busy nearly every weekend at regular gigs in Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, Dallas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Montreal, and Atlanta; to name a few. His international credits include Amsterdam, Mykonos, Sydney, and Costa Rica. In the summer of 2000 David played a tour of Japan. He was also the sole DJ performing for New York City’s Gay Pride Pier Dance, before a crowd of 10,000. Although David is mostly recognized for his multi-layered anthemic vocals, you’re always sure to get some one-of-a-kind, productions that will blow away the most sophisticated ear. Playing programs that pleases everyone in his audience, David is referred to as, The People’s DJ. ...Spinning at Spellbound 1, Afterhours Saturday night at The Annex, 3am-9am

MARY PAPPAS - DJ Mary Pappas will tell you that music has always played an important part in her life.Her first professional job spinning was at the Bullet Club in Tokyo. She played top 40 music to a non-English speaking audience. "I just smiled and faked it." Back in the USA, Mary became the first female jock to take up residency at the Bourbon Pub/Parade. This is where she was introduced to the world of the BOY sound, a love affair that continues to this day. "In some ways I feel like I walk a fine line between the musical worlds of the boys and girls, I mold my collection of music for mass appeal, Progressive house, NRG, Club Anthems and Trance; music that moves the mind and body and soul." ...Spinning at Forbidden 1 & 2, The Girl Parties at Flounder’s on the Beach, Saturday and Sunday nights, 9pm-3am.

MANNY LEHMAN - Though known as the Latin From Manhattan, this current Los Angeleno resident has taken the Circuit World by storm. Although Manny has been at the turntables off-and-on for more than a decade, it’s only recently with the mega-success of such events as the 1999 Palm Springs White Party and Montreal’s Black and Blue Recovery Party that Lehman has skyrocketed to DJ stardom. Manny’s sound is a high-octane blend of aggressive, soulful, house-infused with distinct Latin/Tribal beats. Perhaps what is so impressive, however, is Manny’s incredible consistency as an always "on" DJ, never failing to bring the crowd to mesmerizing intense frenzy and leaving them there; begging for more. His beats are relentless and always filled with surprises. Other circuit events Manny has played include DC’s Cherry, Pines 2000, Sundance, Fireball, Halloween in New Orleans, and Philadelphia’s Blue Ball. You know you’re going to get an evening of energy when Manny Lehman spins. ...Spinning at ABRACADABRA, Sunday night at the Pensacola Civic Center, 10pm-4am.

KIMBERLY S. - As one of Hollywood’s rising DJs by night and a 2nd degree black belt karate instructor by day, Kimberly S. simply kicks ass. In the daylight hours, she can be found teaching Tae Kwon Do for kids at her martial arts studio on the famed Sunset Strip. But it’s after dark that Kimberly shines. A native of Southern California, Kimberly S. moved to Los Angeles in 1988 where she began her DJ career. She has established herself as a cutting edge visionary, mixing deep soulful house, to pulsing tribal beats, to vocal circuit anthems;an experience she regards as deeply spiritual. When needed, Kimberly’s repertoire extends to hip-hop, R&B, Disco and Funk. Without skipping a beat, Kimberly has also attracted the attention of some of the record industry’s hottest dance music labels and garnered national media exposure. ...Spinning at HURRICANE, Friday night at The Hilton, 10pm-3am.

JAY-R - Jay-R is currently a DJ at Emerald City in Pensacola. His love of music started at an early age. While most other kids his age were playing with toys, at the ripe old age of 4 he received his very first record player. When he was 21, he realized how he would, from that day on, express himself musically. He started practicing his skills, and has already accomplished so much in a short time! In the last 9 months since he has been DJing for live audiences, Jay-R has done such events as Art Against AIDS, The Order Of Zues Red Ball, and ClubKid Invasion; just to name a few. He looks forward to Memorial Day Weekend to get his name out there, and let all those people HAVE IT! ...Spinning at FOREPLAY, Thursday night at Emerald City, 9pm-3am.

ROLAND BELMARES - One fateful night in Austin, 1996, a young man found himself surrounded by pulsing music, flashing strobe lights, thousands of sweaty men and a whole lot of fake smoke. He instantly fell in love. The event was Meltdown, and the kid was Roland Belmares. That was the night Roland Belmares decided to become a DJ; slowly building a name for himself as a DJ who takes his art just as seriously whether there are twenty or two thousand people on the dance floor. The incredible impact Belmares made on audiences at both Meltdown and Perfect Day secured him a position on the discerning partygoer’s hot list of circuit DJs. With a growing fan base spanning coast to coast, it was only a matter of time before Belmares was called upon to mix CDs for the industry’s leading dance labels, including Dance One, 4Play Records, Centaur (Global & Party Groove) and Harlequin Records. Keep your eyes, and ears, on this rising star. ...Spinning at SWEAT, Saturday night at Emerald City, 9pm-3am.

ALYSON CALAGNA - Alyson Calagna discovered a love for music at an early age. Part of her childhood was spent living in Aberdeen, Scotland at which time she was first exposed to house music. This music sparked something inside of her and from the first moment she heard it, she was hooked. By the age of 16, she was living in Lafayette, Louisiana when she found a natural calling to the turntables. Within a short time, she was granted the opportunity for a residency at Images Nightclub due to her increasing popularity and sound. In April 1999, she won first place in the WPOW Power 96.5 spin off in Miami, Florida. After one year at club 735, the buzz about this powerhouse talent began to spread and as a result, she was booked at various nightclubs on the East Coast. This exposure was just the beginning for the now jet setting jock. She is currently a Billboard reporter and has been voted Up and Coming DJ for 2002 by Circuit Party Insanity. From global sensual grooves to tribal rhythms, this up and coming DJ is making her mark on the music world. ...Spinning at BOUNCE 2, Saturday afternoon at the Hilton, 4pm-8pm.

DEWIGHT BARKLEY - What started as a hobby buying records with his lunch money in junior high quickly escalated beyond a mere record collection and into a full fledged career for DJ Dewight Barkley. He learned the technical side of spinning vinyl through observation and found a use for his massive collection of 12" singles ("over 25,000 these days and still growing!" he boasts). As Emerald City’s senior programmer, this year marks his seventh year of involvement in the Memorial Day experience. "As a DJ, your only claim to fame are those few seconds of art in between each song," Dewight notes. "The credit for everything else already belongs to someone else, so you gotta make it last and make it impactful!" Open your mind, open you heart, hear the message and be MOVED. ...Spinning at CLIMAX, Monday night at Emerald City, 9pm-3pm.

BARRY HARRIS - Barry Harris has remixed and produced for practically every important artist in pop music. Madonna, Cher, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Enrique Iglesias, among others. As one half the remix/production duo, Thunderpuss, Harris topped the Billboard charts an astounding 31 times. In 1998, Barry Harris and LA-based DJ/Producer Chris Cox became the internationally acclaimed Thunderpuss. Their first production, Donna Summer’s Carry On, won the 1998 Grammy for Best Dance Recording."Today, Barry Harris is pursuing a solo career. He continues to tour extensively across the United States and abroad, spinning each weekend at the world’s biggest clubs. "Music is my passion says, "Harris. "I’ve loved every minute of the ride so far. I’m excited to see what the future brings because though I’ve enjoyed tremendous success, in my heart, I truly believe I’m just getting warmed up." ...Spinning at Spellbound 2, afterhours Sunday night at The Annex, 3am-9am.

Get Weekend and Weekend VIP passes at

After the beach
…Go Where The Girls Go

The beaches are back in Pensacola just in time for Memorial Day Weekend 2005
(photo taken March, 2005).

Pensacola, FL - Johnny Chisholm and Emerald City nightclub are proud to announce the hugely successful Memorial Day Weekend girl parties of 2004 are back for an encore in 2005. Forbidden 1 and 2, the parties for the ladies will be held at Flounder's on the Beach Saturday and Sunday nights. Crowd-favorite DJ Mary Pappas is back again this year for both nights. Both nights will feature exciting dance music, entertainment and other surprises.

Angie Denmon, a Pensacola native and event coordinator, says, "Every year I get calls and e-mails from girls I know asking if we’re having the parties again. I’m excited to tell them ‘Yes!’ and that they get better every year."

The weekend isn’t just about having fun; during the past 10 years, according to Chisholm, his organization "has donated over $300,000 to local Pensacola charities including Art Against AIDS and Appetite For Life." This year a portion of the weekend proceeds will once again benefit these worthy causes.

Ready to make your travel plans? The website lists several real estate management companies and individuals offering a variety of rental properties such as condos and homes. Call the hotel of your choice for room availability. Air and other travel arrangement information can be found at (1.888.883.3900).

The on-line Pensacola guide ( with the latest information is continually being updated about area businesses, hotels and restaurants.

After the beach, party and dance from 9pm-3am at Flounder’s on the Beach (800 Quietwater Road) in Pensacola Beach next to The Boardwalk. Tickets for Forbidden 1 and 2 are $15 each and may be purchased at the door to the events, or at the Hilton Garden Inn’s ticket center beginning Thurs., May 26. Save $5! Buy a girl party pass – valid for both nights – only available on-line for $25.

These parties are presented in conjunction with other Memorial Day Weekend events, including Bounce 1 (DJ Tracy Young) and 2 (DJ Alyson Calagna), the Friday and Saturday afternoon pool parties. Friday night, HURRICANE (DJ Kimberly S.), the beach party at the Hilton. Saturday night SWEAT (DJ Roland Belmares) at the newly remodeled Emerald City. ABRACADABRA XI (DJ Manny Lehman) takes the stage Sunday night at the Pensacola Civic Center, during the same time slot as Forbidden 2.

Weekend sponsors and promotional partners include: Ambush Magazine, Miller Lite, Portofino Island Resort Residence and Spa, Centaur Music, REUNION,,,,, (Dallas), and

EASE To Sponsor 3rd Annual Forget-Me-Not Ball & Brunch, May 27 & 28

Pensacola, FL - Thanks to Hurricane Ivan, the location may have changed but the mission has not. For the 3rd straight year, EASE (Escambia AIDS Services & Education) is hosting its annual Forget-Me-Not Ball & Brunch over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 & 28. This year’s fund-raising event will be held at Hadji Shrine Temple, 800 West Nine Mile Road.

Saturday night’s ball will feature plenty of music, a live Art Auction, a Silent Auction, and topnotch entertainment provided by the Austin Babtist Women. Back by popular demand, this all male troupe in "church lady drag" from Austin, TX, will have you rolling in laughter between opportunities to bid on a wide variety of paintings, art objects and more. The ball begins at 7pm and will last "until." A full cash bar and heavy hors d’oeurves will guarantee that no one goes hungry or thirsty.

Sunday’s Champagne Brunch promises more of the same. The Brunch will last from 11am until 2pm. In addition to a catered champagne brunch, the program features more Live Auction and lots more laughter, thanks to the Austin Babtist Women who will once again be entertaining guests with their unique brand of humor.

Tickets for the Saturday night Forget-Me-Not Ball are $35 per person with tickets for the Sunday Champagne Brunch being $20 per person. For those interested in attending both events, a ball and brunch combo ticket can be purchased for the discount price of $50 per person. All proceeds from the sale of tickets and the Auctions will go to provide AIDS service and education.

According to Sybil Suhuques, event organizer, "The Forget-Me-Not Ball & Brunch is the most important fund-raising effort we do each year. Last year we set a goal of $25,000, and I’m glad to say we made it. Despite the impact of Hurricane Ivan the response within the community has been excellent, and we hope to exceed that amount this year. Because of the devastating impact of the Hurricane, many of our clients’ needs are even greater than before. They’re counting on us, and we’re not going to let them down."

EASE (Escambia AIDS Services & Education) provides valuable support services for individuals with HIV/AIDS including food, counseling, education, and emotional/financial support. For more information about EASE, call 850. 456.7079.

Music Legend Chaka Khan Headlines 1 Mighty Party at Disney/MGM Studio

Orlando, FL - Pop and dance music superstar Chaka Khan will perform at 1 Mighty Party at Disney/MGM Studios Sat., June 4 during Disney gay days. Chaka began her solo career in the late 1970s with the hit, I’m Every Woman, a tune written especially for her by the legendary songwriting team of Ashford and Simpson. Today, Chaka Khan is a musical icon, known and loved by millions of fans who have grown up with her music or found a new love for it through the radio re-birth of the Old School sound.

Event promoter Johnny Chisholm is excited about Chaka Khan performing at 1 Mighty Party this year. Chisholm reminds us, "Two of the world’s best DJs, Tracy Young and Alyson Calagna, will be spinning on two separate dance floors all night. Plus you’ll be able to experience an awesome light show, the thrill of the park’s attractions and a spectacular fireworks display."

Advance tickets for 1 Mighty Party and the Three days of REUNION Pool Parties are available on-line at Reunion passes (valid for 3 days of pool parties) features DJs Jon Herseth, Kimberly S., Doug Healy, Don Bishop and Warren Gluck. For additional information, please check the website or call 850.433.7499. Check out Chaka Khan on line at

Sponsors for the weekend include: Ambush Mag, Miller Lite, DJ Tracy Young, Wet,,,, Centaur Music and

Promotional Partners:,,, Rites of Spring, JoMints,com,, Tribe, Cherry,,, and

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