big easy

Volume 19/Issue 9/2001
photos: Rip Naquin & Carla Wild

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  • be01.jpg - Doc representing the late Easter Grand Marshal [EGM] II Miss Do Moreland joins EGMII Larry Bagneris, Jr. at the Grand Marshals' Reception hosted at Oz & catered by Quartermaster.
  • be02.jpg - Princesse Stephaney, Sam & January Ice/Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade Grand Marshals' Reception
  • be03.jpg - The Amon Ra Gang [f] Jazmine Taylor & Matt, [b] Queen Electra City & Gary of Queen Fashions, Giselle & King Jay/Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade Grand Marshals' Reception/Oz.
  • be04.jpg - One of Miss Do's best friends Dione escorted by Double Play bartender Robert/Grand Marshals' Reception
  • be05.jpg - Le Roundup bartender Mary & mgr. George flank EGM I Marsha/Oz.
  • be06.jpg - This year's Twisted Sisters King Pat Ritter of Voodoo & Queen Rick Thomas of Ninth Circle flank EGMII Larry Bagneris.
  • be07.jpg - Official New Orleans Gay Easter Parade [ONOGEP] Producer Carl Ford & Founder Lance Ford flank EGM II Larry Bagneris, Jr.
  • be08.jpg - Clarence, Alvin & Damien/Gay Easter Parade Grand Marshals' Reception
  • be09.jpg - Mint showgirls Melissa Marquis & Bobbie Ramone/EGM Reception/Oz
  • be10.jpg - Pride Reps Crystal & Jim/EGM Reception/Oz
  • be11.jpg - EGM II Larry w/Orlando's Society Page's Orlando/EGM Reception/Oz
  • be12.jpg - EGM II Larry Bagneris, Jr. joined by last year's Twisted Sisters Queen Aletha Bryant & King Michael Chase
  • be13.jpg - Gay Bob & EGM II Larry/EGM Bash/Oz
  • be14.jpg - EGM I Marsha & Christian/Easter Parade Grand Marshals' Reception/Oz
  • be15.jpg - Queen Amon Ra Electra City of Queen Fashions fame/ONOGEP Post Parade Party/Double Play
  • be16.jpg - EGM II Larry w/Bunny helper Chris/ONOGEP Post Parade Party/Double Play
  • be17.jpg - New Orleans showgirl Teryl-Lynn Foxx/Corner Pocket
  • be18.jpg - Mint's Patsy & Melissa/ONOGEP Post Parade Party/Double Play
  • be19.jpg - NO/AIDS Task Force's James & parade partner/ONOGEP
  • be20.jpg - NO/AIDS Task Force's Thomas & parade partner/ONOGEP
  • be21.jpg - Prince Sam & Prencesse Stephanie/ONOGEP Post Parade Party/Double Play
  • be22.jpg - Orlando's Society Page's own Nellie Mae w/EGM I Marsha
  • be23.jpg - Amon Ra's Giselle & Creole Carol/Post Parade Party/Double Play
  • be24.jpg - Kelly & Tammy at 735's live presentation of Book of Love
  • be25.jpg - Transgender of the Year Felina Colby Shane pops into her farewell Easter Bash hosted by Le Roundup.
  • be26.jpg - Cowboy, Entertainer of the Year Bianca Del Rio & Deresha/White Party VII/Oz
  • be27.jpg - Oz Calendar Cover Boy Shawn dances for White Party VII/Oz.
  • be28.jpg - Live singing sensation Jeanie Tracy/White Party VII/Oz
  • be29.jpg - Stage dancer Corey, star Jeanie Tracy & Oz mgr. David - White Party VII/Oz - raising $1,750 for Project Lazarus.
  • be30.jpg - Anthony/an Easter Fri. New Meat Night Dance Contestant/Corner Pocket
  • be31.jpg - Maison Burgundy Bed & Breakfast's own Robert judges Easter New Meat Night Dance Contest/Corner Pocket.
  • be32.jpg - Bartender Kelton/Ninth Circle
  • be33.jpg - Carla Wild celebrates w/Chuck at his 4 Seasons 9th Anniversary Bash.
  • be34.jpg - Joe, Danny & Kyle/4 Seasons 9th Anniversary Cocktail party/Metairie
  • be35.jpg - Andromeda Starr & Miss Pepper's Amber Nicole Welch do Andromeda's Starr Search/Peppers/Gretna
  • be36.jpg - Krewe of Amon Ra joins 4 Seasons 9th Anniversary party & show.
  • be37.jpg - Lauren Brown, Sasha Tyler, Raquel Chevallier & Monica Storm star in 4 Seasons 9th Anniversary Show.
  • be38.jpg - Sasha Tyler, Monica Storm, Raquel Chevallier, Giselle, dancing boy Robert & Lauren Brown/4 Seasons 9th Anniversary Show/Metairie
  • be39.jpg - Monica Storm doing her famous "dip"/4 Seasons 9th Anniversary Show
  • be40.jpg - George & Roger show off their Easter bonnets at LeRoundup after the parade.

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