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As most of the leather commu nity knows, Daddy Bob has written for "The Leather Journal" for the entire history of the magazine. His humor feature is called "Wearin' 0' The Hides." It's the only article in the magazine that has not changed over the years, making Bob one of those rare journalists "where editing is not necessary."

This brings forth the basis for a new book from Daddy Bob. It's called The Only Reason I Mention This, A Collection of the Best of The Wearin' 0' The Hides Columns. These are Daddy Bob's favorites, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the pertinent to the impertinent, with the reader benefiting from zany, profound, inflammatory, controversial and insightful writings.

Don't pass over this one, especially you, sweet Vinnie. You and your significant other, that gorgeous Greg, will thoroughly enjoy these delightful stories. You can read them while you both are decked out in those new leather outfits. (Can I sneak a peek?) And all members of the leather community around the globe, including Tony's Greg in Woodyville, should relish in the delight of a column revisited from the daddy of all leatherites, dear darling Daddy Bob. Snatch a copy at $12.95 directly from "The Leather Journal" or from your "favorite" bookstore(s). (See, Alan. Making that plural means I always remember my friendly and dynamic competitor.)

Thanks, Daddy Bob, for my autographed copy. It is a personal favorite and a treasured part of my library.

Betty Berzon has always taken a leading role in guiding gay couples in making informed choices about partnerships. Readers know her work through her two popular volumes -Permanent Partners and Positively Gay. Now she comes forth with another excellent book in The Intimacy Dance, A Guide to Long-Term Success in Gay and lesbian Relationships.

In this book, Berzon provides specific advice for those couples in long-term relationships who are coping with the inevitable surprises and complications that arise in relationships that pass the crucial three-year mark. She discusses fears of growing intimacy or the loss of identity, and also about concerns of waning sexual desire or others becoming involved. Since there are few role models in gay and lesbian relationships, couples too often opt for ending the relationship rather than learning to work through their problems. Berzon covers all of these areas and discusses her own long-term relationship. This book should prove just as popular as the first two. It's from Dutton and priced at $23.95.

Audrey Hepburn's Neck is a very good first novel from Alan Brown, who delves into the often amusing clash of Japanese and American cultures. The story is told from the viewpoint of a young Tokyo cartoonist. He first became fascinated with Americans when he admired Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. As a young man, his fascination progresses to his college years and into a relationship with an American friend. Bridging past and present makes for a strange yet fascinating story.

This hardcover Pocket Books original is $21.00. And I love the title! So clever and original! I started reading it immediately just to see why the author chose this.

Toby's Lie is a powerful coming-of-age story about a sensitive teenager facing his sexuality and disturbing family life. For Toby, this existence is frustrating and disappointing but also filled with touches of humor. About to graduate from Sacred Heart Catholic High School, Toby wants to bring his boyfriend Ian to the prom and announce to the public his homosexuality. So the story goes with everyone perpetrating lies about sexuality and desires.

Character adaptation is great in this book, and Toby is a captivating character. This one should please a wide audience. From HarperPerennial, the price is only $12.00.

The Jigsaw Woman is both excit ing and erotic. It tells of one woman's journey of self-discovery. Her quest to brings her closer to the reality of her heritage. The story is steeped in mythology and may not be to everyone's liking, but it is told in a way that should hold one's interest. It's a book for everyone, yet it should really appeal to women. The struggle to recall the spirit of womanhood in a different setting of folklore, myth and fantasy should be just what is needed for a change of pace in reading material.

A look at the cover alone might lead one to believe that it is a Gothic-type love story, but it is far beyond this. It's a fascinating look at what one woman seeks and discovers by learning from lessons of the past. lt's only $10.95 from Penguin.

I usually don't review uncorrected proofs submitted by publishers, mainly because they give the impression of penny-pinching, but one crossed my desk that attracted my attention. Dancing Around the Volcano -Freeing Our Erotic Lives: Decoding the Enigma of Gay Men and Sex was worth the read. Author Guy Kettelhack more or less tells the truth about the sex gay men are really having. He does this in unapologetic, personal accounts. He focuses on sex in all its manifestations -as physical discovery, intimacy, risk-taking sex, and even sex as employment. It's from Gay Studies and costs $25, but I think it is well worth the investmant.

compulsion, prostitution, sadomasochism, fetishes and celibacy. 1 found it to be an honest, insightful addition to gay literature that has implications for everyone, gay or straight, male or female. It's from Gay Studies and costs $25, but I think it's well worth the investment. Kettelhack spares himself nothing in giving a clear insight into his search for sexual identity. You may be shocked by this revelation, but it happens. It happens so very often that you know exactly what he's talking about.

The expansion of American women's role within society is one of the achievements of the 20th century. Taking Charge: Every Woman's Action Guide to Personal, Political and Professional Success tells of the undercurrent of uncertainty, doubt and disillusionment surrounding the lives of liberated women.

It's a practical book for women of all ages and offers a ten-point plan for becoming more effective in personal, professional and political environments. It's from Conari Press at $14.95 and is definitely a must not only for lesbians in their quest for equality but for all women.

I was impressed with how Joan Steinau Lester handled her topic, and I really think women readers will benefit from this. Her work is well documented, indexed, and each page contains quotes from women around the world. This is one ten-point plan that just might be what every woman needs to survive and prosper in our present society.

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