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MCC Plans King/Queen Cake Auction and Concert
Roddy Barnes Farewell Concert

Vieux Carre MCC will conduct their first King/Queen cake auction on January 15th at 7:00 p.m. If you like dessert and/or a fun time, 1128 St. Roch is the place to be this night. A variety of sweet treats will be auctioned to the highest bidder, who will determine when and by whom they will be consumed.

Rumor has it that in addition to the traditional Mardi Gras fare there will be some totally non-traditional (totally decadent) teasers for the taste buds. Following the sharing of dessert, bidders will be treated to the sweet sounds of David and Jane in concert. This dynamic duo has shared their enthusiasm and gift of music with the Queer community from coast to coast. Their 8:00 p.m. performance will be your opportunity to hear them in the Crescent City. Who said church had to be serious? Come celebrate with us! (Mamboing optional.

Roddy Barnes Farewell Concert

Local jazz composer/performer, Roddy Barnes, will be perform ing a farewell concert at Vieux Carre MCC on January 21st at 7:00 p.m. Roddy is known in a variety of circles throughout the city for his musical talents as vocalist and pianist, and will soon be leaving New Orleans. But before his leaving, you still have an opportunity to enjoy his farewell performance. It's a treat you won't want to miss!

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