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1997 Damron Address Book: A Tradition of Innovation

Since 1964, gay men have trusted the Damron Address Book, the original gay travel guide, to provide them with comprehensive, up-to-date travel information. With the release of the 1997 Damron Address Book, the Damron Company once again raises its own standards of excellence. The ground-breaking 33rd edition contains almost 10,000 listings of gay-owned and gay-friendly accommodations, bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, bookstores, retail shops, travel agents, publications, men's clubs, erotica shops and Damron's (in)famous cruisy areas throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

At the heart of "the Guide, (as it's affectionately known to its almost 1 million readers) are Damron's signature "codes" that help readers get the essential information about a business at a glance. First-time readers will find the code chart located on the inside front cover for easy reference. Whether you're looking for leather in Los Angeles, a piano bar in Providence, or a drag show in Des Moines, you'll find it in the Damron Address Book.

But while the Damron Address Book may be the little black book of gay travel, it doesn't stop there. Damron recognizes gay men's diversity, so no matter what your size, shape or style, the Damron Address Book lists an info line or social group for you. In response to reader requests, Damron is once again including listings for a wide range of spiritual groups, from Dignity to the Radical Faeries. And with the 1997 edition, readers will find a new "TG" code to designate businesses that welcome transgendered people.

Over the years, the Damron Address Book has been recognized as the leader in gay travel guides by the New York Times, Out, and the Advocate. This year Damron was honored with Out & About's Editor's Choice award for gay media "for continuing innovation ... and rais[ing] the graphic quality standard for gay guides."

Damron's high standards show in the design of the 1997 Damron Address Book. Graphic designer Beth Rabena Carr has put together what is surely the most sophisticated design in Damron's history. Readers will enjoy the full color "Male Order" section as well as the extensive calendar of events, listing parties from here to Fat Tuesday. Other guides may come and go, but for gay men everywhere, Damron is still the first name and last word in gay travel.

For further information, please call 800.462.6654 or contact us on the Internet damronco@aol.com or www.damron.com.

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